Friday, March 25, 2016

Canadian Tuxedo

When it comes to styling jeans, one of my absolute most favorite ways to do so includes pairing them with a denim or chambray top (see examples here and here). This idea is all the rage right now and is commonly referred to as the Canadian Tuxedo.
You may currently be looking for ways to take the denim on denim approach into warmer weather, say Spring or even Summer. An easy way to lighten up the dark duo is by going for…you guessed it: Lighter shades! Yes pastel and even white denim can effortlessly convey a warmer weather effect. Although I bat for white denim wear all year round, I also cannot resist a good pastel effect (see examples here, here, and here).

Top: Larry Levine, XL| Skinnies: NYDJs, 12| Shoes: Call it Spring| Handbag: Coach
 Sunnies: Nordstrom| Necklace: Betsey Johnson

While styling this look, I knew that I wanted a Spring-like vibe, as the weather was simply wonderful. I had plans for an intimate plus size blogger outing (with Ivory Jinelle & Dionna), and I knew that our day would consist of a bit of walking, eating, and of course some shopping.  I opted for an over-sized tunic that exudes comfort and ease of wear. The fabric is so soft and lightweight. The sleeves can be cropped or worn long. Buttoned up, or not. I love clothing pieces that offer options! In true monochrome enthusiast fashion I paired this tunic with light blue denim skinnies (also worn here). Oh, and did you peep my throwback handbag? I believe it’s circa 1990s! I absolutely love the color!
Ok, ok, I know you’re entranced by this bubble gum style statement necklace! LOL! Ok, perhaps not so much entranced, but it is fun right?! I felt like it added a touch of whimsical to the entire look, and that’s exactly what I wanted =) I had such a blast that day, and a special thank you to Dionna of Made Me Pretty for a wonderful time and her star role as photographer!!!!
Until next time babes! XO

P.S. Did you notice my new do? Wanna know more about it? Let me know in the comments below;)

Friday, March 11, 2016

For the Love of Stripes

Today’s style story is a perfect encore to Wednesday’s post which featured colored lines. It’s no secret that I have been completely swept away by clean lines for a number of years. They are all over this blog! Black and white is my favorite combination of the effect and it remains a formidable challenge to resist adding more of the phenomena to my wardrobe.
A post or so ago I confessed that I went on a mini shopping haul at Forever 21; This two-piece stripe ensemble is another product of that stopover. Admittedly, in years past, I was never impressed with Forever 21. To be honest, it will probably never replace my retail BFF, Nordstrom. However, I must admit that I am impressed with what they have recently (?) done (at least at the store I visited) with their plus size collection and the vast variety of styles available. It really took me by storm; Just ask my husband how long we were in there, LOL!
I really like the varying sized lines strategically placed on this two piece, and also that they went with off white versus a crisp white. However, the fit of the skirt left me disappointed, I found myself tugging on it throughout the day :( I hate to have to pull  at or tug my clothes! I even sized up to ensure the roomy fit that I desired, but  ah to no avail. So, I’m adding the top to regular rotation, but the skirt will most likely be shelfed…at least for now.
Another factor that I like about it is that it is easily layered, really taking it from one style genre to another. I wore it with the green accessories to the office, and found it very comfortable, yet work appropriate. Another revision that I made was adding a top underneath the crop top. If you like the crop top effect but don’t necessarily want your belly to show, try adding a matching top or even contrasting color underneath.
Well Babes that wraps up today's episode, I’ll see you next time!

Crop top (OX) & skirt (2X): Forever 21 Plus| Hat: Vintage| Long shirt: Ross Dress for Less| Shoes: Aldo 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lines of Color

Fashion experts now admit that stripes are not only all the rage, or simply a passing trend, but more accurately a staple to the every woman’s wardrobe, along with a classic little black dress and jeans. Black and white stripes are my personal favorite (see examples here, here, and here) however I also enjoying venturing over to the colored side of lines (see examples here and here).
As we stand on the eve of the Spring season, it makes sense that a plethora of colorful striped options flood the fashion market. I was reading a few of my staple fashion logs, and it appears that designers will keep stores stocked with stripes from Spring to Winter this year, particularly those of a colorful assortment. Admittedly, rainbow stripes are not everyone’s fashion preference (see my go in them here), especially if you bat for team minimalism, but if you interested in venturing over to the colorful side, try pairing several bold colors together. I like the number three; for today’s look, I went with: white, yellow, and berry tones.
The absolute natural pattern mate to stripes in my head is floral prints (example here and here). The bolder the floral print, the better! I especially love today’s combination because the two prints do not match at all, but yet they do – LOL! For me, fashion is all about having fun, and I love combinations that reflect my personality. My personal style is an extension of my personality, and I generally style myself according to my mood (oh, and my hair too, LOL!). See examples of my varied style genres here, here, here, and here.
So how do you stripe?! Are you a fan of the classic black and white cult favorite or will you venture over to striking stripes?

Note: This post is part of a blogger collaboration between Sahily of Pretty in Pigments (Instagram), Sheena of I am She Global (Instagram) and myself. Check out the #UnitedlyPlus hashtag to learn more about all of us and our collaboration!

Until next time Beauties~

Sunnies: House of Holland| Top: Vince Camuto, Petite Large| Skirt: Vince Camuto, size 14| Sandals: Victoria’s Secret| Clutch: Vintage

Friday, March 4, 2016


Polka dots were my very first patterned love, long before I discovered the enchanting appeal from my forever love, STRIPES. I can remember crushing on the dotted pattern as far back as junior high school. Today’s look features a classic a-line LBD with a dotted bodice and sheer polka dot sleeves.
This connect the dots dream is versatile, I’ve worn it mega dressy as well as entirely casual. Actually it’s taken me way too long to blog it…as I purchased it last Summer during my “Dresses Are a “Necessity” multi-state buyout, LOL!  This dress made the cut as it is easily layered and accessorized. Sometimes I add a statement piece to it, but on this particular day applying the ‘more is more’ philosophy wasn’t cohesive with my mood, so I took a minimal approach.
Oftentimes choosing to take a different approach than what is expected triggers a form of backlash, i.e. the urban American term blackballed. Have you ever made a decision to go a different route from what your peers anticipated? What type of reaction did you receive? Positive or negative?
True to my personality type, I often decide to travel routes that others least expect.  For instance, there appears to be particular choices that individuals take when it comes to style blogging, especially to obtain the ever present goal of S U C C E S S.  When I first started blogging my style, naturally I followed the pattern laid by some of the veterans in the industry. However, it didn’t take me long to realize that going the 'normal' route just wasn’t going to work for me as an individual. Too many things to enumerate conflicted with my personality and status as an introvert. As I’ve mentioned before (see here) competition in the blogsphere can be fierce and cutthroat. I had to make a choice, to either continue on blogging the way I was- although miserably, or- to do it MY WAY. MY WAY won, as it often does! I refuse to betray my authentic self. I spoke with a friend who blogs in a different arena, and she expressed some of the same sentiments that I had felt several times over. 
The bottom line? There are consequences for every choice that you make, and some can be noticeably negative; Especially if the path you choose leads to more resistance than usual. However, being blackballed really does have its advantages, namely- FREEDOM. Freedom to dance to your own beat, to create your own path as you go, and to focus on expressing your authentic creativity = which equals winning in my book ;)

Until next time Style Lovers,

Hat: Husband’s wardrobe| Sunnies: LA Fashion District| Dress: Eliza J.| Sandals: Sam Edelman| Bag: Vintage