Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Interview Attire: Idea Number 1

After months of searching and applying for positions, you finally land an in-person interview! While you are elated at the prospect, herein begins the big debate: "What Should I Wear?" Everyone usually opts for a navy blue or black suit. Let's just say that you don't have a suit, or perhaps you don't like wearing suits. Guess what? There are other options!
It may be possible to select pieces from your current wardrobe that will provide a business appropriate look. 
I invite you to take a step outside of the "normal" interview attire box with me. 
I've worked in corporate America for almost two decades (Yep, I started working as an infant :-). Over the years, through three Fortune 500 companies, I have observed interview attire of every sort. I am not a traditional dresser, so it is not surprising that traditional attire rarely impresses me. I am impressed when I see someone who manages to show a glimmer of authenticity (the person that they truly are), yet still looks professional and polished.
Idea Number 1 features uncommonly considered neutral colors, grey and eggplant purple. I inserted hints of the authentic me by choosing: grey (not cream) pearls, jeweled earrings, a jeweled bracelet, and patterned tights.
Instead of purchasing a new grey blouse, I opted for a short dress, and wore it as a blouse. I added a full silk skirt, and peep toe pumps. In some places, showing your toes on an interview is an automatic "No", so to be safe I wore opaque tights.
For outerwear I opted for a classic pinstripe coat and grey gloves. 
Keep in mind that your outerwear selection does matter, as it may be the first thing your interviewer sees. 
First impressions are usually lasting impressions.
That wraps up today's post. What are your thoughts? What interview attire do you prefer?

Coat- Vintage Christian Dior, also worn here
Jewelry- Assorted
Top- Komarov Dress
Silk Skirt- Kate Hill
Tights- Hue
Shoes- Anne Klein
Handbag- Michael Kors, also worn here


  1. Sometimes the black suit has "No personality" so I love your take on the interview outfit. Your personality shows and I would give you the job for sure. . . .

    1. Thanks Neti! I'll definitely keep that in mind when I re-enter the job market ;)

  2. I love it Joi. Can i borrow that coat when you are done with it please ? oh and the skirt too lol

  3. Thank you Assa! Absolutely- I'll be sure to send both your way just as soon as I'm done ;)

  4. Oh this is great advice because I've always opted for suits but I love the outfit and it's such an appropriate outfit. That coat is gorgeous and it goes well with the whole outfit.


    1. Thanks Nina; I am so happy that you found this post helpful!


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