Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mrs. Fancy Pants

I’m closing out the first month of 2017 with my rendition of a pantsuit: Overalls topped with a blazer 😉 I’ve never been a fan of pantsuits on my frame, although I’ve certainly muddled through a few... If there’s one thing that I have learned about dressing this body, it is: Don’t force it- LOL! Everything is not for everyone! Not to be misunderstood, I LOVE stepping outside of my comfort zone! However, I avoid wearing styles that I simply do not like- styles and clothing that do not make me feel or look my personal best.

I’m a longtime member of the corporate club, at times I felt like I should wear pantsuits and ridiculously square cut blazer + skirt suits. I disliked both, but wore them on occasion because I felt like it was expected and even almost like a uniform of sorts for my field. Finally I decided to throw all that jargon to the wind- and what do you know, I set myself free! No more ill-fitting pantsuits and ugly box shaped skirt duos forced onto my curvy frame- whoo hoo!!!

Yes Babes, this overall x blazer combo suits me just fine- I think I need to add this duo to my regular rotations 😘 More overalls please!

Until next time,

Blush fedora: Nordstrom| White linen blazer: Nordstrom, similar here| White button-up shirt: Jones New York, similar here
Black overalls: c/o Elvi, here (size up)| Leather pompom sandals: Zara, sold out| Blush tote: c/o YouLookFab (SIGFRIED TOTE)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Berry Tones

New year, new me? Naw Babes, it’s the same ole me, doting on monochrome color palettes every chance I get ❤ This look features a trio of berry tones and most importantly: Multi buckle velvet shoes!!!!  Have you ever crafted an entire blog post about an outfit knowing good and well that all you really wanted to chat about was the shoes?! As is such with today’s post, LOL! 
This entire look came together per my desire to break in this pair of velvet beauties acquired back in December 👀 Picture the scene: I was short on time, and had a big meeting at work. I grabbed two items that looked close in color and then ransacked my collection searching for matching tights. Alas, I found a pair, grabbed my shoes and the deal was sealed. 
The decision to add my fav fun loving pompoms to the ensemble actually came about the second go around. Is everything better the second time around?! LOL! I love the low heel on these shoes and their comfort factor. I sized up, as round toe shoes tend to run small. Do share, have you snagged a new pair of velvet shoes this season?
Until next time Babes,
Square sunnies: Here| Faux pony skin vest:  Here| Berry colored dress: Nordstrom, similar here
Velvet shoes: Topshop, sold out-similar pairs here & here| Faux fur pompom shoe clips: Here

Monday, January 23, 2017

How to Wear White in Winter

Hey Babes!  How are you getting on these days? It’s been a bit challenging on my end- I've received a series of bad news within the past week or so. 
Life is full of the unexpected, as I tell myself time and time again. Realistically speaking, there is never an opportune time for bad news. I took some time to reflect on the facts. Most importantly, I reflected on my core values and how I want to move forward. I spent time with friends. I remembered the things that truly matter. The end result: I remain vigilant. I remain undeterred. I am still smiling. I am still focused, perhaps even more so
I am determined.
Today’s look features a so-called fashion “Don’t”, that is wearing white in the Winter! I’ve never been a fan of rigidity or unnecessary rules. Actually, breaking fashion faux pas has becoming a fulfilling hobby- LOL! I’m no stranger to white in the Winter (see another example here) but this look is especially close to my heart. You see I recently won a contest hosted by Monique over at Curves and Chaos, and this dress is a direct product of that 😃 Thank you Monique!!! ---> Check out her blog and Instagram page Babes!
You’ll notice that I opted to pair this white shirtdress with black, which is in my opinion the perfect balancing act. To top it off, I can easily picture a black trench coat, a knit black shawl, or a black faux fur over-sized wrap. Getting dressed is all about wearing what makes you feel good and look your personal best. Don’t be nervous to experiment with the unexpected or to stick with your tried and true color palettes when it suits your fancy!

Until next time,
Hat: Nordstrom, similar here & here| Earrings: Here| Dress: Here| Boots: Here| Handbag: Vintage

Friday, January 13, 2017

Shoulder Swag

It’s a guaranteed good time when I step into an animal print dress with billowy sleeves and style appeal! This gypsy inspired number is such a fun wear, I opted for a pop of added color by infusing fuchsia colored tights to the mustard color mix. The fit is over-sized, I am shoulder obsessed: What better way to add in more fun via a white button-up shirt underneath and a hint of shoulder swag! If you prefer a tailored look, I recommend sizing down.
Sidebar:  Would you believe that I have had these tights 5 years or more?! Seriously, I love the fact that they are truly solid opaque and have functioning control top! They are by DKNY and although they can be a bit pricey- they stand the test of time! 

Until next time Babes,

Sunnies: Here| Dress: c/o Elvi, available here| White button-up shirt: Similar here & here| Tote: Dooney & Bourke, similar here
Tights: DKNY, similar here & here (not available in pink)| Booties: Similar here

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

So Faux Real

By now you probably realize that I am totally infatuated with faux fur right?! I mean faux real!!! Check out just a few examples here, here, and here...LOL! Not only is faux fur warm and luxuriously stylish - but it is also totally on trend with a plethora of colors to choose  from. I scored this blue infinity style scarf a couple of weeks ago while I was out of town, and I simply couldn't wait to wear it 💓 
Secret: Whenever I don’t feel like thinking about ‘what’ to wear to an outing, I usually opt for denim:denim (a.k.a a Canadian Tuxedo). Seriously, you just can’t go wrong with it! I really like the fact that the denim does not have to match, for instance I wore this same shirt with black denim jeans and it looked equally fab (or at least I thought so, LOL) 😉 Actually, I scored pretty big with this top, not only does it play into my obsession with cold shoulders, but it also features an over-sized fit, meaning that it can be work as a tunic, layered, and of course more fitted as shown in today’s post. Did you notice the simple tip that I included, that is- how I altered this top to appear somewhat tailored?  So often we see/think of tops knotted in the front around the bellybutton, but have you every tried knotting a large shirt in the back? You really should! 

