Monday, January 5, 2015

I'm a September Baby

“AÑO nuevo, vida nueva” translates: “A new year, a new life.” 
Each time a new calendar year rolls in, many people choose to use it as an opportunity to try to create a fresh start for themselves. Usually the thought is to set new goals with the aspiration to live life somehow differently than one did the previous year.
 I’ve read some criticism on social media concerning this annual process. Truthfully speaking, studies indicate that an overwhelming amount of “New Year Resolutions” are never seen to fruition. A change in date is simply not enough for an individual to work to make momentous changes in their life. The desire to change, yes the drive, has to come from deep within. When you’re truly fed up with something, you generally feel ready to flip things upside down to be where you want to be, and you take steps to do so immediately, no matter what the date. 
In my opinion, self-reflection along with self-examination is beneficial. I'm in a more reflective state of mind each year during my birth month, September (and now that I think of it, also during my wedding anniversary month). I think about how l lived the previous year, what goals I accomplished, what things I wish I would have done differently, and what types of things I would like to accomplish in the future. I even think back on previous years, how I felt at each age. I find that it is important to have consistent, realistic, attainable goals. They give me something to look forward to, and I feel a satisfying sense of accomplishment whenever I reach a goal.
Officially in my mid-thirties, I have entered what I like to think of as ‘Operation 40’. This operation/goal spans several years, and calls for continuous action. To be clear, I created a Pinterest board for it (LOL!); Check out all of my Pinterest boards here. As far as ‘Operation 40’ is concerned, my main objective is to take better care of ME. My body is changing and my organs have to work a little harder than they used to. My goal is to do what I reasonably can to make the inevitable aging process somewhat easier on my body. This includes making the time for weekly facials (my skin is changing, plus I have too much exposure to sun and other pollutants), moisturizing daily, utilizing treatments for eczema and psoriasis, as well as regularly cleansing my internal organs and taking in what will help them work at an optimal state. 
I may from time to time share things concerning 'Operation 40' via the blog or on my social media accounts ;)
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Until next time Style Lovers!

Hat:Borrowed from my husband | Sunnies: LA Fashion District
Fox trim sweater: Vintage | Statement necklace: TJMaxx
Blouse: DKNY | Maxi skirt: BCBGMaxAzria (worn here and here)
Gloves: Victoria's Secret Online | Handbag: Kate Spade (worn here)
Riding boots: Ciao Bella (worn here)


  1. I hope you enjoyed your time away. You chose to come back in a big way by showing us your love for color. You look very optimistic and ready to take on the coming years. Operation 40...that's cute. Don't fear the 40s. I enjoy them much better than 20 and 30. One thing for sure, it's definitely a time when you see what you're truly made of. Also, I have never felt more healthy. I made the decision to stay on top of certain things so that when the body begins to make those changes, I'm ready for it. Stay in tuned with yourself. Happy New Year!

    1. I really did Glenda, thank you!!! I neglected to mention that I am seriously anticipating my 40s! My 30s have been my best decade thus far, I feel like it only gets better from here :) Future post coming on that soon! Great advice Love!

  2. Welcome back, Joi. Missed chatting with you. Initially I wasn't all too thrilled about turning 40, but it is turning out to be the BEST decade of my life so far!

    Love the bright colors in the outfit and like Glenda said, you can back in a big way!

    1. Yeeeeesssss! I love it, I am hearing fantastic things about 40, 50, and 60!!! I can't wait, I'm blessed to have had no health problems thus far! Thank you!

  3. I love this outfit on YOU and you know how I love dem colors. Glenda is so right. . .do not fear the 40's. Turning 60 took away "wait a minute, I am getting old" and created "I am damn old & refuse to look it". Enjoy it all my dear.

    1. We are truly sisters of color Neti!!! I love your attitude, and I am all for embracing it! It's a blessing to live another day :)