Friday, July 28, 2017

Totally a Repeat Offender

Sunnies: c/o HERE| Earrings: another option HERE| Top: c/o HERE| Shorts: F21, old| Mini purse: c/o HERE| Sandals: c/o Charlotte Russe

Babes I am totally a repeat offender - there are wardrobe workhorses that I rely on monthly (sometimes weekly) for effortless style. There are other pieces that I look forward to repeating from season to season. These printed black & white shorts acquired on sale last summer are a seasonal wardrobe workhorse. Although I don't wear them monthly, they are definitely a warm weather item that I look forward to wearing from season to season. Check out how I styled them last summer HERE.
I've long admitted my πŸ’— of black and + white color duos. This pair of shorts features the tried & true color scheme with a bonus feature: a unique twist on classic stripes! 
This time around I paired my shorts with a white long sleeve cold shoulder blouse trimmed with black stripes. I think the two go together like peanut butter & jelly πŸ˜‹ and can also take me into the milder part of Fall with ease.
Until next time,

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Bold Patterns

Sunnies: c/o HERE| Earring: Similar HERE & HERE| Striped blouse: Ashley Stewart, sold out
Ankara dress: c/o HERE| Pink sandals: Vince Camuto, old| Purse: Coach, old

We just took a glimpse into Fall with my last post, but today I’m back into summer mode with a fun print ankara print midi dress. Not only is its P I N K hue EVERYTHING, but the print offered me yet another opportunity to delve into the mixed prints game. At times I read that mixed prints can be intimidating to some, one of the easiest ways to transition into the print toss game is by way of black & white. I’ve shown a few examples here on the blog of how to mix patterns/prints solely using black & white (see HEREHERE, HERE). Today’s post is an example of how to do so while incorporating other colors. 
This dress is perfection for casual summer wear, but for the office I opted to add in sleeves. Or shall I say statement sleeves? 😊 Have I mentioned recently exactly how cold my office is?! Seriously, like the north pole ⛄ Nonetheless, I digress… 
Over to you: How are you playing with mixed prints this summer?
Until next time,

Monday, July 24, 2017

Fall Flow

earrings: c/o HERE| one shoulder top: c/o HERE| jeans: c/o HERE| watermelon clutch: c/o HERE| patent leather sandals: old, another option HERE

When Forever 21 reached out to me and asked me to style a few pieces with Fall in mind, I thought it was going to be a challenge. I’m totally still in a summer frame of mind😲 I was wrong Babes-this assignment was a breeze! I found a number of pieces that are great for transitional wear, including this one-shoulder striped blouse. Cold shoulders are all the rage, this number gets an update for Fall with a one-shoulder feature and long sleeves. I decided to pair it with medium wash blue denim jeans plus  pops of red. Red can go with practically any color, but there is something about pairing red with blue that just feels right.
Like it or not, Fall is just over the horizon, soon the days will get shorter, the leaves will change colors and eventually fall off, and in some areas white stuff called snow will fall from the sky!
However, we need not get too far ahead of ourselves just yet 😊 
For now let’s live in the present and fully enjoy the glory  of  S U M M E R 2017!!!
Until next time,

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Flamingo Pink

Hat: Vintage, thrifted| Fringe earrings: Nordstrom, similar HERE| Sunnies: c/o HERE| Dress: c/o HERE
Purse: Coach, vintage| Suede sandals: Jeffrey Campbell, sold out-  other options HERE & HERE

One of my favorite things to do style wise is to mix old and new pieces together. For instance, I have an eternal love for vintage pieces, you'll find them mixed in with just about any look that I wear. Take today's look as an example. Can you easily spot the vintage add-ons? I scored this red vintage straw style hat at a thrift shop a few years back, and the handbag was also a vintage find about 5 years ago. I love classic pieces, their style value and potential is limitless. In fact, in my opinion, oftentimes the quality of a vintage piece far exceeds modern day craftsmanship. 
Until next time,

Monday, July 17, 2017

When Life Gives You Lemons

When life gives you lemons, make fruit salad!

