Saturday, November 30, 2013

Stripes & Leopard Print; Introducing an Improvised Curly Faux Bob

Today's post is short and sweet. Can you tell I'm loving my #bodycon Vince Camuto skirts? I'm keeping true to my goal of pattern mixing =) I settled on two slightly different stripe patterns, and added leopard print for fun and texture.

I also changed up my hair, but it did not cooperate; a tinge of humidity in the air did not help. After wearing it straight for a spell, it is slow to return to its normal springy curls. Today it looks more like a soft wavy….something. So I pinned it up all around and made it look sorta like a faux bob.

Earrings: Gift from India
Necklace: Nordstrom Rack
Crop Top: One Clothing
Tube Skirt: Vince Camuto (just like the ones featured here and here)
Purse: Vintage, thrifted
Stilettos: Michael Kors

Monday, November 25, 2013

Neon Brights - Go BOLD or Go Home

I was in the mood for bright and cheerful...go BOLD or go home, right?
I paired this sheer pink top with a bright orange tube skirt. This skirt was an unbelievable deal at Nordstrom Rack …10 bucks and change….!!!The top fits rather large, so I added a thin belt for definition.  Sometimes I color block with my tights, but this time I decided I wanted a more streamlined look. Me, streamline? HAHAHA!!! Anywho, I added matching orange tights and camel colored booties paired with a neutral colored coat. I love how my handbag (also seen here) looks almost iridescent in a few pictures. It is an extremely richly pigmented shade of orange-LUV!
Actually now that I think about it, excluding my handbag, this entire outfit was just under $40.00! I love a good deal!! J


Top: Liz Claiborne
Belt: Nordstrom
Skirt: Nordstrom Rack
Tights: Hue
Booties: Mia
Coat: Vintage, thrifted
Handbag: Kate Spade (also seen here)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

All Tied Up; Silk, Stripes & Tartan

Every now and again, I get in the mood to sport a tie. Today was one of those days. Fortunately, my husband is on hand to assist, not only with photography, but also with tying ties for me. J I like a big knot, so this one suits me just fine. I wanted to add more blue to the dominant rust colored combination, so I paired it with a statement necklace. The tartan contrast with the striped blouse is in sync with my goal of more pattern mixing (see here and here)

Why does silk wrinkle up so? I ironed this skirt not once, but twice, and yet it still seems like I just rolled out of bed...

I hate when I pose like this (last picture). I keep telling myself to never pose like this again, but somehow I keep doing it! It makes me look preggers, which would be fine- if I were preggers! I must remember to stand up straight and avoid slouching. I think one of my teachers used to tell me that on a daily basis..I digress. Happy HUMP Day!

Blouse: Rena Rowan, thrifted
Necklace: JCPenny
Tie: Neiman Marcus
Skirt: Ralph Lauren
Booties: Levity (also seen here and here)
Shoulder bag: Dooney & Bourke

P.S I'm participating in a Link Up for Personal Style Wednesdays with Whitney over at:

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Emerald City

PANTONE announced Emerald Green as the color of the year. I'm not a fan of certain shades of green. Yet, in my opinion, Emerald Green is in a league of its own. This dress is a vintage, thrifted number from about two years ago. Perhaps its from the 70s era? I decided to pair it with a black sequins vest, black beads, and patent leather boots. I added a hat from my husband's collection because I am procrastinating washing my hair, and it currently looks a mess. *_*

 I haven't worn these boots in about a year; I forgot how much I like them! They are very roomy (I always wear thick socks), and I can wear them comfortably and walk in them for 6-8 hours. They were the first pair of knee high boots that I purchased that actually fit my calves! Notice the elastic panel? At present I am thankful to have a plethora to choose fromJ

What I'm wearing:
Hat: Borrowed from my husband
Beaded Earrings: Thrifted 
Multi Tier Bead Necklace: TJMaxx (also worn here)
Dress: Thrifted
Sequins Vest: Thrifted
Bracelet: Ross (also worn here)
Patent Leather Boots: Penny Loves Kenny
Handbag: Coach

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thrifted Karen Kane Tee & Full Zara Skirt

So I decided to post this outfit, although in all honesty, I’m not entirely pleased with it. Why? In my opinion, it looks quite differently on camera than it does in person. Is that possible?
Here’s the look I was going for: chic, with an intentional messy pony.  What I felt it looked like on camera: Sloppy hair, and ill-fitting skirt L
Where did the disconnect occur? In the mirror I was totally pleased, and even received a number of compliments at the office. Has this ever happened to you?

