Sunday, October 30, 2016

Cool Weather Essential: The Sheath Dress

Dress: Here| Necklace: World Market| Purse: Coach| Coat:  Vintage| Shoes, old| Pom pom shoe clips: Here

Today’s style story features a cool weather essential, which happens to be an exclusive design for Gwynnie Bee! If you’re not familiar with GB, it is an online women’s clothing subscription service specializing in sizes 10-32.  I've partnered up with them to showcase a few of the wonderful styles that they offer (see examples here, here, and here). Allow me to present Exhibit A, a lovely sheath dress designed exclusively by TOCCA for GB!

Now that Autumn is in full swing, and Winter is just around the corner, I began thinking about what style items I consider as essential staples. While a number of items came to my mind, the classic sheath dress worked it’s way up my list. Not only is it figure flattering, easily transitions from day to evening, can be dressed up or down, it is wonderfully suited for a multitude of layers.  I’m looking forward to styling this beauty again and again this cool weather season! PSA: You can style this dress AND MORE for absolutely FREE!!! Sign up here today and share the joy with your friends & family! A GB membership makes a great gift + it also comes in handy for festive events ;) Take full advantage by trying it out yourself for 30 days ---> FREE!

Now it's your turn: What items make your list for cool weather style essentials?

Until next time,

Friday, October 28, 2016


Sunnies: Marshalls| Coat: Vintage| Two piece coordinates: Vintage Liz Claiborne| Leather gym shoes, similar here and here| Wallet: Kate Spade, similar here

noun \ˌä-ˌvän(t)-ˈgärd, ˌa-; ə-ˈvänt-ˌ; ˌa-ˌvōⁿ-ˈ, ˌa-ˌvȯn(t)-ˈ\
'the advance group in any field, especially in the visual, literary, or musical arts, whose works are characterized chiefly by unorthodox and experimental methods.'

Today's post is in collaboration with Project Sister Act, created by Sheela Goh to showcase examples of how irregardless of age we each display personal style in our own individual way(s)! The theme for this installment is 'avant-garde'.

I'm am siked to collaborate with the following bloggers, by way of Sheela's invitation, each representing different age groups:
Check out their individual take on avant-garde fashion :) I personally love how each look incorporates layers (perfect for Fall fashion) and their own style personas!


About my look: 
I purchased this blue print vintage 2 piece set a year or so back. I got it for a great deal, and it was by one of my vintage favs, Liz Claiborne. Yet, I wasn't sure exactly how I wanted to style it. 
Last month I shared on my InstagramStories the unexpected acquisition of these cobalt blue gym shoes (I tend to buy gym shoes about every 10 years), it immediately occurred to me that they needed to be styled with a dress/skirt - like stat, LOL! 
When Sheela reached out to me to participate in this initiative, I took some time to think about what avant-garde style means to me. I thought of the unorthodox, stepping outside of so-called style norms- even my own comfort zone, and incorporating all of those factors with style options that are still authentic to me: vintage pieces + bold color.
Nonetheless, I still wasn't sure exactly what look I wanted to put together. When I have a case of 'style block' (and even when I don't) I head to my trusty Pinterest boards :)  Low and behold, I spotted an image that inspired this look (see here)! Finally an opportunity to wear my vintage set, new gymies, topped off by a fabulous vintage coat! I love how this came together, and I'm looking forward to wearing it again in a modified way.
Please do share, what's your avant-garde style forte?!

Until next time,

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Splash of Burgundy

Faux fur vest, available here (free shipping & returns)| Silk blouse: Ralph Lauren, old
Faux leather skirt, available here| Rose gold glitter sandals, available here| Clutch, F21

I previously mentioned (see here) my adoration for UK Clothier Elvi (specializes in premium plus-size clothing). I am excited to bring to you yet another example of why Elvi is now on my list of 'Steadys'. First off, although I love a bargain (who doesn't?), I am more interested in obtaining stylish, quality clothing. I’m cautious about trying new brands, because time and time again I have been disappointed when it comes to the quality of such garments. I have not had that issue at all with Elvi!!  In fact, the more that I experience from their collection, the more that I am truly taken in! A number of designs could be categorized as ‘investment pieces', however the craftsmanship stands for itself, you can expect to enjoy each piece for years to come ;)

This vest is from the AW16 Collection, I mean seriously, it is in a league of it’s on! Each time that I've worn it, the compliments/inquiries pour in. This fact actually encouraged me to make sure that it landed here on the blog sooner than later.  The look and feel of it is luxurious and the color boasts a rich pigment. By the way, did you notice the contrast in detail from faux pony fur to wool? Simply glorious!

