Sunday, July 19, 2015

White Noise

Distraction has been proven as a successful strategy. Do you find that you are distracted easily and or frequently? I tend to get distracted more than I care to admit, or prefer. There are so many distractions, which can make it difficult to remain focused on personal objectives.
To avoid distraction, we often use white noise, which equates to adding in more distraction to a scenario - in essence, to drown out the unwelcome distraction. Confusing right?!  A simple example might be: Turning up the TV to drown out your neighbor’s music and or the sound of a TV in another room. In effect, you add in noise to trump out the noise that you do not want to hear. Have you ever done that? 
Unfortunately, utilizing white noise just does not work for me! =(
When I find myself excessively distracted by uninvited elements and or people (I’m an introvert, read about that here), I typically feel inundated with way too much information . Adding additional white noise to the scenario seems to intensify the challenge, which in turn often leads to feeling overwhelmed and then… the inevitable end result: The state of irritation – LOL!
Life experience and awareness of who I am as an individual has taught me the value of knowing when to take a step back from unnecessary ”noise”. I use these frequent intervals to focus on myself, to examine my strengths, to analyze my weaknesses, and to sharpen my objectives.
Isn’t a vacation the BEST opportunity to press the “R E S E T” button?!?! While on holiday this time around I was able to re-direct my focus, shift away from the noise, and focus on the things that are truly important to me. I started an excellent book and seized opportunities to enjoy all of the sights and sounds around me. 
This white dress came into play for dinner plans. It was perfect for the extreme heat not only because it is white, but also 100% cotton = A double win!!!
I simply heart all white ensembles, see examples here, here, and here.  
However white can be paired with other colors just as easily. Think lilac, yellow, peach or blue =)
Over to you, how do you handle distractions? What is your favorite way to style white?

Until next time Style Lovers!

Sunnies: Nordstrom| Earrings & Statement Necklace: Ross Dress for Less| Dress: Also worn here| Strappy Sandals:Tildon| Clutch: Vintage

Monday, July 6, 2015

crème de la crème

When I was thinking of what to title today’s post, "crème de la crème" instantly popped into my head. Let me tell you why:
Most fashionistas would agree that there is nothing quite like an all-white ensemble (Nope, not even all black look). Wearing all white looks and feels fresh, crisp, yes clean.  It’s an easy and frequent  go-to during the summer months. Yet, we need not forget about it’s counterpart: Off-White!  An all off-white ensemble can pack a fashionable bang too!  Not to mention, there’s an added bonus: Most people feel completely comfortable wearing off-white outside of warm weather months, i.e. “Winter White”.
While going through my wardrobe and attempting to eliminate pieces that I no longer need (I do this every 2-3 months, I try to follow the 1 in/1 out rule) I realized that I don’t  have many off-white pieces anymore. I know that I used to, but over time, they’ve either been eliminated for of the following reasons: 1) Tossed out due to a stain (like my MK jeans worn here), 2) given away, or 3) donated to charity. The timing was perfect when I scored a lace remnant of fabric on mark down, I decided right on the spot to have it made into a skirt similar to a style that I saw on Pinterest . Sidebar: Pinterest is my #1 Fashion Inspiration source! Follow me here and let’s enjoy being inspired

Oftentimes when lace some to mind we automatically assume it has to be for a dressier occasion. That’s not necessarily true, I pulled this look off by day (casual) and by night (dressy).

Thanks for tuning in today Style Lovers, until next time!

Casual Take
Sunnies: TJMAXX| Earrings: Vintage| Top: aerie| Clutch: Vintage, thrifted| Skirt: Custom| Espadrille lace ups: Soludos

Dressy Take

Sunnies: Steve Madden| Earrings: Nordstrom| Top: aerie| Clutch: Vintage, thrifted| Skirt: Custom |Shoes: Call It Spring (also worn here)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mix & Match: Take 3

Finally Loves, today’s post boasts the final installment, yes Take 3, of my second wardrobe capsule (click here to see my very first go at creating one: The Pastel Wardrobe Capsule!
When I tell you that life is full of the unexpected- I promise I do not exaggerate in the least! I actually intended to blog this look last Friday (6/26), you know, like in short succession to my previous post, i.e., Take 2 here
Y E T here it is, late PM on July 2nd and I’m finally getting this post published!  Is late truly better than never-?! LOL!
I‘ve previously written about my intrigue with the Minimal clothing approach; However at this juncture in my life, I cannot see making it a lifestyle change. I NEED variety at my fingertips, at all times. Nonetheless, I like to dabble in the fun of Minimalism, utilizing the capsule wardrobe concept. A capsule wardrobe allows me to temporarily enjoy the principle behind Minimalism without making a long term commitment.  Not familiar with a wardrobe capsule? Well it's said to be ‘a set of clothing, footwear and or accessories that satisfy style needs in one or more areas of your life.’
The theme of this wardrobe capsule was dual-fold: Black& White + Mixed Prints. 3 basic pieces = 3 different looks. Each suitable for my lifestyle: Work & Play. I’m pleased with the outcome, and freely admit that all three fits will be in rotation this Summer!

Now down to the nitty gritty: Which look is your favorite, and why?!

Check out the details for ---> Take 1 and or Take 2 Babes!

Until next time!

Furgora: Kangol |Sunnies: A.J. Morgan |Earrings: Steve Madden |Bracelet: Zara |Stripe vest & Skirt: Custom (worn here, here, and here
Fringe bag: Carlos Santana (worn here) |Calf skin loafers: Sam Edelman