Monday, November 24, 2014

Glammed Up: Tulle Can Do No Wrong

It’s back by popular demand: Today’s post features my custom made tutu, a.k.a tulle skirt :) I posted a #FBF picture to my Instagram account (follow me @InMyJoi) a few weeks ago and everyone loved it, so I thought why not pull out my tulle-licious beauty once again! I love wearing my favorites over and over again, my tulle skirt is no exception.
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This time of year often involves events that give one extra opportunities to glam up, I say what better way to do so than in a tulle skirt?!
Now I originally purchased this skirt for a white party, but I wondered just how much use I'd get out of it afterward. I must say, not only was it worth purchasing, but I also found a number of uses for this pristine white beauty all year around. (Please ignore my hair gone wild in the next picture)
If you’re thinking about ordering or perhaps making a tulle skirt but feel somewhat hesitant, allay your fears.
Look for density or extra pouf factor which will provide more coverage.
Wear a similar colored slip underneath of your skirt is unlined like mine. 
When it comes to tulle, bigger is better IMO.
Tulle is very easy to clean. 
I used Spray & Wash to clean my skirt: thoroughly spray stains and place skirt in a plastic garment bag overnight. The next day fully rinse the skirt, removing all excess water with a towel.  Hang to dry. *For a skirt that is made exactly like mine, you may also braid the strips while wet to increase the pouf factor. When it dries unravel the braids, you will notice a crinkle effect.
Of course I vote “YAY” for tulle skirts, how about you?!
Jeweled Collar: Nicole Miller (taken off of a sweater)|Blazer: American Rag (worn here)|Tank: Nordstrom|Tulle skirt: Custom made (see here and here)|Shoes: Jessica Simpson (worn here)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Biker Chic

Happy Fri-Yay Everybody!!! 
Today’s post is short and sweet, featuring a casual look perfectly suitable for kicking it around town.

Have a great weekend Style Lovers!

Hat: Zara|Leather moto jacket (worn here): TJMaxx|Sequin tee: Macy’s|Waxed denim: NYDJs (also worn here)|Oxfords: Nordstrom (worn here)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Neutrally Color Blocked

Hey Style Lovers!
I’ve missed ya, how’s  life going for you? It’s been almost a week since my last post, but you can always catch up with me via my Instagram @InMyJoi  and or FB page: Things are going pretty good in my lane, although I must admit that I am astonished by how quickly time is flying by! Have you noticed?! I mean, in less than 45 days: 2015 will be here, SIMPLY UNBELIEVABLE! It feels like 2014 flew right past me, yet I am so grateful for the multitude of experiences that I have had during this year (life-wise). Yes, the good, the bad and the ugly. Daily I am learning how to appreciate the value of each experience that crosses my path, even the ones that may initially appear to be, not-so-positive. Why? Because through these experiences I have learned more about myself, down to my deepest thoughts, some that were so far beneath the surface that they lay almost completely undetectable. Yes, through every experience, I am presently more resolved than ever to: learn, develop, and grow.
Today’s look is one of several examples of just how much I’ve been enjoying the wave of Fall-like temperatures! I bought this dress a little over a year ago, yet this is my very first time wearing it. For this first time around, I paired it with a Men’s blazer for added warmth. 
This blazer has become a go-to piece, I just love styling it with everything from jeans to dresses. My husband even had to admit that he likes it too, which is odd because we have totally different tastes. 
I wore this look with shoes & boots to show the versatility that can be had; Sweater dresses are an easy choice for cool days and even cooler nights. P.S. Check out the hot pink trim, it's right up my color-loving alley ;)
Dress: Eliza J.| Blazer: Vintage| Crossbody studded bag: B. Makowsky| Shoes: Nine West| Boots: Guess

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Chocolate Covered Graham Cracker

Have you ever looked at a color combination that you wore and it later reminded you of a particular food? Perhaps it’s because I’m a shameless foodie, but sometimes after I wear something, I suddenly realize that it looks similar to a combination of something edible, LOL! Today’s look reminds me of chocolate covered graham crackers…
This look is perfect for a Fall-esque day. I had planned to wear more shorts this summer, but it just didn’t happen. For the cooler months, I treat shorts just as I do skirts: add tights and push on!

