Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Thrift Store Score: About Blue

Hi there Style Lovers! I feel like I've been MIA; coming back from vacation can make it difficult to get back on schedule. Nonetheless as I make efforts to return to what is my normalcy, here's a new #ThriftStoreScore !
I've divulged exactly how I feel about the color blue. It is my favorite color.
The ease and flow of this vintage number was right up my alley. You do know that I bat for Team Vintage 90% of the time right?! LOL! 
I like the detail on the caps of the sleeves and the subtle print throughout.
This is a #ThriftStoreScore at $1.60! Being stylish can truly be affordable and practical.
Now this dress leans toward the traditional side of the fence, so for personality and flair I added a statement necklace and silver oxfords.
Also, fun sunnies never hurt, right? Here's my philosophy: When in doubt = add shades! (I posted a confession on my Instagram account about my 'Shade' collection...)
Notice I added a blue clutch, mainly because I tend to like for my clothes and accessories to match. Oh, and blinged bangles! Ah yes, the little details.
Unfortunately it's time to say 'Until next time' beauties! If you'd like to see more #ThriftStoreScores click here or you may click the tab near the header of this page.

Thanks for stopping by & and I look forward to reading your comments below!

Sunnies: Betsey Johnson, worn here
Statement necklace: Natasha, Nordstrom
Clutch: MMS, worn here
Oxfords: Tildon, also worn here

Friday, July 25, 2014

So Fresh & So Clean: White on White

Wouldn't you agree that nothing says "Summertime" quite like an all white ensemble?!
The crisp and clean feel that exudes from wearing all white is unmatched in my opinion.
I felt wonderfully cool and comfortable in this two piece set made of viscose with a hint of elasticity. It was a perfect compliment to an evening with friends.
To maintain a crisp look yet introduce an added touch of glam, I added jeweled accessories via a statement necklace and embellished jelly sandals.
This look elicited a surprising number of compliments. The dress and leggings are currently available for purchase online at See here and  here.
I first discovered EuroStyle+ on Twitter, and was intrigued by their unique selection of European styled clothing.
Shipping was hassle free, and both items arrived promptly. I was instantly impressed as I removed the dress from it's wrapping with the luxurious softness of the fabric and the intricate lace detail that lines the bottom hem.
While wearing it I discovered effortless drape and essential breathable attributes amidst soaring summer temperatures.
I'm head over heels for this look, and so look forward to wearing it again ;) Please do tell, are you a fan of white on white ensembles?

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!

Sunnies: Betsey Johnson
Statement necklace: Nordstrom
Rimini dress: EuroStyle+ (gifted), available here
Rimini leggings: EuroStyle+ (gifted), available here
Embellished sandals: Impo
Clutch: Kate Spade

*This post includes gifted item(s) from EuroStyle+. All shared viewpoints are 100% authentically mine.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Simply Black

I generally array myself in bright hues and floral patterns, but for the last few years a conscious effort has been made to incorporate basic and neutral colors into my wardrobe. For instance, the color black. For years I did not even own a piece of black clothing. Gradually and selectively things have changed.

For me, the key to happily wearing the color black lies in the details (example here). 

This dress has a fabulous tiered ruffle collar and delicate pleating slightly under the bust area. 
 I was officially won over because of the wonderful relaxed jersey-like fabric that seems to drape and hang almost effortlessly.
Being the lover of vintage style and hats that I am, it seemed only fitting that I add a simple wide brim black vintage hat. I kept this look simple, adding a small black handbag and comfortable black sandals.
That concludes today's post! Please do tell, how do you wear the color black?

Hat: Vintage, thrifted (worn here)
Dress: ABS
Handbag: Brahmin (worn here)
Sandals: Ross

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wall of Flowers: Casual Stroll

Welcome back! Today's look is mega casual, and perfect for running errands and or an evening out and about.
I mixed prints in a subtle way by adding a pair of floral print sunglasses that I scored at TJMAXX.
Since I knew I'd be walking a considerable amount, I wore a comfy pair of sandals, complete with a fun gold bow embellishment. I prefer thong sandals over any other style of shoe. My feet can be a tad fussy, they feel most comfortable with the least amount of confinement possible.
I don't consider my feet to be "pretty", but I roll with what I have and keep them well manicured.
These red jeans are one of my favorites; I've styled them on this blog in other ways here, and here. Also I've worn this floral crop top as a beach cover-up here.

