Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Orange Crush

I wrote a post over on another blog a few months back about how personal style choices can reflect contrary personality traits. I live for bold color combinations like the one pictured in today’s post.  It's like tangerine, lemon, mustard, and caramel all tied into one color palette. Vibrant color makes me feel happy, I not only wear it- I live in it. 
Sometimes incorrect assumptions are made per an individual’s style choices. For instance, because these colors are somewhat bold, people at times assume that I must be a loud, outgoing/talkative, i.e. an extrovert. I would be totally remiss if I said that I wasn’t a passionate person, however I cannot concur with the idea of being outgoing or an extrovert. I’ve discussed it before, I am most certainly an introvert (read more here).
Admittedly, I can also see telltale signs of change. Change is the only thing that is constant and inevitable. Case in point: I can remember times when I would shy away from certain clothing choices simply because I didn’t want to have dialogue about what I was wearing or to draw 'unnecessary attention'. 
My how things have changed! At present I actually enjoy writing about my style (sometimes I still can't believe it) and now I have the most random exchanges with bystanders. Blogging has helped me to be open to unexpected conversations, relationships, and commonalities. Nonetheless, I am still no Master of it, LOL!
I have always dressed for a party of 1. That is, whatever I wore/wear was/is for my own personal consumption/enjoyment. Bold colors (see here), mixed prints (see here), black & white duos (see here), or visits down neutral lane (see here)- whatever I wear-it’s all for me! I love to feel good in my clothing. Style is a way to express my creative individuality. Creative expression is never limited per ethnicity, size, age, or personality type.
Until next time Loves!

Sunnies: F21| Top: F21 (size large)| Skirt: Eloquii (also worn here)| Sandals: Kelly & Katie| Handbag: Coach

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Graduation Party Attire Planning

Hey Loves! Today I am planning what to wear to an outdoor party this afternoon. Graduation season is officially upon us, and to kick start it, today we’re attending our very first graduation party of the year.
It’s the end of May and it would seem that we would be in the thick of heatstroke here in SoCal…alas, sadly we are not : ( Gray May has prevailed, and forecasters predict June Gloom will be in short succession. Today the high will be in the 70's, but the sun will not grace us with its presence until after 1pm…if even then...
I opted for an olive theme for today's look: vintage hat, leather blazer (because there will be a chill in the air) polka dot vintage romper, my awesome JORD wood wrist watch (c/o JORD), and a glitzy statement necklace : ) See examples of how I’ve worn these items previously here, here, here, here, and here.
Along with deciding what to wear to a graduation party, you also have to decide what to gift the graduate! JORD Wood Watches fall under the category of unique gifts. Who doesn’t love a unique gift?! There are a number of fab styles to choose from, check them out here
The color of my watch is the natural color of the wood. It has been conditioned with natural oil to prevent cracking. I love the look of this watch, and have worn it with practically everything since I got it.

Enjoy the long weekend Loves!

*This post as sponsored by JORD Wood Watches; All opinions expressed are my own.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Fringe Society

My love of the color duo black + white is eternal. What other duo can be said to be equally neutral yet bold?
I wore this look (sans the heels) to a festival last weekend. It was perfect for taking in the sights, tasting stops at food booths, and mild gusts of wind (which by the way added total wow factor to the flow fringe).
Fringe has become synonymous with festival season/festival wear, but I believe a piece like this jacket can be successfully woven into multiple style genres with minimal effort. 
This shirt dress is a great multi-wear piece. I’ve worn it with pants, over dresses, under dresses, and I’m planning to pair it with shorts.
I actually hadn’t thought about wearing these two pieces together, until one day I was rummaging through my closet, pairing different things together. The two items ended up hanging next to each other by happenstance, and suddenly the idea was born! I just love it when things come together :)
One of the main reasons why I enjoy playing around in my wardrobe, is because I never know what is going to spring from it ;)

Until next time Loves,

Sunnies: Tildon| Faux suede fringe jacket: Ross Dress for Less| Stripe shirtdress: Ross Dress for Less| Clutch: Zara (worn here)| Shoes: Pour La Victoire (also worn here)| Wood watch: c/o JORD Watches

