Thursday, April 23, 2015

TRUTHFUL Thursdays: Blue Skies

Have you ever had such a busy work week that it leaves you feeling overwhelmed? I’m sure you have! That has been my feeling this week as each day I am thrown into multiple projects, all with a deadline of the day before yesterday. During times like this, I try to remember that there are 'blue skies'.
What do I mean? Well, for a fact life is happening outside of this storm (the one I'm in feels like a tornado). I think of sunshine, warm breezes, birds chirping, and blue skies. I look back on days like the one pictured in today’s post.
To handle periods that carry a high workflow, I organize my thoughts, and outstanding tasks.  I track each completed task because often questions arise. I set multiple reminders and follow-up indicators. I document E V E R Y T H I N G. And that’s not all….  I just might be an organizational neurotic, but it has served me well in my field. Throughout the day I constantly refer to various to-do lists and track how far I am to completion. Yes, completion. There is no better feeling than a job well done.
Please share, what are your tips for handling stormy seasons at the office? 
Until next time!

Aviators: Tahari | Top: Lord & Taylor | Dress: Cynthia Rowley | Silver oxfords: Tildon (a constant on the blog, see here, here, and here) | Fringed bag: Carlos Santana (worn here

Friday, April 17, 2015

Pastel Wardrobe Capsule | Take 4

Today's post marks the end of my four part series, The Pastel Wardrobe Capsule. See Take(s) 1, 2, and 3 by clicking here, here, and here. A wardrobe capsule is 'a set of clothing items that satisfy style needs in one or more areas of your life.'  It can be as big or as small as your needs or preferences stipulate. My goal for this capsule was to use four main components to create four separate looks. I feel as if my mission has been accomplished!
I've actually been toying with the idea of taking on the challenge to create a #capsulewardrobe for quite some time. It can be particularly challenging if you have a vast of array of clothing that you love to wear, and that fit all of your lifestyle needs.
Finally I decided to take the plunge, roll my sleeves up so to speak, shortly after getting several pieces made by a friend, this skirt was one. 
If you've been reading my blog I'm sure you've probably noticed that I enjoy a variety of style genres. It was more challenging than I initially anticipated to limit my selections, but quite enjoyable at the same time! 
It suffices to say that this capsule started out as a pilot venture. Now I'm definitely interested in taking on new episodes, making this a recurring series on the blog, each featuring relevant themes. Here's where I need your help: I'd like to hear from you, don't be shy! Did you enjoy this series? If so, would you be interested in more capsule wardrobe ideas? What type of capsules would you be interested in seeing? Please do share!

Have a great weekend Style Lovers!

Wool fedora: Vintage (worn here) | Statement necklace: Rocksbox (click here to find out how to receive one month free: InMyJoiXoXo!) | Top: Tildon 
Midi skirt: Custom made (worn here) | Shoes: Marshalls | Small bag: Coach

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pastel Wardrobe Capsule | Take 3

The Pastel Parade continues today ;)  Please allow me to introduce "Take 3" of my very 1st wardrobe capsule series!
As noted previously, a wardrobe capsule is 'a set of clothing items that satisfy style needs in one or more areas of your life.' My interpretation: Four main components = Four separate looks. See Take 1 and Take 2 here, and here.
My first two Takes featured three of the four main components selected. Take 3 includes the fourth one, a sorbet inspired midi skirt! My interest in skirts midi length will never fade :)
The top worn here is the same blazer, and button up shirt worn in Take 1 and Take 2. To change up the genre (this time I'm going back to my roots, #vintagelove) I brought in different shoes and a cloth vintage clutch. 
Stay tuned for the final installment of the Pastel Express, coming this week Style Lovers!

Sunnies: TJMaxx | Top & Skirt: Custom made | Heels: Call It Spring | Clutch: Vintage
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pastel Wardrobe Capsule | Take 2

As referenced in yesterday's blog post, I'm experimenting with creating my very first wardrobe capsule! 
In review, a wardrobe capsule is said to be 'a set of clothing items that satisfy style needs in one or more areas of your life.' This definitely proved to be more challenging than I had initially anticipated (due to my innate passion for variety), but I thoroughly enjoyed the test.
Since this is my first go at the concept, I opted for a very simple approach. Four main pieces, four separate looks. Here's a look at yesterday's post, Take 1:
How did I mix it up? Well yesterday's jacket became today's blouse, I added a matching linen jacket, kept the same socks, same shoes, swapped a different clutch, jewelry and took away the fedora. Next up: Take 3!! 

Sunnies: TJMAXX (worn here) | Jewelry: Vintage | Mint linen blazer: Ellen Tracey | Peach linen top: Custom made 
Mint trousers: Vince Camuto | Fringe clutch: Carlos Santana | Socks: Nordstrom (worn here) | Slingbacks: Enzo Angiolini

Monday, April 13, 2015

Pastel Wardrobe Capsule | Take 1

I’m struck by the wave of minimalism in fashion. I personally prefer to have an ample variety of clothing, of multiple genres, to select from at all hours of the day. It’s highly unlikely that I will become a fashion minimalist. Additionally, I currently feel like I cannot limit myself from the vast amount of colors, patterns, and prints that feel like oxygen filling my lungs. With that said, I do genuinely appreciate the fact that ‘less is more’, which is one element of minimalism. 
Therein sprung an idea, which motivated me to experiment with wardrobe capsules. According to a wardrobe capsule is: “a set of clothing, footwear and accessories that satisfy the style needs in one area of your life.” 
The idea behind creating a wardrobe capsule targets making getting dressed simple, saving time, and choosing more cost effective purchases. I'm here for all of that! This was an interesting project for me, challenging yet enjoyable all the while. The end result? I plan to experiment with creating additional wardrobe capsules in the future ;)
For my very first capsule, I kept it simple. I selected pastels as the theme, and my capsule consists of four main pieces. From those four pieces I created four separate looks. Take(s) 2-4 will be posted to the blog this week. Stay tuned Beauties!
I’m pretty happy with "Take 1", even nicknamed it “Peach to the Mint”, LOL!  It’s great for the office, running errands, and stepping out- essentially every area of my life! 