I paired his burgundy beauty up with a rose quartz faux leather skirt this time around, but I’ve also pulled it off with medium blue denim jeans, white, and all black. Rose quartz was designated by Pantone as the color of the year for 2016. It actually goes quite well with several traditional Fall hues, including burgundy.

 As they say,  ‘There is no time better than the present’, I seized the opportunity to wear my new rose gold glitter sandals yet again (previously introduced here)   =) Not only are they stylish Loves, but I am able to wear them all day long without any discomfort! Woohoo!!! That is the definition of winning in my book! Besides, I’m getting too old to battle the crippling pain of ill made/designed shoes! LOL! 

Until next time,

Sunday, October 23, 2016

All About That Lace

Lace continues to be on the red hot list this season. This is not surprising at all to me, it gives off an air of romance, femininity, and class. I gravitate towards feminine styles of clothing nine times out of ten.  This vintage inspired lace dress caught my eye during a recent impromptu ‘Shop Til You Drop Marathon’. Have you been a victim of this marathon before?  Honestly, I set out the day to hit 3-4 sales, and before I knew it I had been in over 15 stores and had more ‘hits’ than ‘misses’ in my hands…LOL!
Back to the story at hand: I actually ran into this store looking specifically for a dress that I spotted online. This lace beauty just so happened to be misplaced onto another rack - I scooped it up and jetted off to the fitting room. I loved the way that it looked when I saw it on, I mean it has bell sleeves too! I decided to snag one size down. I searched the whole area, yet I could not find another dress like this one anywhere. So… I made the executive decision to get this one anyway…
I generally style items new to my collection in a number of ways. This helps me to get a true feel for which style pairings I like it with best. This dress was no exception. I wore it to the office one day styled with a turtleneck jersey dress underneath. It was a perfect match!  I’m happy that I purchased it in a larger size :) Next up on the list for this number is to style it with a wide leather belt…I just might blog that look too – stay tuned!

Until next time,
Sunnies: Nordstrom| Vintage earrings & necklace| Dress, similar here| Vintage clutch, similar here| Cork sandals, similar here

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sweaters & Skirts Like XO

It’s that time again, I’m back with the Babes of #UnitedlyPlus and this time our style theme is Sweaters x Skirts. I really appreciate collaborating with other bloggers because it constantly encourages me to style pieces in new ways and to think outside of my style box! Please be sure to check out Sheena of I Am She Global & Sahily of Pretty In Pigment  :) Initially I had an idea in mind based on a colorful look that I recently wore to the office, but when I added a sweater to the mix- I didn’t like it like at all. Don’t get me wrong, the sweater matched, but the entire look pulled together just wasn’t “me”. Has that ever happened to you? Sometimes the way things look in my head are entirely different than how they look when all is said & done! LOL!

I previously decided that I would shop my own closet for this look- and so the search into my wardrobe unleashed. Next up came an idea to wear my latest favorite pair of sandals =) Aren’t they the cutest?! I went through hoops to get these, as the store that I initially spotted them in didn’t have my size (I shared portions of this harrowing experience on my Instagram Stories)….Any who, the hassle was so worth it, as they are as comfy as they are stylish!!! That is a WIN + WIN!!!

I knew that I had a silk skirt that was a very close match in color, so I added it to my pile of ideas. This skirt has been with me since 2004, and although it was pricey for me at the time, the investment was well worth it. Would you believe me if I told you that this skirt initially had perfect pleats? Well it did, but one bad trip to the cleaners and the pleats were gone forever. Initially I hated it, so the cleaners reimbursed me the cost of the skirt, at its original price! I decided to keep the skirt anyway, and eventually it grew on me again- thus I added it back to the rotation. Now that I really think about it, it was free, wasn’t it?!

Next up I needed to decide on which sweater to wear, I tried on a few, but this embellished beauty won out. I think I purchased it two years ago, yet I have never worn it- all tags were still intact =) I love it when that happens, it almost feels like a surprise gift to myself, LOL! Since both my sweater and shoes are stellar statement pieces, I opted for classic simplicity with my jewelry. Both my diamond stud earrings and “Journey” pendant are c/o Kevin Jewelers. I’ve mentioned before that I am working with them as a Brand Influencer, and having a ball! 

