Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunny Days

Necklace: TJMAXX| Dress: c/o HERE| Clutch: Vintage| Shoes: Sold out, another option HERE

Hey Babes,
Happy Sunday/Monday πŸ˜‰ Any exciting plans for the week? Surprisingly I actually do and I cannot wait to share them with you, but I have to wait until the designated time! Follow me on Instagram & Snapchat  (InMyJoi) as I’ll be sharing exactly what I am up there first πŸ’‹
In other news, can you believe that the month of May has landed at our doorstep?! I know I say this time and time again-but it is only because it is sooo true: Where does the time go?! Like seriously, it is FLYING BY! Next month marks J U N E on the calendar, the official kick-off of summer 2017! With summer come a number of special events/venues. Do you plan what you will wear to such in advance?
I’m totally a planner - even when I'm last minute it's a plan because I planned to do it at the last minute, LOL! When I first saw this dress I immediately thought of wearing it to a wedding that’s coming up soon. Of course I had to give it a trial run first, and for now the verdict is still out ⏳ I love the color and the ruffle detail along the shoulders + arms and the perfect midi length. 
Vera Grace offers customization for its dress to ensure that it fits your frame to a tee ❤ This 'Spring Blooms Layered Ruffle' dress is available in sizes XS-6X. I added a few inches to my measurements to ensure a roomier fit. The dress is lined and the crepe fabric reminds me of silk. If I do wear it to summer wedding # 1, I think I want to dress it up a tad more (or not), perhaps adding a gold skinny belt and shimmery shoes…or I could even go for color-blocking with bold accessories… 
Hmm, decisions, decisions!
Until next time,

Friday, April 28, 2017

Siren Call

Sunnies: HERE| Earrings: ZARA| Dress: c/o HERE| Sandals: Similar HERE| Clutch: Similar HERE

I began picking out what clothes I would wear each day in elementary school. Red was my absolute favorite color, in fact I wore it so frequently that my uncles nicknamed me after it. As time went on, thankfully I developed a full appreciation for the entire color wheel. By the time I reached my early 20s, bold colors were my signature style in fashion and decor. No matter what other color comes into my life, red will always have a special place in my heart πŸ’“
I snagged the dress in today’s post during a recent run to JCPenney. The color, the cut, the sleeves- the answer was YES from 1st sight πŸ’• Thus far I've styled it twice, which really means I love it according to my husband, who says that whenever I get something new that I really love I have to wear it multiple times in short succession πŸ˜ƒ
I first wore the dress a couple of weeks ago to a blogger sale in LA and then secondly to a party with my husband. For both venues (which were a day apart) it was an absolute hit- plainly speaking, this dress is a WINNER Ladies! So much so, I packed it away for a third run on a getaway with the Hubster- thus the pictures in today's post.
Now online the color is listed as “red”, but is it a true red? It really reminds me of the color of another dress that I recently wore, also on the blog HERE. Remember my spring fling, Fire Orange?!
Hmmm, shall we call this dress ‘Exhibit B’? Please see my previous blog post HERE for full context.
Until next time Loves, 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Candy Stripes

Pink wool hat: HERE| Top: Old, similar HERE 
Skirt: c/o HERE + save $5 off your order with code JOI5OFF