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Neutrally Minimal

It’s been a few weeks since I last blogged a look in a dress (see here), but I am most definitely still an active member of the team, ‘Team Dresses’ that is! Dresses are such a go-to for me, especially during the week. They serve cross functionally in multiple areas of my life, which I feel that gives me the most bang for my buck. This online beauty caught my eye because it was so unique. In fact, I had to take it to the cleaners to have it pressed once it arrived, and the owner commented that he had never seen anything like it!
The effect of combining draping, gathers, and a wrap twist design resulted in a very modern silhouette. In fact, it comes across as almost artistic! I simply love the neutral hue. It’s not quite blush or beige, more like cappuccino, in my opinion. ASOS Curve however calls it "mink".
I was actually under the impression before it arrived that it was made from t-shirt material (i.e. cotton), hence the name: "SOS CURVE Wrap Twist T-Shirt Dress". It’s actually unlined crepe, which has underlined to me the importance of reading all of the details provided about an item when shopping online! It's a body con dress, so as usual, I sized up. I don't like overly tight clothing.
I would say this dress offers versatility as well, I could see it easily styled alternately with flats or sneakers. I went for heels this time around, because I have a thing for monochrome palettes (see here, here, and here), and the color of these heels were a dead ringer.
I opted to keep my accessories at a minimum: simple drop crystal earrings and my new wood watch. 
Ok, I just have to tell you about this watch! I love how goes with anything! The first time that I wore it I was in a monochrome state of mind (see here) but since then I’ve worn it just about every day… The secret is that the color of the watch is actually the natural color of the wood. It would make a great graduation gift and there are so many designs to choose from (more options here).
Did you notice that I changed my do, again?! LOL! Welp, I've been top knotting it for a week or so, until I decide where to go from here. My black temporary color has faded, and my blonde tips are once again exposed :) I am quite pleased with my hair growth from my big chop last July (see here & here)! I give it lots of TLC with coconut oil, mango butter, and deep conditioning.  For me the key to grow and retention (see here, here, and here) is leaving my hair alone. Protective styling helps me to do just that, so I'm on the hunt for my next look :) Stay tuned...
Well Loves, that wraps up today’s post- until next time!

Dress: ASOS Curve (here and here)| Shoes: Nine West, also worn here| Earrings: Forever 21| Wood watch: c/o JORD Watches

Monday, May 16, 2016

Urban Jungle

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about life in Los Angeles, expect anything and everything! I can go from Skid Row to the swankiest of areas and almost everything in between in one single day. Each area has a personality of its own, and the characters that you come into contact with are often quite entertaining!

For instance, while snapping a few photos in this look we ran across an array of personalities. Two people in separate instances stopped to ask us for money, both including rather lengthy explanations as to why our contributions were essential. Others folks stopped and stared, along with their children. One car parked alongside the road over on the side street and decided to take in the entire shoot with the afternoon breeze. 
A security guard helpfully managed to keep a few people at bay. For the cherry on the top a resident of the building where I snapped these shots graciously serenaded us with loud music and a tambourine, even opening their windows so that we wouldn’t miss a beat.

The next photo opp location (which happened on a different day) appeared to be somewhat secluded, which by the way- is always my ideal setting for taking pictures. However there we noticed a posted sign that said that you must have permission to film and or take pictures...Needless to say we had to check in with the owner before getting started.

About 5 pictures in, she came out with an update: Although we could take pictures, they could only be in certain spots, and we had to avoid shooting the entrance, as they’re currently under contract to film a TV show. In LaLa land there is filming of some kind practically every single day!

I wore this jumpsuit twice, as I often do with new additions to my wardrobe collection; The hubby says that he knows I really like an item if I wear it at least 3 times in a row. Wearing an item multiple times straight away helps me to get a true feel for the piece and to generate more ideas as to how I’d like to wear it.

This jumpsuit is a fantastic olive color, and the fit is wonderfully generous. The pockets are situated on the front, and sit deep allowing for full functionality. I cannot stand pockets that are merely for show/decoration! I’m on the short side, the length of the pant legs were quite long even with four inch heels on. If you’re tall and curvy this jumpsuit is a win-win! Otherwise, it’s a good idea to consider having the legs taken up a bit. Last but certainly not least, the fabric is very lightweight. I found control undergarments to be essential.

