Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mix & Match: Take 2

Does this top look perhaps vaguely familiar? It should, I wore it in Monday’s post :) (see here). That’s right, you may have guessed - Welcome to my second run at creating a capsule wardrobe!!
As mentioned here, a wardrobe capsule is: ‘a set of clothing, footwear and or accessories that satisfy style needs in one or more areas of your life.’ (The Pastel Wardrobe Capsule here)
For my very first run at creating a capsule, I chose pastel colors as the theme. This time I’m playing with a classic duo for which I have a particular fondness: Black + White
I won’t bore you unnecessarily with the reasons why I simply adore black + white. Instead, I’ll chat it up about the joy and ease of pattern mixing with this duo. You see, I've grown to love clashing prints (see here, here, here)!
Yet, I have heard from friends that they feel somewhat awkward randomly mixing up prints in a look. Do you feel the same way? Perhaps you like the idea, but aren’t quite sure where to start?
Never fear, Joi is here - L O L!!! Seriously, one of the most simple ways that I’ve found to be effective when it comes to flirting with the pattern mixing game: Start off with patterns that contain only two colors, i.e. black + white. Think stripes, florals, checks, polka dots, and so on.
Using this method, prints seem to match up instantaneously. To start, go with two clashers. As your comfort level increases, take it up a notch with three or even four prints -at one time! When you do, please tag me on social media: IG,Tumblr,Twitter @InMyJoi!

Stay tuned Style Lovers, Take 3 of Mix & Match is on the way,


Sunnies: Sunscape| Stripe top: Custom| Skirt: Cynthia Rowley| Shoes: Calvin Klein| Clutch: Forever 21


  1. Perfect styling! Love the prints and that clutch is adorable.


    1. Thanks so much Whitney! This was my fav combo out of all the looks, just cannot get enough of pattern mixing!

  2. I love it all and wish I could come play in your closet. Just play. . .not steal. LOL!!

    1. Aw, thank you Ms Neti!!! I am downsizing, really I am- space constraints demand it!


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