Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bohemian Chic

If you follow me on Instagram, you recently saw glimpses from my wonderful relaxing vacation in Mexico. My husband and I stayed at a fabulous adults only ocean-side resort, in a quiet part of the city. I spent most days basking out in the sun, eating and drinking to my heart’s content. Despite my mega relaxed frame of mind, I did manage to get a few shots of several resort style ensembles. Now whether or not each look will actually make it to the blog is a whole other story…and of course remains to be seen-LOL!

Today’s post features a look that I wore to breakfast one morning, and on a leisurely stroll throughout the resort grounds. When it comes to resort style, a maxi dress truly is a no brainer. It’s easily packed, highly versatile, and simply styled.

To be honest, as I believe I have mentioned before, maxi dresses are not my favorite style of dress. In fact, for some time I shied away from wearing them altogether. Generally speaking, I do not find maxi numbers to be flattering on my frame. Despite the current banter of ‘wear whatever’ – that is not and never will be my personal style mantra. I like to wear items that look good to me (personally), and in turn make me feel good. That being said, there are several maxi dresses and or skirts that have made their way into my heart and wardrobe. See examples here, here, and here. This dress won me over because of its captivating shade of hot pink, and fantastic flow of the fabric.

For me, the key to wearing a plus size maxi dress is the cut and flow. I like the way this one cuts in around my waist area, and then gently flows outward. The fabric although beautiful is a bit thin for my taste - wearing shape wear underneath provided a smooth silhouette.

My floral headband is a product of one of the easiest DIYs that I’ve ever done. I cut the flowers off of some old stems from Pier One, then used a hot glue gun to glue them to a plain black elastic headband, about 1 inch apart and wa-lah, bohemian chic done the easy way!

Floral headband: DIY (also worn here)| Necklace: Nordstrom| Dress: Cynthia Rowley| Clutch: Vintage

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Eliza J

It’s officially #TBT time and I would be completely remiss if I did not recap the four gorgeous looks that were blogged with #ElizaJ ! *Eliza J is one of my top go-to brands for dresses of every kind. No matter what my style need may be, from casual to dressy, from chic to snazzy- they have me covered. I personally own just about 20 of their dresses, and that number is guaranteed to continually increase ;)
The first item that I styled for them was a fabulously faux stole (original post here). That’s right- not only do they design dresses, but also stoles, skirts, jumpsuits and more. I’ve got my eye on a jumpsuit, but that’s a topic for another post…LOL! Any who I initially planned to style this stole with all black, but it just didn’t give me that vibe I was looking for. Swapped out a black skirt for a white one and wa-lah, I was ready to hit the door.
The second item featured an a-line cable knit dress in my favorite color (original post here). I went monochrome for this ensemble pairing it with matching socks, pumps, and a handbag. For fun, a splash of citron in the form of a statement necklace served as the cherry on top.
The third item is just what every girl needs: A tea length full midi skirt (original post here) with petticoat in tow. Finally I went with an all black look, adding a touch of vintage with a netted hat, modern with a crop top, glitzy with a sequins blazer, and edgy with sleek booties.
The final item was last but certainly not least. It was the dress that my wardrobe has been waiting for-->you know, that dress that gives off WOW factor the very moment that you slip it on. Yes navy blue (original post here) with a sheer overlay, a jeweled neckline, and cut of genius.
Which look was your favorite one? It’s totally hard for me to pick, because I truly swooned over each look, as each one served different venues. But, if I just had to pick only one, well it would be...
 *Each featured item was gifted and a size 1X/14W. Item(s) are available for purchase at Nordstrom in-store or online, and at similar retailers.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Set in Stone

Before there was cobalt, there was navy…
BLUE in the form of navy serves up a dish of spectacular in the form of this dress. 
I mean really, it is  a m a z i n g, I cannot even tell you!!!
Sheer overlay - fitted dress- and a jeweled collar -->
Simply perfect for date night, girls night out, or any soiree that you might attend!

The moment that I first tried it on, I was captivated. The fit was generous, and it looked luxurious. 
When I got dressed, put my make up on, and styled my hair: I felt like ‘WOW’! 
Every woman needs a ‘WOW’ dress in her wardrobe. What is a ‘WOW’ dress? 
It is the dress that you always know that you can turn to, the one that instantaneously gives you 
***100% proof*** WOW factor!!!