Fur-trimmed Hat: Lord & Taylor| Velvet Blazer: Jones New York| Shorts:Mango (also worn here)| Tights: Lord & Taylor| Mary Jane Shoes: Victoria's Secret

About Truthful Thursdays:
You might remember that back in June I started a new series here on the blog entitled, “Truthful Thursdays”. I created it as a space for me to share more of my authentic self with my readers. Style and fashion is a very small part of who I am as a woman.  Unfortunately, I slacked off in keeping up with “Truthful Thursdays” as a result of a busy schedule. I didn’t carve out the time and energy necessary to sit down and create quality content. Now that the winter months have rolled in, my schedule has settled down somewhat and I plan to get back on track with Truthful Thursdays. Well today is Thursday, and there’s no better time than the present, right?! 

As I’ve mentioned before, I share my style with the intention of inspiring girls and women to confidently OWN whatever body size and or body type they have. Styling options are not limited because of your size, body type, or age. Generally speaking, when one dresses well, and actually likes the way that they look in their clothing, they feel happier as a person. Despite my intentions in blogging my style, I am a ‘private’ individual, one who does not like to open up to ‘strangers’, but rather only those whom have shown themselves to be worthy of trust. This fact causes me to battle within myself: What would I like to share with my audience versus what would I not like to share. However, I realize that for women to truly connect with me, I MUST (as I repeat this to myself out loud) let my guard down even further, and share my feelings. 

Here we go:
So, I’ve been in a reflective state as of late, as to what direction I’d like to go with my style blog. Would I like to talk more about my love of vintage fashion, perhaps sharing tips that work for me? Or, is it my ultimate dream to design a clothing line? I’ve learned that a number of style bloggers across the globe are interested in monetizing their blogs in one way or another. Some do it through advertising for brands on their personal blog and or social media accounts, for which they receive a commission. Others work with specific brands, including attending events and such. This awareness has caused me to ask myself: What are your long term goals? You see, when I started blogging I only set ONE goal. I had planned that if I did not reach that one goal, I’d move on and pursue other interests, discontinuing blogging altogether. Fast forward to now, just over a year of blogging my personal style and guess what? I actually reached my ONE goal! LOL! So now the figurative elephant that is looming in my room: What’s next? I didn’t plan out previously exactly what I wanted to do if/when I actually reached my ONE goal! Lesson to self: Always believe that you can and that you will.

As I continue to reflect on my objectives and goals going forward, I’ll begin implementing changes here and there to align my vision. 

But first, I’d like to get your feedback! What would you like to see/read about here on InMyJoi? How did you learn about this site? What makes you follow my blog?

Thanks for stopping by Style Lovers, I can’t wait to hear from you!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Geometry 1:1

Math has never been my strong suit, fortunately my husband is a genius at it! Nevertheless, if you’re like me, never fear: there is hope! We can WIN at geometry with geometric patterns and prints! LOL!!!
Need I even go down that road about about my newest infatuation of black and white color combinations (click here and here)?!
 Yes, black + white = Perfection (In my humble opinion ;)
Moving on, so I purposely sized up in this dress. It’s knit, and I didn’t want it to cling tightly to my curves, as it was designed, but rather to hang comfortably.
Boy oh boy, the black and white contrasting shapes feel so good on my eyes, I can’t wait to conjure up more options for styling this dress!
Please do share:  How do you feel about geometry versus geometric prints?!

Sunnies: Forever 21
Dress: Ross Dress for Less
Clutch: Kate Spade (worn here)
Footless tights: Nicole Miller
Booties: Chinese Laundry (also worn here)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

30PlusStyle: 50 Shades of Gray

Well, there aren't literally 50 shades of gray in today's look; Nonetheless here's my best effort!
For this edition of the #30PlusStyle run (click here to see previous posts,, we warmly welcome Special Guest Blogger Crystal of !!!

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Sunnies: Betsey Johnson
Fedora: Vintage
Crop top: Nordstrom
Bangles: Nordstrom
Dress: Kenar
Fishnets: Loehmann's
Legwarmers: Loehmann's (also worn here)
Wedge sneakers: Steve Madden (worn here)
Clutch: Vintage (worn here)