Thanks for joining me, have a wonderful day!

Sunnies: TJMaxx
Crop top: Nordstrom (also worn here)
Skinny Jeans: NYDJs (also worn here and here)
Sandals: Ross
Handbag: Brahmin

Monday, July 14, 2014

30PlusStyle: Cutting It Short

Happy MONDAY Style Lovers! The #30PlusStyle Collaboration returns today, and this time around we're cutting it short!

DID YOU KNOW? 30PlusStyle is on FACEBOOK! Follow us:

I can totally count on one hand how many pairs of shorts I own ;) Because my thighs are generously sized and or proportioned, (LOL!) I tend to feel somewhat self-conscious in shorts. Do you feel the same way? Well today's post is especially for you! We aim to prove that yes, "We" can wear shorts! ;)

I wore this look for an evening out with my husband. Honestly, after looking at the pictures, I realize that I ought to wear this pair of shorts more often!  Yet another benefit of style blogging: You get to see/know yourself through the "lens". Sometimes you realize that things actually look better than you initially imagined ;) If you feel apprehensive about wearing certain pieces, take for example shorts, try styling your look at home and then photographing yourself. You may discover as did I, that you have no reason to be apprehensive!

On this particular evening it was scorching HOT, not solely because of the temperatures, but as a result of unnecessary humidity. By the way, when is more than 10% humidity truly necessary?! LOL- I'm just wondering...

This blouse is silk, and therefore does not breathe well. I was HOT! My husband offered up his baseball hat (we represent Detroit wherever we go!) and I was so appreciative of the slight cooling effect that resulted after I put it on.

The fabric and color of this pair of shorts reminds me of a linen/burlap blend. Paired along with an orange vintage blouse (which was a tad too hot for the weather that day), stilettos, and a vintage cocktail bag - I was ready for a good time!

Isn't this vintage cocktail bag the most?! Such intricate beading, done by hand no doubt! It's by Whiting & Davis. If you ever, ever-ever, come across one of their bags: Snap it up and hang on to it for me!

Alas, you must check out how all of the #30PlusStyle beauties "Cut it Short" today:

FYI: We are looking for guest bloggers to join us for a future #30plusstyle post. If you're interested, contact us at Be sure to include your blog's URL!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Blouse:Vintage, thrifted (worn here) -Shorts:Mango-Handbag:Vintage,thrifted-Stilettos:BCBG

Friday, July 11, 2014

Thrift Store Score: Minty Fresh

Happy FRI-YAY beauties!!!! Today's #ThriftStoreScore features a gorgeous mint, eyelet, vintage dress! Can you imagine that it was specially marked for $5?! I smiled in total disbelief!

The design and color are simply spectacular, I WILL wear this dress to death!!!
When it came to deciding what to wear it with, I had a number of options in mind from my wardrobe. I look forward to experimenting with all of the possibilities that I originally came up with in the future, or shall I say, in the near future ;) 
For this time around however, I decided to go for Team Monochrome.
You can't tell now, but the original size of the dress was a bit too large on me. I took it to a friend to have it altered. She always does an amazing job ;)
I wore the entire look as styled here to a seminar, and I got so many compliments! 

The deets:
Sunnies-Betsey Johnson
Dress, earrings, and ring-Vintage,thrifted
Handbag- Kate Spade (worn here)
Sandals- Via Spiga (worn here)
Thank you for stopping by! Please do tell,  how would you style this dress? Team Monochrome or Team Contrast?!