My ensemble:
Karen Kane tee
Zara full skirt
Kelsi Dagger booties (also seen here)
Dooney & Bourke handbag

Monday, November 11, 2013

Leather Midi Skirt

Happy Monday! A co-worker once told me: 'I didn't know Mondays were supposed to be happy', I replied: 'Monday is what you make it'. Make today a good one. There will never be another day, another hour, another minute, nor second - exactly like this one. Enough of my ramblings, on to today's post:

I love leather - handbags, furniture, clothes - you name it. This skirt is another item from my oldie but goodie collection. It's midi length and a straight cut. It seems to have stretched over the years, but I must say this fit and length is my fav thus far.

A note about the booties I am wearing: They are very comfy! I can wear them for 8 + hours = no pain whatsoever!!! I've noticed that I have been wearing them as my go-to black shoes. This proves that not all high heels bring discomfort. I believe that the platform on this pair aids in balancing out the height.

Who I'm Wearing
Earrings & necklace: Heavenly Couture
Top: One Clothing
Bracelets: Thrifted & Ross
Skirt: Saks Fifth Avenue
Booties: Kelsi Dagger
Handbag: Coach

Friday, November 8, 2013

Mixed Prints & Pigtails

Its Friday everyone!! Let the cheering commence...I know I'm late, but I am in total disbelief that it is November already! Where has 2013 gone, and where was I? My goodness! Moving on...I've been consciously working to incorporate separates each week. I have a number of separates in my wardrobe, but I find that I do not wear them as frequently. It seems they are a challenge for me and oftentimes they end up being closet orphans.

I love the trend of mixing prints, so I paired these two pieces together. The skirt has a bold, vibrant print, while the shirt is more subtle. I book-ended using the same color necklace and boots.

Interestingly, both of these pieces are not a favorite of mine for one reason or another, but together this introduces a new favorite collaboration!

 How do you feel about mixed prints? If you like them, how do you mix it up?

 P.S. I was in a mood, and overly determined to carry this orange handbag...

What I Wore
Earrings: F21
Necklace: Precious stones (TJMaxx)
Blouse: Thrifted
Skirt: Larry Levine
Wood Bangles: Macy's
Boots: Steve Madden
Handbag: Kate Spade

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Blue Floral Print Midi Length Dress

Today's outfit post features a midi length floral dress with blues and purples. It's thrifted and vintage, but I am not sure how vintage? 70s or 80s, maybe? I'm leaning more toward 80s, it makes me think of Marianne's or Winkleman's...Does anybody remember shopping at those stores?! I'm aging myself...

This go round I paired it with a turquoise shrug.  Usually on warm days, I wear it as is, sleeveless. Today's fall temps hit 80 (Fahrenheit), and now that I am acclimated to warmer temps most of the time, 80 can feel a tad nippy in the shade! LOL!
I also rocked my new favorite shades from Heavenly Couture.

What I wore:
Shades: Heavenly Couture
Necklace & studs: H&M
Shrug: Calvin Klein
Dress: Thrifted & Vintage
Peep-toe pumps: Giani Bernini
Handbag: Coach

Friday, November 1, 2013

Chambray, Navy Sequins, Pearls, and Seersucker: Worn to the Office

Today's outfit feels fun, playful, yet polished & professional (IMO). We have a somewhat strict business dress code at my work. Yet, I was determined: There had to be a way that I could incorporate this chambray blazer and a newly thrifted J. Crew sequins blouse. Here's what I came up with:

What I Wore:
Earrings: Loehmann's
Blazer: Nordstrom Rack
Sequins blouse: J. Crew, Thrifted (brand spanking new with tags @ Goodwill)
Necklaces: Zara & Pearls
Bermuda shorts: Ann Taylor (Thrifted)
Shoes: Anne Klein
Handbag: Michael Kors