Sunday, December 6, 2015

Black, Blacker, Blackest

Friend: “That’s a different look on you…”
Me: “What do you mean?”
Friend: “You never wear black...”
That aptly describes a memorable conversation that frequently comes to my mind whenever I wear the color black. 
You see, for most of my life I rarely purchased black clothing. The first LBD that I purchased was in 1998- YES, I actually remember! Oh, and I still have it- see it here… Any who, it was just about a decade later that I purchased my second black dress.
However, since I moved out to the west coast, I cannot help but notice that I now have more black clothing in my wardrobe than ever before. Why is that? My only guess: I am undergoing a style metamorphosis!
Although an all black ensemble is still not my style staple (as of yet, that is), there is something about wearing all black that now feels classic, even timeless to me.
When I received this fabulous, yes luxurious midi skirt (I mean it has an attached petticoat!!!) that I am wearing in today’s post, I tried it on with a number of combinations. Initially I was quite set on pairing it with denim. But after several trial runs, I decided that I was feeling an all black look, and poof- here we are! LOL!
Like most of Eliza J.'s designs, this skirt is highly versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on your style needs and preferences. The quality is supurb, and the fit is generous (this is a 14W). Check them out at my BFF's, a.k.a Nordstrom, in-store or online.

Thanks for stopping by today Style Lovers! Stay tuned for my next post, which features another beauty from Eliza J. ;)
Hat: Vintage| Sequin Blazer: American Rag (worn here, here, and here)| Crop top: LEITH| Midi skirt: Eliza J. (gifted)| Booties: Chinese Laundry| Jeweled evening bag: Vintage


  1. You look Mah ve Los and I love it all. That smile says it all. . .

  2. I'm the opposite of you because I have so many clothes that are black, I always admired how you did color so well because I'm still trying to incorporate more color to my wardrobe. But yeah you look fabulous, this all black outfit looks amazing love how you added sparkle to the outfit with the sequence.

    Curvy Mod

    1. That's interesting Nina- We are color opposites! I feel like more and more black seems to be creeping into my wardrobe, almost unknowingly, LOL! Thank you very much ;)

  3. That's interesting that a move to the West Coast has resulted in more black clothing. I recently moved East and my wardrobe is far less cheery now than on the West Coast, I think because winter is a real thing here.

    Either way, you look fab!

    1. Isn't it odd Gracey?! It seems like it would be the polar opposite. I guess I am an odd duck :D Perhaps in Michigan I had to cheer up the drear in the form of color, however now I am surrounded by abundant sunshine and saturating colors year round. Black is starting to come almost naturally to me, and that feels a bit scary! Thank you!