Please do share, have you created a wardrobe capsule? Does the concept of wardrobe capsules appeal to you?
Wool fedora: Vintage (worn here) | Linen peach jacket: Custom made | Rose blouse: Vintage (worn here) | Mint trousers: Vince Camuto
Peach socks: Nordstrom (worn here) | Pink slingbacks: Enzo Angiolini | Knit clutch: Vintage (worn here)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Two Dashes of Citron

Just when I thought that Citron could not get any better, I acquired not one, but two NEON citron pieces! 
Hello Neon Nights!
Today's style recipe called for exactly two dashes of citron ;)
This t-shirt is not new to the blog, I wore it previously here. Flashback: So I was looking everywhere for a simple top, this exact color. Finally I find it - I was ecstatic! Fast forward about a year later. I spot this pair of legwarmers at American Apparel. Instantly I knew that they’d be an exact match to the tee I had at home. I have a thing for exact color matches :) Do you color match on the spot too?
On a recent date night opportunity & creativity merged, hence the birth of this ensemble. Although it is Spring, we’ve had quite a few chilly nights lately! I should pull out my tights again before the Summer heat sets in... Moving on, legwarmers and my denim jacket provided the extra layer that I needed.
I really like this white denim jacket, but it seems like every single time that I wear it, it gets dirty. I mean, I realize that it’s white, but none of my white pieces are as stain prone as this jacket, LOL! Ah, I digress…
Anywho, although temperatures have taken a momentary dip, this look totally makes me think of a warm Spring breeze and freshly bloomed tulips brimming off crisp grass topped with dew.
Until next time Beauties!
Sunnies: Nordstrom | White denim jacket: Ralph Lauren | Citron t-shirt: Ross Dress for Less (worn here) | Skirt: James Perse 
Leg warmers: American Apparel | Cork sandals: Market | Purse: Vintage

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Orange, The New Black?

Orange is the new black
“There is no blue without yellow and without orange.” — Vincent Van Gogh
I describe vibrant shades of orange as “color on fire”. Picture this: Rich, saturating hues, rapidly engulfing a scene. Fashion trend analysts predicted orange’s return for 2014, several even described orange as the new black. 
Street style
Although Crayola orange hues are obviously the complete opposite of black, there are some variations of orange that pack less of a punch and might be more suitable for the color-inhibited. I have long subscribed to the philosophy of ‘Go Bold or Go Home’, it’s quite natural that I’m here to receive color in the form of an overdose,LOL!
Color blocking
Do you remember my post, "Some Like It Bright" (see here)? You see, I've been wearing orange (and all bright colors for that matter) prior to 2014 (examples here & here), I'm pretty certain that I will continue to wear it long after the trend has died off ;) Why? Because it feels magnificent! In my opinion, trends provide general suggestions, not guidelines, as to what I will or will not wear!
Curvy plus size blogger
One article states: "Orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, produces an invigorating effect, and stimulates mental activity". Interestingly, Fall/Winter 2015 fashion weeks indicated that we can expect to see ample supply of tangerine-like hues this year as well;)
Plus size style
Notice that I paired two differing shades of orange with cobalt blue. Let me tell you, this color mix recipe made me feel amazing!!! Why did I not think to bring the ice (blue) to the fire (orange) before?! MERCY, I love this color combination!! I WILL craft more ways to incorporate this color palette =)
Peplum Top + Tube Skirt
So I don’t know if orange truly is the new black, especially for those who prefer to wear the color black 24/7, but speaking for myself: I’ll take it any day all day!

Over to you Style Lovers: Is orange the 'new black' in your wardrobe? 
Until next time!
Sunnies: TJMAXX | Peplum top: Bar III (worn here) | Tube Skirt: Vince Camuto (worn here) | Handbag: Kate Spade | Socks: Nordstrom | Leather Pumps: Vince Camuto

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thrift Store Score: Seeing Red

This edition of #ThriftStoreScore features red, red, and red! Finally, I got rid of 98% of the red remnants that were left remaining in my hair (by stepping into my makeshift chemistry lab and mixing 7th Stage with 30 Volume, plus going over that with an Ash & 20 Volume), yet I find myself in red once again! 
I’ve mentioned before how much red I used to wear when I first began picking out my own clothes as a little girl, so much so that my uncles nicknamed me “Blood”. Here we are 30+ years later and I still have a thing for the color red….
Today’s look is a mixed print toss salad, all ingredients came together per my desire to wear this newly thrifted midi skirt. Now, the skirt actually came with a matching blazer, but that was just too easy to wear! Actually, I have no interest in wearing the two together at this time-LOL! 
As you can see I added stripes and flowers to the polka dot dance, and hit the door. For more episodes of #ThriftStoreScore, please click here and scroll down ;)
Do share: Are you a mixed print lover like me, especially in bold brights or do you steer clear of the mix-up and prefer neutral tones? Inquiring minds want to know :)
Until next time Style Lovers!

Sunnies: TJMAXX | Stripe sweater: Ellen Tracy (worn here) | Floral peplum: Forever 21 (worn here) | Polka dot midi skirt: Vintage, thrifted
Red gladiators: Ross Dress for Less (worn here) | Bag: Kate Spade