Saturday, November 26, 2016

All That Glitters

Can you keep a secret? Well, ok, it’s not really a secret : ) I actually shared the news on my FB Page a month or two ago. I’ve teamed up with Charlotte Russe as a “CR It Girl”!!! Stay tuned Babes, I’ll be sharing budget friendly - yet 100% on trend style options!!!

Today’s look is one example of such. It hails from their ‘Ready 2 Sparkle & Shine Edit’, simple perfection for date night, Girls Night Out, or special occasion wear! I would totally pair this jumpsuit with a  faux fur stole/long scarf,  or a cropped length denim jacket, or the ever classic leather moto. I opted not to this time around, so that you could get a true feel for the entire look w/o distraction, LOL!

Confession: I have a love/hate relationship with jumpsuits. Very few result in a love at first sight moment for me. I try to focus on a proper fit for my body type, what my tailoring options are, and a color that flatters my skin tone.

Until next time,

All items worn are c/o of Charlotte Russe.  Direct links here: Jumpsuit | Similar Bag| Similar Shoes| Similar Earrings
**Take an additional 20% off your entire order using code HOLSHOP20 online only**

Friday, November 25, 2016

Gray Matter

“Baby it’s cold outside” or at least that’s how the song goes…LOL! Here in SoCal early mornings and late evenings are cool- but not exactly cold. Nonetheless, if ever there was an ideal time to pull out pre-existing cool weather items (I’m from the Midwest)- this is it! I love layering up in cozy knits, varying textures, and adding touches of furrr : )
This ensemble is ideal for Fall-like days spent at the office, shopping, or catching a meal. I have a basket (literally, from Pier 1) of sweater dresses that wait patiently all year for days just like this. This gray number is neat because it features a cable print + an a-line cut. The two aren’t often designed together, although I’m not entirely sure why not.
Because monochrome styling has been my thing since the beginning of time, I added additional grey matter via a velvet BF style coat (c/o ELVI), a vintage fur collar (detached), leather gloves, and knit knee high socks. For color contrast, I wore cognac boots and a leopard print clutch. Stay warm out there Babes!

Until next time,

Velvet boyfriend coat: Here | Fur collar/scarf: Similar here| Dress: Similar here| Leather riding boots: Similar here| Leopard clutch: Similar here

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Midi Mania | Tulle Edition

I truly appreciate the vast plethora of glam clothing available this time of the year! Sequin, beads, jewels, and yes---TULLE! Above the knees, ballgown length, or my personal favorite--> the midi length :) The options are endless! I’m no stranger to the Tutu party (see here, here, here, and here), I almost never turn down an opportunity to go all out on feminine frills. An easy route for versatile special occasion wear is mix & match seperates. 
This tutu edition is a tad more reserved than the aforementioned/linked, yet still totally suitable special occasion wear. Ilove the taupe hue of my newest addition and its satin underlay. I went for a glam effect, bumping it up a notch via an exquisitely embellished chiffon-like blouse. The fit and cut of this blouse is similiar to a traditional tunic. I opted to tuck it in which aided in pulling the entire look together. Think outside the box when shopping your wardrobe! Sidebar: This top looks equally cute worn untucked, accompanied by denim or leather or both :)

Until next time Beauties,

Hat: BCBG| Embellished blouse: c/o Elvi, here |Tutu: Marshalls, Similar here  and here| Platform sandals: Similar here and here| Cross stitch purse: Here

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Fall Reboot

After a few weeks of basking in Summer-like temperatures once again, Fall weather has finally returned to my neck of the woods! In fact, we actually had a gloomy/rainy day over the weekend- a true rareity in SoCal. I literally have to seize cool weather moments to dive into Fall fashion, because warm temperatures are always not to far behind! 