Have a wonderful weekend! Joi

Thursday, July 10, 2014

TRUTHFUL Thursday: Confessions of a Naturalista

I received my first relaxer (a chemical process that straightens one’s natural hair pattern) when I was four years old. My hair was long and thick. Having my hair combed was quite a dreaded ordeal for myself and for my mom. My mom figured that relaxing my hair would be a good alternative. I can still remember sitting at the kitchen table: My mom relaxed her own hair for the very first time, and then she relaxed my mine. As the years passed I looked forward to receiving ‘touch-ups’ and when I started going to the salon I would even request a ‘Super’ process.

Next I began getting highlights. As I frequently cut my hair, I didn’t notice any damage. However, as time went on, I decided that I wanted to achieve a lighter color. My colorist advised me that it would not be best to go that route. My natural hair color is extremely dark, and resistant to permanent dyes, we would have to bleach it. She was validly concerned about the amount of damage that would be incurred to my hair since I had a relaxer in it. Being a woman that loved to try new styles, I decided to let my relaxer grow out so that I could bleach my hair and incur less damage. To be clear, damage is always incurred when you bleach your hair. Moving on, not having a relaxer was not a foreign concept to me, my mom had let her relaxer grow out in the early 90s. She wore her hair in twist outs, long before it was in style. Any who, my hair tends to grow at a good speed. I discovered that my natural hair was quite curly and I liked it so much that I decided to remain relaxer free long after I grew tired of coloring my hair.

 I frequently wore/wear my hair straightened (by means of pressing or flat ironing) for significant periods of time. It was never my intention to wear my hair curly 100% of the time for the rest of my life. Although I think my natural curls are beautiful, I thrive in diversity and I do not appreciate wearing my hair in it’s natural textured state 24/7.

The Natural Hair Movement:
As the years have passed, a #naturalhair movement has come about. More and more Black women have grown out of their Relaxers and or performed what is termed ‘The Big Chop’. A wealth of knowledge is readily available, and wearing one’s natural hair straight is deemed somewhat taboo! Yes, the #naturalhairpolice are in full effect! ‘Don’t do this’, ‘Only do that’, ‘You must use this product’, and so on and on…The focus appears to be centered around  protecting your hair so that it can maintain optimal health, and grow to new lengths.

Where I Stand:
Since I’ve been wearing my hair in it’s natural state for over a decade, I am all too aware of the need to keep it moisturized and to maintain a proper protein balance. I know my hair, and it knows me-LOL!  But seriously, it is at it’s healthiest and longest when I simply leave it alone. Clean, condition, moisturize, and wear in a protective style. What’s the problem? The problem is: I am sick and tired that! LOL!

I went from a woman who changed her hair so frequently (cuts/wigs/weaves/braids/color, etc.,.) at times my own husband did not recognize me, to a woman that wore a low bun 9 times out of 10. I don’t like that woman, she is not “Me”!  Common advice received? ‘Get a weave’ ‘Wear a wig’ ‘Get braids’ - yep those are all available options. However, truthfully speaking: I simply don’t want to go any of those routes at this point (not to say that I won’t change my mind in coming years)! I feel like I’ve already been there and done that! I SIMPLY WANT TO WEAR AND ENJOY MY OWN HAIR! Is that a crime?!

My current #naturalhair motto: “Hair is meant to be worn, enjoyed, and styled – not revered and held sacred!” Yes, although I highly doubt that I will return to wearing a relaxer, I am determined to enjoy and embrace the diversity and beauty that is to be had in styling my OWN hair!

In an effort to break the chronic cycle of hair boredom that I felt hopelessly in, I threw caution to the wind! Tuesday’s post (here) showcases my new ‘do’ =)  To be clear, I will always work to combat damage incurred to my hair, but I refuse to revere my hair.  I will not be afraid to style it in the manner that I want to wear it because it will incur damage. I will not spend inordinate amounts of time ‘protecting’ my hair. I will dye it, straighten it, and cut it. Hair is simply hair. Mine tends to grow back, and even if it doesn’t – there are a host of options available!

Thanks for joining me for this installment of TRUTHFUL Thursdays until next time lovelies =)

I’d love to hear your thoughts surrounding natural hair, please sound out below and follow me on social media!