According to a recent inventory check into my wardrobe, I may or may not have enough hats to wear a different one every day for at least 4 months…πŸ˜– πŸ‘€ 😢
If you’re a hat lover/hoarder like me, you may find that you have to create opportunities to be certain that you wear each piece in your collection. For instance, I bought this pink boater last year (never fear, it’s still available for sale HERE) but instead of wearing it promptly, I ended up putting it on display in my powder room. This shade of pink closely matches the color that I painted my powder room. Time flew by and now here we are almost in May…
Recently I set about reconciling my hat inventory (including purging where necessary) and realized that I hadn't wore this beauty yet! Sure it looks pretty cute mounted in my powder room, but how much fun is that?! LOL! I had an idea to pair soft pink with red this season, without a doubt a result of my relentless Pinterest excursions.  
I rummaged through my closet and re-discovered this choker tank top acquired last summer. Wouldn’t you know that both the hat and tank felt like a perfect fit for this knockout candy stripe maxi skirt?! Seriously though, when I tried it all on I felt like the wait had been well worth it! 
This maxi stunner stands out in a crowd- and paired with pastel pink it hits the ball out of the park! 
Please be sure to check out Fab & Frugal Women's Boutique HERE, and score $5 off with code ”JOI5OFF”. 
Sierra (the owner) just added a ton of new stuff, check it out and save!
Until next time,

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Bare a Little

Top: c/o HERE (size down, I'm wearing a M)| Hat: HERE| Earrings: HERE| Wood Watch: c/o HERE
Pants: Old| Shoes: Similar HERE + another option HERE| Purse: HERE

The cold shoulder frenzy rages on Babes, and I’m totally fangirling! That’s why I snagged this OTS polka dot beauty w/o hesitation from AMAZON πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• Can you tell that is comes with invisible straps? I love that it can be worn dressy or casual, with pants, skirts, and even over dresses- PLUS it is wonderfully breathable, perfect for warm weather months. But seriously, let's face the facts, it is polka dot -which guarantees an automatic win right off the back. Classic prints always have a place in my wardrobe!
Now I’m not a major fan of dolman sleeves (even on kimonos...), but they totally work on this blouse 😎  I could also see it designed a tad differently with statement trumpet/fluted sleeve or even frilled sleeves- done dolman style. This Shein top is generously sized, I wore it tunic style this time around but next I'm going to faux tuck it next and then go for a full tuck all around...
For its grand debut out here in the jungle of Los Angeles, I paired it with an older pair of cigarette style pants (circa 2011) turned crop by rolling them up at the cuff. In this way the eye is led to my red patent leather ankle strap shoes... Red seemed to be the most sensible companion to my black and white duo- but for a tinge of the unusual I also added in my suede green bag (really another go-to piece in recent months) because it just seems to work.
Until next time,

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Spring Fling

Dress (14p): HERE| Wood Watch: c/o HERE| Pom sandals: Sold out, but check HERE| Straw bag: Thrifted & DIY trim

Loves I have a confession to make: There’s a new color in my life and I can’t get enough of it.
I’m not sure what you might call it, you see it’s not quite red  but then it’s not a true orange hue either. In my head, it is the perfect color in between fiery red and Sunkist orange. I think I’ll call it Fire OrangeπŸ‘Œ 
It is bold, it is fiery, it is fearless.
To feed my habit in true shopaholic form, I’ve scooped up a number of items already this spring in this fiery hue. Shall we call the dress in today’s style story, “Exhibit A”? Stay tuned for "Exhibit B"...
The style of this feminine frock is choked with things to love: dotted swiss, ruffles, and tiers. Thus far I’ve only styled it with my ‘loads of fun’ pom sandals (another option HERE), but I have a few others ideas in mind for future escapades...
What I really appreciate about today’s look is that it is a wonderful combination of style + comfort!
My wicker bag includes coordinating orange-ish fringe tassels, which resulted from a 10 minute DIY session. I opted to staple the strip of tassels on versus gluing it (like a tutorial I saw on Pinterest) because I wanted the style to be temporary. A second  DIY session is in the works to use poms instead πŸ’•
Until next time Loves,

Friday, April 21, 2017

Black Bardot

Net headband: Similar HERE |Necklace: J. Crew, sold out |Dress: c/o HERE
Sandals: Sold out, another option HERE| Clutch: Vintage, thrifted

It seems like “they” or should I say “somebody” is always coming up with a new, revived, or revised name for something or another fashion related. For instance,  I recently discovered that OTS (off the shoulder) pieces are now referred to as b a r d o t, apparently a revived phrase from back in the day… Although I am most definitely a lover of fashion and personal style, I will be the first to admit that I am not an expert on fashion terminology, textiles, or any of the like. Actually, if I’m 100% honest⇒ I really don’t care. Whatever the industry decides to name and or nickname an item or trend is totally inconsequential in my head 😎 

My main focus when it comes to fashion and personal style is that what I wear makes me look and feel good. 