When it comes to Fall fashion this year, over the knee boots- AKA- thigh high boots are on trend in a major way. I've read that some feel they can be a bit of a challenge to incorporate/style in real life, despite their effortless appeal on the catwalk. I snagged my very first pair of OTK books c/o The Perfect Pair Boutique and even I felt a bit of hesitation with regards to exactly how I would style them. In my opinion, they look best when they are the focal point of a look. Additionally, as a lifetime member of the ‘Thick Thighs Club’, I was most curious as to whether or not I would successfully procure boots that fit my legs properly. As it turns out, my fears were completely unfounded! I pulled on this pair of soft faux suede boots with total ease :)

For the first time around, I styled my thigh high boots casually- with denim jeans and a classic wool blazer. Did you notice the gold tone accents on the rear of the boots? So fun! I figured that added bonus would ensure perfect  style alignment with my fun fur bag, which also has gold tone accents. I was right- I LOVE how this look came together!

Have you embraced the OTK boot trend yet? If so, what's your favorite way to style them?
Until next time Loves,

Headband: H&M, similar here | Wool blazer: Vintage, thrifted| Silk blouse: Ralph Lauren, similar here
Jeans: NYDJ, similar here | Handbag: Aldo, sold out| Over the Knee Boots: The Perfect  Pair Boutique

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Monochrome By Lace

Sometimes you only need three main elements to pull off an effortlessly chic look: A top, a bottom, and at least one item of interest. I am a believer that more is more, so I usually add in several item(s) of interest, just because...

For starters, this lace trench coat is EVERYTHING!!! Every single time that I have worn it thus far, the compliments pour in. Most importantly- I feel WONDERFUL in it! I'm so happy that I snagged it on sale! This time around I decided to style it with a basic tank top, a pair of destroyed denim jeans, pompom accented Mary Jane peep-toe shoes, and a fringe bag.

I wore this look to an event last week (I got my make-up done there, but it looks a bit heavy for my taste ) with the lovely Sheena of IAMSHEGLOBAL and also to the office. Perhaps you already saw it on my InstagramStories :) I loved how it turned out so much that I just had to share it with you! Although this look is totally monochrome, I added in textural interest with lace, ripped denim, faux fur, and fringe. Are you loving this ensemble as much as I am?! What three elements do you employ for effortless chic?

Until next time,
Lace trench coat: Here| Tank top: Nordstrom| Statement necklace: Rocksbox, Sign up here for a free trial-InMyJoiXoXo
 Destroyed denim: Cello Jeans| Mary Jane shoes: Old| Pompom shoe clips: Here| Fringe bag: Ross dress for less, Similar here

Friday, November 18, 2016

Get Schooled

There is no shortage of pompom options this season (see my shoes here), and I am HERE for it all! I snagged this cutie of a baseball hat on a recent trip to Nordstrom. I was too star struck to leave it behind- I mean isn’t the yarn topper just the cutest?! It now has a forever home with me, the best style mom in the area :) I’m not really a baseball hat kinda woman (see here), I had a good time determining exactly how I wanted to style this baby in a way that is authentic to me.

While perusing my closet, I figured now was as good a time as any to debut my very first velvet piece of the year (there is more to come, I promise) – totally cannot believe we’re practically at the end of November already!! This black blazer is one of my wardrobe veteran, I’ve personally owned it for more than 10+ years plus I originally snagged it at a thrift shop. It is such a classic, well made piece, I haven’t been able to part with it – and that really is a good thing : )

Since the weather has shifted yet once again, I happily seized the moment to pile on layers underneath my velvet blazer- adding in a chambray top and striped crop top over it. This chambray top is actually from the Men’s department- I snagged it on a thrift outing because I loved the length of it and an added bonus was that it is Nordstrom brand- which is one of my personal favs. Lesson learned: Don't forget to persue the Men's section from time to time. My destroyed denim jeans are c/o of Cello jeans, I think the olive color is so on trend for Fall! Did you notice that I added in a quick print toss up by way of stripes & leopard?! You know, just for the fun of it!

Welp, that’s all from me Loves, until next time!


