Friday, July 25, 2014

So Fresh & So Clean: White on White

Wouldn't you agree that nothing says "Summertime" quite like an all white ensemble?!
The crisp and clean feel that exudes from wearing all white is unmatched in my opinion.
I felt wonderfully cool and comfortable in this two piece set made of viscose with a hint of elasticity. It was a perfect compliment to an evening with friends.
To maintain a crisp look yet introduce an added touch of glam, I added jeweled accessories via a statement necklace and embellished jelly sandals.
This look elicited a surprising number of compliments. The dress and leggings are currently available for purchase online at See here and  here.
I first discovered EuroStyle+ on Twitter, and was intrigued by their unique selection of European styled clothing.
Shipping was hassle free, and both items arrived promptly. I was instantly impressed as I removed the dress from it's wrapping with the luxurious softness of the fabric and the intricate lace detail that lines the bottom hem.
While wearing it I discovered effortless drape and essential breathable attributes amidst soaring summer temperatures.
I'm head over heels for this look, and so look forward to wearing it again ;) Please do tell, are you a fan of white on white ensembles?

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!

Sunnies: Betsey Johnson
Statement necklace: Nordstrom
Rimini dress: EuroStyle+ (gifted), available here
Rimini leggings: EuroStyle+ (gifted), available here
Embellished sandals: Impo
Clutch: Kate Spade

*This post includes gifted item(s) from EuroStyle+. All shared viewpoints are 100% authentically mine.


  1. Refreshing is the right word. I love the necklace so much.

    1. Thank you! The necklace is a total favorite, and to think it was mis-marked so they had to give it to me for the lowest price =)

  2. So very fresh and clean and I love it all on YOU. I have never seen leggins like those and this look is so very Joi. . .unexpected!!

    1. Hey Neti! The leggings were such a hit everywhere I went, they are quite unique. Thank you!

  3. Hey pretty lady, Your skin tone offsets the crispness of the white. I love the intricate lace details and the accessories gives it a nice touch.

    1. Thanks D! The lace detail was a personal fav of mine as well. I have a weakness for all white ensembles.


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