Honey, I was feeling MYSELF in this dress! 
It's perfect for this time of year, yet can be easily be threaded throughout the entire year.
For instance: I can totally see myself in this dress for a summer wedding 
paired with strappy sandals, topped off with jewels.

For many women the LBD (little black dress, see here) is a closet staple, as it reliably adds in a dose of oomph. However, never underestimate navy blue Loves!!! 
It is is reminiscent of class, elegance, and glamour.

Dress: Eliza J. (gifted)| Suede pumps: Victoria’s Secret Catalog| Silver clutch: Vintage| Bangles: TJMaxx

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Black, Blacker, Blackest

Friend: “That’s a different look on you…”
Me: “What do you mean?”
Friend: “You never wear black...”
That aptly describes a memorable conversation that frequently comes to my mind whenever I wear the color black. 
You see, for most of my life I rarely purchased black clothing. The first LBD that I purchased was in 1998- YES, I actually remember! Oh, and I still have it- see it here… Any who, it was just about a decade later that I purchased my second black dress.
However, since I moved out to the west coast, I cannot help but notice that I now have more black clothing in my wardrobe than ever before. Why is that? My only guess: I am undergoing a style metamorphosis!
Although an all black ensemble is still not my style staple (as of yet, that is), there is something about wearing all black that now feels classic, even timeless to me.
When I received this fabulous, yes luxurious midi skirt (I mean it has an attached petticoat!!!) that I am wearing in today’s post, I tried it on with a number of combinations. Initially I was quite set on pairing it with denim. But after several trial runs, I decided that I was feeling an all black look, and poof- here we are! LOL!
Like most of Eliza J.'s designs, this skirt is highly versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on your style needs and preferences. The quality is supurb, and the fit is generous (this is a 14W). Check them out at my BFF's, a.k.a Nordstrom, in-store or online.

Thanks for stopping by today Style Lovers! Stay tuned for my next post, which features another beauty from Eliza J. ;)
Hat: Vintage| Sequin Blazer: American Rag (worn here, here, and here)| Crop top: LEITH| Midi skirt: Eliza J. (gifted)| Booties: Chinese Laundry| Jeweled evening bag: Vintage

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sweater Weather

Around this time of year in the States, we are greeted by brisk morning temperatures, considerably less hours of daylight, and in some parts- practically no sunshine at all. Leaves fall off of the trees, flowers slowly wither, and expectations of rain and or snow are in the forecast.
For style lovers however, only one thing is crystal clear: It’s officially Sweater Weather!!!
{Insert happy dance emoticon}
I live in a part of the country that is generally mild year round, so Sweater Weather season is even more celebratory than normal. Warm weather 90% of the year can actually become tiring (I wouldn’t believe that if I hadn’t experienced it), the excitement of a genuine cool down is undeniable.
Since I am gal that practically lives in dresses, sweater dresses are my preferred ammunition. I’ve been showcasing how one of my go-to brands, Eliza J. can meet all of your style needs  (see here) and Sweater Weather is no exception!
This beaut of a blue is cable knit, ribbed, and a-line= A winning formula in my book. Comfortably worn to the office, out to dinner with friends, and even jazzy enough for a dressier event- total versatility. I simply love the cut and the drape of the knit. Ok, let’s face it: The color alone is tantalizing!
Blue is MY FAVORITE COLOR see a few examples here, here, and here.
Sweater dresses can be worn practically anywhere, dressed up or dressed down, layered or not- either way you’ve made the style mark! I decided to go monochrome with this look, only deviating slightly with a splash of citron (Check out my friend JewelryFetishGirl).

Now it's your turn Loves, do share your favorite thing about Sweater Weather!