Let me tell you, I was totally feeling the simplicity of this look - yet it had just enough umph to have me feeling myself, LOL! 

Until next times Babes,

Blue faux fur scarf: Premium option here  or budget-friendly here| Cold shoulder denim shirt: Here
Flared jeans: NYDJ, similar here & here| Satchel bag: Dooney & Bourke, options here and here| Suede Mary Jane’s: Similar here

Friday, January 6, 2017

Girl Friday

Well Babes, we’ve made it! It is officially the end of the very first week in 2017 😉 I think that merits a celebration, don’t you agree?! LOL! Did you have a pretty good week?  I certainly hope so! I did, and it flew by...literally-like time seemed to disappear! I know this question has been asked for eons, but seriously I want an answer: 
Where does the time go??? 👀

In other news: I’ve had so much fun getting glam with Eliza J. on the blog this week! This latest trilogy demonstrates just how versatile and multi-functional dressy separates can be. If you missed Take 1 & 2, please check them out here and here!

 What I LOVE about separates is that you can mix and match items depending on your style mood and or needs- dress them up or dress them down- basically styling separates gives me full control! 

Now don't get me wrong, I will be an enthusiastic fan of fabulous dresses for as long as I breathe - but- I also enjoy stepping out and showing out in/with separates 😍
Which look is your favorite? To be honest, I think Take 2 swept me away!!

Until next time,

Black flower earrings: Betsey Johnson, similar here| Denim jacket: Michael Kors, similar here| Sequin  crop top: c/o Eliza J.-available here
Polka dot skirt: c/o Eliza J.- available here| Patent leather clutch: Vintage, similar here & here| Patent leather pumps, here
Furry pompom shoe clips: here, similar here

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Live Out Loud

For a number of years I wished that I could blend in, meaning- I wanted to be able go about my day-to-day activities escaping everyone’s notice. You see, I’ve always been a fan of bold colors, and my style of dress, and or overall appearance (I’m not sure which?) always seems to…well…be noticed! I can remember wishing in grade school that I could somehow ‘disappear’ and just carry on without any notice. Have you ever felt that way? I suspect the fact that I am an admitted introvert had something to do with such feelings…but who can be sure!? LOL! Anywho, I viewed my style of dress as something solely ‘for me’, I didn’t look forward to having face to face dialogue about it or not much of anything else for that matter, HA! Fast forward a number of years later, I am beyond amazed at the length and depth of my personal journey. True, I am the appreciative introvert (I discussed it previously here) but despite such – I live out loud!
Today’s look represents my second style pick from Eliza J. (see my 1st pick here)! This knit off the shoulder top and ball gown maxi skirt takes on GLAMOROUS by storm! Perfection for an after five affair, a dressy dinner party, and alas - a fantastic option for a very special date night! 

Stay tuned Babes for my third and final pick of ‘Get Glam with Eliza J.’!!!


Faux fur stole: Worn here; other options here & here| Off the shoulder top: c/o Eliza J.-available here 
Ball gown maxi skirt: c/o Eliza J.- options here, here, and hereClutch: Vintage, similar here & here| Velvet sandals with gold heel: Here & similar here

Monday, January 2, 2017

Stepping Out

Hey Babes!!! Can you believe that today marks the very first Monday of 2017?! I tell ya, time waits for no one! 2016 was quite a memorable year, to say the least. Personally speaking, with it came a number of challenges and rewards. I am so thankful that the rewards outweighed the challenges - I am stepping into 2017 full of hope, joy, and purpose!
But most importantly, let's chat about what I’m wearing! 😁 I’m going to let you in on one of my shopping secrets: The beginning of the year is the best time of year to score BIG on special occasion wear! You know how I love dressing up! Check this out- Not only is there an overflow of styles/sizes available…prices usually drop during the first months of the year which means that you can get the biggest bang for your buck! When considering whether or not to purchase special occasion wear, I always plan ahead. For instance: ‘What events will I be attending in the Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2017? Do I have any special travel plans? Which items did I fall in love with this season but I didn’t snag because I didn’t love the price?’ Yes, if I loved it in November- odds are it will be on sale come January/February and it will look just as great the following November- especially if I get it for a steal-LOL!
Oftentimes we think of special occasion wear in terms of dresses, but separates actually make an equally awesome option! You can mix and match items depending on your style preferences and or needs, dress them up or dress them down depending on the event-  basically styling separates give YOU total control 😏 I love styling dressy separates, and one of my Favs , Eliza J., offers up fantastic options on a silver platter. I’ve been a fan of Eliza J. since they hit the scene, in fact to be honest, they are the reason that I rack up a number of points at Nordstrom 😍I am so happy to team up with them, showcasing a few of my favorite style picks!!!! Stay tuned Babes, this look represents pick 1 of 3  😊

Until next time,

Earrings: Similar here| Sequin Top: c/o Eliza J.-available here| Plaid midi skirt: c/o Eliza J.-available here
Faux fur stole: Here| Red patent leather sandals: Old- other options here, here, and here| Clutch: Old