Sunnies: c/o HERE| Strawberry earrings: J. Crew, sold out| Dress: Snag a FREE membership HERE
Purse: Vintage, thrifted| Suede sandals: Via Spiga, sold out

Remember Gwynnie Bee, THEE ultimate source for a stylish, never ending Babe Boss closet?! 
Learn more + score πŸ’₯ FOUR WEEKS FREE HERE πŸ’₯ 
I scored this fab frock from them, fittingly it is called 'Fruit Salad'.  I am so excited to be one of their Influencer Partners- I can wholeheartedly advocate their Borrow N Buy service because I use and benefit from it personally! 
Moving on: The brand that designed this fruity number is called City Chic, I am a serious fan! From my experience (see previous posts HERE & HERE) their dresses are always well made, fit wonderfully, come with pockets, and often feature adjustable straps!!!! YES!!! Adjustable straps are a woman's best friend IMO, they help to eliminate side boobage (I'm not a fan) and those pesky bra gaps!
Another great thing about Gwynnie Bee, you can try out their fabulous service for completely FREE for 4 weeks. If you don't like it, simple cancel your membership and return whatever items you have πŸ˜‰

Can I tell you about something that has been on my mind this week? It’s kinda petty, but I know I can be completely honest with you and you’ll love me anyway πŸ‘€
Soo…I am quite particular about how my nails are done ☝ Like seriously. Actually, I am quite particular about how everything is done…but that is a topic for another day… 
I got my nails done last weekend (a standard fill-in). My regular nail tech wasn’t in, so I ended up going to someone new. BIG MISTAKE! Why didn’t I follow my gut instinct to say “No”?! Welp, herein another lesson learned... The tech who did my nails was very nice - but seemed to be quite inexperienced. I had to keep interjecting, explaining how something or another should be done…and yet we still couldn’t make progress to get on the right track. At the end of the ordeal, after she polished my nails, I noticed that there was a large lump on my left thumb nail. It was a result of improper filing/buffing and an excess of acrylic. My passive irritation came to a head, and full on frustration was evident. She nervously redid that nail, but let’s face it- the entire experience was ruined at this point. 
Even now, every time I look at my hands (I have to let them grow out a bit before I can go back to have them done properly) I shake my head and repeat to myself ‘Never again’. Not only are my nails super thick (in a bad way), the shape is way off and inconsistent from finger to finger, my cuticles are uneven, and there is a gap in between where the acrylic starts and my cuticle ends… This is a problem whenever I touch my hair. Hairs get caught in the gap, snag, and tear. I won’t bore you with the details of what happened when I washed my hair…. 
What was interesting about this experience is that the tech shared with me that she had been doing nails for TEN YEARS!!!  That got me to thinking....I’ve observed that in life there are things that a person may be naturally good at, and then there are other things that one may not be good at - at all. At times no amount of schooling, training, and or coaching can help- because it just isn’t for you. There are some professions IMO, particularly ones involving some form of artistry that require a natural talent to be successful. If you don’t have a natural knack for it, let just say it is evident - to everyone. I thought about the nail tech and I begin to feel sad. What is it like to work long hours at a job that you’re not good at, and one probably that you don’t even like? This thought process led me to feelings of empathy. To be honest, I will never allow her to do my nails again. However: I respect her. I empathize with her. She is working to provide for a family. She may not be in the position to change professions. I will be sure to smile and be friendly to her whenever I see her. 
This experience was a reminder to myself to empathize with others MORE πŸ’• 
One of my favorite quotes states: “Be kind, everyone is fighting a battle that you know nothing about”.
Until next time Babes,

Friday, July 14, 2017

Melon Sorbet

Sunnies: Old| Earrings: Genie Mack, Etsy| Dress: c/o HERE| Belt: Old| Straw bag: Thrifted| Pom sandals: Zara, from last summer

It’s FRINALLY FRI-YAY Babes- WE MADE IT!!! WHOO HOO! At the end of each week I always feel like a celebratory notion of some sort is in order πŸ’₯ This week is no different, in fact I have started the official countdown to my next vacation although it is 30+ days out...😁
About this dress: It is simply perfect for color blocking! The top and skirt are made of contrasting colors, from first glance it looks like a shirt and a skirt. Because I am a color lover, I added another to the duo by way of a red belt. I love this color trio together + it provided the perfect opportunity to pull out one of my favorite pair of statement earrings & my 'party on' pom sandals 😍
This dress was slightly bigger than I anticipated, I improvised by tying knots at my shoulders and one more for fun at the hem. Normally knotted hems are used for maxi length skirts, I decided to try it on a midi length, and what do you know- I liked it! The whole look was a great go for a hot summer evening, with dinner and drinks. 
Have a great weekend Loves!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Set the Tone