Sunnies: Tod’s| Necklace: @JewelryFetishGirl (IG)| Dress: Eliza J. (gifted)|Socks: Nordstrom| Pumps: Vince Camuto (also worn here)| Handbag: En Cuir

Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday

Today I’m gabbing about one of my absolute go-to brands: Eliza J.!!! I acquire Eliza J. at Nordstrom, but several major retailers also carry them. My current inventory shows just how much I am enamored with this brand...I have purchased just under 20 of their dresses!
Today I am pleased to showcase one of several fabulous editions to their deluxe style soiree: faux fur stoles! As you know, this time of year is full of festive events alongside cooler temperatures. What’s a style loving gal to do?
Layer, layer, and layer! Vary up the textures. Deviate from your normal color palette with an unexpected splash of color.
White is fantastically versatile. Time and time again it has been proven that it can be worn successfully during the winter months. Try pairing white with rich hues like currant, eggplant, turquoise, and need I say: black.
This combination serves my textural interests very well: faux fur, silk, wool, patent leather, and calfskin leather. Faux fur is a great way to add umph, texture, and glam to any look. 
Added bonus: Faux fur also keeps you warm during the winter chill.
Stay tuned for more style goodies and outfit ideas via Eliza J.!

Sunnies: Nordstrom| Faux fur stole: Eliza J. (gifted)| Silk blouse: Ralph Lauren (worn here)| White wool skirt:1 State
Patent leather boots: Penny Loves Kenny (worn here)| Patent leather clutch: Vintage| Calfskin gloves: Old, Victoria's Secret Catalog (worn here)

Monday, November 23, 2015

This & That

Today’s style edition features a typical merger of Summer and Fall. An easy way to maximize your wardrobe: Layer seemingly seasonal pieces to make them suitable for your local climate at present , along with your personal style preferences.
Admittedly I have an inordinate amount of purple colored pieces in my collection, which makes it easy for me to mix & match this & that. Sidebar: Purple is not my favorite color but rather functions as a neutral color. Basically, purple is like the color black, in my style world.
I typically wear this dress during the summer months, but as it stands it is Fall, so I opted to layer up with my staple silk blouse which is only about a decade young.
On cooler days and or nights this combo can easily be paired with matching tights/boots/or booties. Better yet, if you’ve already had your first snow this cool weather season, I can envision this look with a fun faux fur coat and equally fab knit hat ;)

Sunnies: Tildon| Dress: Ivy & Blu by Maggy Boutique (Nordstrom), worn here| Silk blouse: Ralph Lauren| Suede clutch: Vintage| Sandals: Victoria’s Secret, also worn here

Sunday, October 18, 2015


I once worked with a Manager who had a very ambiguous style of speaking. Each and every single time that we had a meeting, she would wow the room with colorful speech, inspirational ideals, all the while imparting a sense of personal worth to each person. Yet once the meeting was over, I walked away with a fuzzy understanding of exactly what objectives were on and or off the table! When recapping meeting outcomes with colleagues,no one was able to offer any clarity (For a minute I just thought it was me). I came to the realization: No conclusive answers were ever offered, despite direct questioning. Instead, new ideas were often introduced in a fanciful, non-practical way (IMO).
Whenever we were scheduled to meet one on one, I’d prepare a list of detailed questions, specific in nature. As in, choose one of the following: Yes or No. I rehearsed in my mind a game plan to keep the conversation on track, and how to ensure that clarification would be provided.
Yet, once I entered her office, the nostalgia began. Time and time again, each question was met with optimism and addressed ambiguously. I felt powerless to enforce a straight answer... 
When I look back, I can clearly see: We never had an insightful conversation!
To be sure, there are varying styles of speech. However, I would have to say that ambiguity is my least favorite. 
I have a direct style of speech by genetics; I like to ask straight forward questions and to receive straight forward answers. The coveted acquisition of T A C T is consistently a work in progress! Truly it makes no difference to me whether I like the answer or not (usually)- I solely desire a straight answer-preferably one that is also truthful.
In this current era of tolerance and permissiveness, I've observed that ambiguous speech seems to be a safer space than the room where one can state direct thoughts and or opinions. Why? Well, the moment a person states a direct opinion, especially one in conflict with the majority- well social media/the media is in a frenzy about how wrong such said comment was… Which leads me to: Does that mean that it is no longer acceptable to have any real/sincere thoughts/beliefs anymore? Must every word be uttered with the idea of pleasing the masses and not leaning in one direction or another?
Over to you, are you appreciative of ambiguous speech or do you prefer a straight arrow?

Until next time Style Lovers!

Hat: DSW| Leopard vest: Vintage| Orange skirt: Vintage| Leopard sandals: Ivanka Trump (worn here)| Floral clutch: Vintage