Hat: Here| Velvet blazer: Old, thrifted| Strip crop top: Here| Chambray shirt: Old, thrifted| Jeans: Here| Leopard sandals: Similar | Leopard clutch: Similar

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Mixed Feelings

I’ve recently had one too many conversations with peers who for one or more reasons loathe their own bodies. I actually cringed to listen to a number of things that they said about themselves, as most comments were (not surprisingly) in reference to having gained unwanted weight and how their lives had drastically changed...or so they felt. Their comments gave me cause for pause, because in case they hadn’t noticed, I am a full figured woman! Hello! If they hated the way that they looked, were they not in affect saying that they hated the way that I looked?! And why did they choose to take up those conversations of such subject matter with me?

Yes, those conversations gave me cause for pause, and I have since taken some time to reflect on how different my personal feelings on the matter are. If by chance it isn’t clear, “I am a full figured woman”. I have always been a full figured woman. Give or take a few pounds, I have remained in sizes 12-16 (depending on the cut of an item) for almost 20 years. I’ve previously written about the years of my life that I wasted feeling ashamed of my curves, my body type, and yes my size. I like many women fed into the propaganda that ‘If only I was smaller’ my life would somehow improve by leaps and bounds…

The truth then is exactly the same truth today: Happiness is a choice! Now is the time to love myself, to love my body, to be happy, and to live with gratitude. Of course, I understand the desire to lose a few unwanted pounds, especially when it seems that they have crept up on you! I cannot however, sympathize with hateful speech towards your own body, which in turn teaches young girls, young women, and even influences other adult women that their personal self-worth should be heavily tied to their personal appearance- and even more so- the opinions of others.

If there is only one thing that I could gift every single woman that I come across, it would be constant awareness of everything about 'her' that is truly wonderful. In the interim, I stand in my own truth, embracing this body that I have been given, and styling it to the nine on every possible opportunity : ) Yes I am plus size and I feel fabulous!!! 

Until next time,

Hat: BCBG| Sunnies: Nordstrom| Top: Here| Shorts: Forever 21 Plus| Suede sandals: Via Spiga| Purse: Vintage

Monday, November 14, 2016

A Classic Case of Fall Fever

Every woman needs a moto that she can count on, through thick and thin.  I am happy to say that I have found my match, and she is a BEAUT! Gold hardware, zippered pockets, perfect length, and a belt- be still my heart! Of course the biggest style factor of all is it's phenomenally classic leopard print!!!

Fall continues to evade us here in SoCal, I managed to sneak this look in a few weeks ago on a cloudy, cool day :) The way I see it, I really have to seize every opportunity to enjoy Fall fashions, because truly the very next day I could be in the grips of Summer weather!

Now back to this moto: This is a relatively new addition to my collection, I’ve only styled it two or three times to date (I generally like to wear new items at least three times in short succession to get a true feel for them). However, in my head- the style options for it go on and on!  I am most certainly looking forward to playing each one of them out in real life : ) This time around, I took a classic style approach, pairing my leopard friend with a black jersey turtleneck dress and black leather + wool heels.

Moto jacket: | Statement necklace:
 Turtleneck dress: Karen Kane + similar here on sale | Handbag: similar here on sale | Shoes:Aldo | Gold ring: c/o Kevin Jewelers

This was totally an easy #ootd, adding in elements of style yet 100% ease of wear and flow. Speaking of style, have you noticed all of the retail sales and deals currently brewing for Black Friday?! Several retailers are going above and beyond – actually hosting sales for the entire month of November versus just on Black Friday! My buddies over at Kevin Jewelers are doing just that! I’ve mentioned previously that I am working with them as an Influencer; A highlight for me each month is being in the know about all of the fantastic deals to be had : ) Of course it isn’t fair for me to keep them all to myself- I always pass on savings to my readers! Here are two current offers that I want to make sure you’re in the know about:
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Until next time Loves,