Jumpsuits are such fun pieces to wear, and practical for a number of occasions. Now more than ever a variety of options are available for the full figured beauty. You can shop this jumper for under $50, use promo code "joi” for an additional 5% off.
Until next time Loves!

Hat: Golden Gate Hat Company| Sunnies: Tildon (black) /Forever 21 (nude)| Jumper: c/o  Giti Online, size 1x
Watch: c/o  JORD Watches| Booties: Chinese Laundry (black)/Aldo (red), similar here

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Shoulder Season

Have you heard the news? It’s officially shoulder season!!! Stop by your favorite store, flip through a fashion magazine, take a look down the street- the odds are, you’ll spot the shoulder-less trend at least once. I’ve been a fan of cut out shoulders for decades (see examples here & here), it makes sense that I’m head over heels with the modern take on the bared look.
I spotted this particular beauty online, but I hesitated to take the plunge because I prefer to shop in-store. Nevertheless, the fact that it was under $25 eventually won me over, and I finally made my very first purchase from ASOS Curve!
Tip: I’m wearing a size 14 but I find it to be a bit too big in the bodice. I’m hoping that it’ll shrink, just enough, after its first wash for a perfect fit. Any who, the sizing is generous, feel free to size down. I think I could have done a size 10 easily…Moving on, this top is actually a bodysuit with a snap closure. The fabric is soft and breathable and the color is a subtle grey that could pair wonderfully with pastels.
What I love about this top besides its simplicity is its versatility. You can choose to wear it high up on the shoulders, lower, one shoulder in/out, and so on.  I opted for a lower rise off the shoulders for this causal cowgirl ensemble, but would easily wear it higher up to the office and so forth.
Yes, shoulders are officially having a moment this season and I couldn’t be more happy about it! 
Note: This post is part of a blogger collaboration with Sahily of Pretty in Pigments (Instagram), Sheena of I am She Global (Instagram) and myself. Check out the #UnitedlyPlus hashtag to learn more about each of us and our collaboration!

Wool fedora: D&Y, worn here| Off the shoulder top: ASOS, size 14| Belt: Banana Republic 
Jeans: NYDJs, size 12 (worn here)| Booties: Steve Madden, worn here

Friday, May 6, 2016

I See Color

Time and time again I’ve heard someone say: I don’t see color. Consciously and unconsciously I’ve tried to ignore it. Yet admittedly, it has always made me feel … well… some kind of way. Recently I read an article which caused me to take a deeper mental dive into why it is that I find that phrase particularly unsettling.  The answer is profoundly simple, it’s because: I DO see color!
I’ve found that many people use the phrase I don’t see colorto reassure others that they are not racist. Instead, they are able to see beneath the outer layers of skin/skin color and deeper into who the individual truly is as a person. However, this gives me pause for cause. Isn’t dismissing the outer layer of skin, i.e. one’s skin color, in effect disregarding a part of the whole person?
Per the Huffington Post, “Colorblindness” is part of a “new wave of thinking to end discrimination by treating everyone as equally as possible; disregarding race, culture, and ethnicity. Such notion entails a lack of acknowledgment of the very real ways in which racism has persisted and continues to do so, both systematically and on an individual level.” However, “this new wave of thinking avoids conversations on race... It invalidates the racial issues that marred us as a society. Colorblindness naively suggests that the depths of racism experienced in our past are of a bygone society although they very much affect individuals till this day.”
In my mind, ideally, a person should be able to see/acknowledge the color, cultural traits, and other authentic ethnic identifiers of another individual and STILL make a connection with them, as a human being! Does that make sense? To be clearer, instead of not seeing color, one would see color, appreciate and value it. One would also go the extra mile, seeking to go beneath the surface to actually know and understand who an individual is at their very core.
For me, seeing color is not an option. I see color. I am color. I love color. I embrace color.

Vest: Bobeau | Crop top:One Clothing, also worn here | Cullottes: Bobeau | Stilettos: Nine West| Bag: Vintage