Today’s style story shifts from our venture down Boho Lane on over to the Little Black Dress Planning Team. With summer 2017 on the horizon, I’m totally ready to update my inventory with a few warm weather LBDs (little black dresses). This OTS number is made with scuba material and features a high-low hem. The OTS (off the shoulder) feature is actually optional, as the bodice can be pulled up and worn on the shoulders just as well. That simple change spells versatility for me, yes, this LBD can go for day or night and that is a win/win in my book πŸ’•

Until next time,

Monday, April 17, 2017

Festival Fashion with Torrid | Part 2

Flower crown: c/o HERE| Denim vest: c/o HERE| White maxi dress: c/o HERE

Today's style story marks the final installment of a two part series featuring festival fashion with TORRID.
See Part 1 HERE.
Over the weekend we were enamored with festival style inspiration via the grand kick-off of the ever anticipated annual phenomenon COACHELLA!!! Although Beyonce did not perform as previously planned, festivities took off w/o a visible glitch, including what we're all most interested in↠ a great variety of style inspiration ★☆★☆✰
My favorite thing about festival season is most definitely the FASHION. It has amazingly become an eagerly awaited part of our yearly fashion calendar, along with resort and or cruise fashion collections. 
Linda Chang, vice president (and the owner's daughter) for retail and store operations at Forever 21 said: “Festival has become one of our most important’s anticipated by our customer. Starting in March, they come in specifically asking for a festival look.”
Yes, word on the street is festival fashion has taken over the market and guess what: I'm not mad about it 😁
My style strategy for festival themed fashion is to utilize mix and match pieces that can easily be incorporated into other facets of my life- or should I say- 'style life' πŸ˜Ž After all, who wants to be stuck with clothing that they have no desire to wear anywhere else or until the following year?!
I'm after bohemian flow at it's finest, classic pieces with embroidered details, tiers, a hint of flowers, a tassel or two for good measure,a touch of lace where possible, and of course an edge of fringe to finish it off.
Do share Babes, which look was your favorite (see look 1 HERE)?
Until next time,

Friday, April 14, 2017

Festival Ready with Torrid | Part 1

Hat: Similar HERE| Bell sleeve blouse: c/o HERE| Black fringe purse: c/o HERE
Denim bermuda shorts: c/o HERE| Leather mules: c/o HERE

FESTIVAL SEASON HAS OFFICIALLY ARRIVED BABES!!! Indeed it has become synonymous with spring, and with it comes denim pieces, flowers of every variety, tie die, fringe, poms, tassels, and all things bohemianπŸ’—  
What has been dubbed the ‘most stylish festival of the year’ actually kicks off today… 
It’s πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯C O A C H E L L A timeπŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
Thanks to my friends at TORRID, I’m ready to kick off festival season in style!!!
Oftentimes festival street style seems somewhat impractical for the everyday woman.  I love that this look and the one to follow (stay tuned) contains pieces that are totally interchangeable and ideal for warm weather wear in general. Like seriously, I cannot wait to style these pieces again, and here's why:

  • Top- A fabulous peasant style blouse,crisp white with subtle print, trumpet sleeves, worn on or offf the shoulders
  • Denim bermuda shorts- Fits your curves life a glove
  • Black fringe purse- Seriously this bag can go with just about everything
  • Leather mules- Mules/sildes have made a major comeback, these are genuine leather with a wood sole and guarantee comfort + style
Do share Love, what’s your favorite thing about festival season fashion?!

Until next time,