Now on to the specifics: These certified  ½ carat VS2 diamond stud earrings are elegance personified, encased in 14K white gold. If I had to choose just one of the two pieces, the “Journey” pendant is my favorite. Notice how the diamonds graduate in size? Be still my heart! Both pieces are available during this month’s “Clear the Case” sale, and are a whopping 65% off!!! Head on over to your local KJ and check out the deals available online!
*This just In: Kevin Jewelers is proud to support Breast Cancer Awareness month! For the entire month of October Kevin Jewelers will donate 10% of proceeds to The Breast Cancer Fundraiser for several items, including a diamond tennis bracelet and a diamond halo pendant ;)

Until next time,

Sunnies: ALDO| Earrings + pendant (DPANY00056/1622658): c/o Kevin Jewelers (learn more here
Sweater: Halogen, Nordstrom Rack (available here)| Skirt: Old, worn here| Handbag: Kate Spade| Shoes: Steve Madden

Monday, October 10, 2016

Statement Check

Hey Loves! Today’s style story features a fantastically unique top from Grass-Fields. They call it ‘Royal’, and I must say- I concur!!! This beauty was/is an absolute pleasure to wear, it turns heads at every corner. I wore it to the office and a co-worker commented on how beautiful it was, stating that I looked like a peacock. I took that as a compliment, although I am not entirely clear on whether or not she meant it as one-LOL!!!

My blog provides ample evidence that I totally bat for Team Bold Color and Team Vibrant Prints (often mixing them up whenever possible). When I saw this top online, I was immediately smitten. Made of fabulous Ankara, boasting a glorious high-low hem, and n adjustable waist cincher- come on, what’s  not to love?!

Thus far I’ve only styled it with denim pants, but I can also see myself wearing it with a pencil skirt, and shorts. I open to additional ideas, how would you style this number? Grass-Fields services sizes small-4X - I love their size inclusive options!

Did you notice the beautiful “Journey” pendant that I’m wearing? It's from Kevin Jewelers, I snagged it over the weekend for this month’s blog feature. I previously announced here that I am working with KJ as a Brand Influencer. An awesome perk of our partnership is that I get to check out their fab inventory each month! Kevin’s provides a number of value pieces for the price conscious customer. For example, they offer blue diamond earrings, 1 carat flower diamond earrings, and 1 carat solitaire earrings ranging in price from $29-$995! Get this: For the entire month of October, Kevin Jewelers is having a “Clear the Case” sale---> That means you can score BIG right now! An added bonus --> Kevin Jewelers is a proud supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness month! For certain purchases, KJ will donate 10% to The Breast Cancer Fundraiser ;)

Until next time,

Top: c/o Grass-Fields|14K diamond pendant c/o Kevin Jewelers (1622658)| Denim jeans: NYDJs| Stilettos: Victoria’s Secret Catalog

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fall Mixer

Fall is officially underway, I figure what better time than the present to host a Fall Mixer?! Not to worry Loves, you’re invited! What type of Fall Mixer do I have in mind? Seizing the opportunity to wear mixed prints of course- LOL! 

I love a good print toss, and as I’ve mentioned before, one seamless ways to do so is by utilizing black & white. See examples here, here, and here
Not only is black and + white a favorite color duo, but it also makes for effortless print mixing, whether you choose to do so in pairs, triples, or quads! Today’s print mix features stripes x floral print, which can be worn throughout every season.

Although cooler temperatures are coating most of the US, don’t hastily pack away all of your summer fashions just yet. Take for instance this summer tube dress. I scored it on clearance at the end of the season. Instead of waiting until next Summer to wear it, I decided to pair it with a classic button-up. If the temperatures were cooler, I would wear this layered with a moto jacket, patterned tights, and booties ;) When you think about it, the possibilities are endless, especially when we choose to think outside of so-called dressing norms!

Sidebar: I have a healthy collection of vintage pieces, take for example this netted pillbox style hat. Oftentimes I don’t think to pull them off of display until special occasions arise, but this season I am making a conscientious effort to create opportunities to sport my vintage wins more often. 
Stay tuned to see more & follow me out on social media: Instagram/Facebook/Twitter.

Until next time Beauties,

Netted pillbox hat: Vintage| Top: Talbots| Dress: Forever 21 Plus, ON SALE NOW!| Booties: Marshalls| Handbag: Vintage