Hat: Similar HERE| Earrings: HERE| Wood watch: c/o HERE| Duster: c/o  HEREOff the shoulder jumpsuit: c/o HERE
Leather belt: Ralph Lauren| Peep toe booties: Steve Madden, old| Leather clutch: Vintage, thrifted

Monotone looks always give me warm and fuzzy feelings. I generously apply Iris Apfel’s famous words: ‘More is more’. Yes, less color is not more- MORE is MORE! 😎
I remember back during my very first year of blogging I shared an all orange/monochrome look that I had recently worn to the office. A reader commented that I had on entirely too much orange and that the look was distasteful. I took her sentiments in stride, thanking her for sharing her thoughts and then advising her that I would continue to style the look in exactly the same way for as long as I pleased…  A good chunk of time has passed by since then, I am now more conscious (than when I first started blogging) that others may not share my style affinity for monochrome color palettes. That doesn't phase me at all. Additionally, my style affinity is not limited to monochrome looks exclusively. I actually like a little bit of everything/every style genre. Rather than subscribing to a set formula whenever I get dressed, I simply wear what I like, whatever suits my mood. 
My secret is out! I wear what makes me feel good! 
When I learned from YOURS Clothing that I would have the opportunity to select a few items to style, including pieces from their brand new LIMITED COLLECTION, I instantly felt drawn to this pink bardot jumpsuit. The length is a perfect toss between shorts & pants, I knew that it belonged with me. Several days later I was perusing their site again, and low and behold I spotted the perfect accomplice via a matching duster. Yes it is pink on pink. Yes it is monochrome. And yes- I love how both pieces look together and I will wear them again and again for as long as I please 😍
Do share, are you a fan of monochrome palettes?!
Until next time,


Monday, July 10, 2017

Extra Sprinkles Please

Sunnies: c/o HERE| Earrings: Similar HERE| Off shoulder top: HERE| Taffeta ballroom skirt: HERE| Clutch: Vintage, thrifted

I've snagged a number of goodies over the past month or so by way of the summer sales that have been stalking my inbox. 
Full admission: I completely lacked the desire to try to avoid opening the flood of emails that I received containing spectacular summer sales. SIGH. 
Yes, in true shopaholic form, I eagerly opened every  s i n g l e  sale mailer, and then I frantically scrolled through selection after selection only to obtain a few items to add to an already overflowing wardrobe...
And guess what? I HAVE NO REGRETS πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ My top & skirt were both snagged for $20 each!!!!
Ok, ok, I am being a bit sarcastic 😏 I do have control over myself and what I purchase. In fact, I am quite structured and intentional. 
I look forward to annual summer sales to obtain items at a great discount, prep for upcoming travel, and to prep for the next  summer.
Am I alone in my strategy? How do you feel about summer sales?!
Until next time,

Friday, July 7, 2017

Summer Love

Dress: c/o HERE| Earrings: Sold out, try THESE| Shoes: Sold out, similar HERE & HERE| Heart shaped bag: c/o Charlotte Russe

If there was only one thing that I could style ALL SUMMER LONG, it would hands down be SUMMER DRESSES 😍 
Of course, as a verified member of "Team Dresses" I dote on dresses all year around, however there is something special about the summertime...
Floral prints, feminine frills, ruffles, lace, silk, chiffon, bold colors, soft hues, stripes, varying textures, embellishments, and the list goes on and on...
I still remember several years back when I first discovered Eliza J. at BAE, A.K.A. Nordstrom. I fell in love with her wonderful designs, and haven't looked back since. When I have a special event to attend or just want something to make me feel beautiful, I look to Eliza as she does not disappoint πŸ’• 
You can find her designs at major retailers such as Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Dillards and so on. If you LIVE for a great bargain like me, look out for her designs n mardown at Nordstrom Rack!  I've scored a number of deals there, including during the infamous Clear the Rack sale πŸ˜‰
Until next time Babes,