Friday, December 19, 2014

Layered Up | Cotton Blues

Winter time is all about layers here in SoCal.  Yet not quite the same type of layers as needed in say, the Midwest (where I'm from)?! Yep, really no need for layering it up with long johns, a turtleneck, a sweater, then a cardigan, add a jacket, plus a down filled coat here in SoCal (but don't rule out seeing someone wearing it all on a 55 degree day)! Can a gal say she misses those days? Well I certainly shouldn't, because I don't - LOL! I love the freedom of wearing warm weather pieces without sub-degree temperatures and the fear of frostbite ;)
This ensemble has been one of my favorite go to looks over the past month, and it's all about mixed prints and patterns: Surprise, surprise! For more of my mixed prints obsession click here, here, here, oh and here.
Cotton is the name of the game, which is perfect, except for it's all to easy to wrinkle factor. It's really great when I get a chance to snap a few photos of what I'm wearing at the beginning of the day-but that doesn't happen nearly as often as I would like. This happened to be one of those days. This is real life, and real wrinkles!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone, until next time!

Blazer: Vintage
Men's dress shirt: Hawes & Curtis (also worn here)
Statement necklace: Loehmann's
Dress: Lord & Taylor
White tote: Coach (worn here, here, and here)
Boots: Unisa (worn here)


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    1. Thank you! Blue is one of my favorite colors, and a mix of prints is too fun for me to resist ;)


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