Sunday, April 23, 2017

Spring Fling

Dress (14p): HERE| Wood Watch: c/o HERE| Pom sandals: Sold out, but check HERE| Straw bag: Thrifted & DIY trim

Loves I have a confession to make: There’s a new color in my life and I can’t get enough of it.
I’m not sure what you might call it, you see it’s not quite red  but then it’s not a true orange hue either. In my head, it is the perfect color in between fiery red and Sunkist orange. I think I’ll call it Fire OrangeπŸ‘Œ 
It is bold, it is fiery, it is fearless.
To feed my habit in true shopaholic form, I’ve scooped up a number of items already this spring in this fiery hue. Shall we call the dress in today’s style story, “Exhibit A”? Stay tuned for "Exhibit B"...
The style of this feminine frock is choked with things to love: dotted swiss, ruffles, and tiers. Thus far I’ve only styled it with my ‘loads of fun’ pom sandals (another option HERE), but I have a few others ideas in mind for future escapades...
What I really appreciate about today’s look is that it is a wonderful combination of style + comfort!
My wicker bag includes coordinating orange-ish fringe tassels, which resulted from a 10 minute DIY session. I opted to staple the strip of tassels on versus gluing it (like a tutorial I saw on Pinterest) because I wanted the style to be temporary. A second  DIY session is in the works to use poms instead πŸ’•
Until next time Loves,

Friday, April 21, 2017

Black Bardot

Net headband: Similar HERE |Necklace: J. Crew, sold out |Dress: c/o HERE
Sandals: Sold out, another option HERE| Clutch: Vintage, thrifted

It seems like “they” or should I say “somebody” is always coming up with a new, revived, or revised name for something or another fashion related. For instance,  I recently discovered that OTS (off the shoulder) pieces are now referred to as b a r d o t, apparently a revived phrase from back in the day… Although I am most definitely a lover of fashion and personal style, I will be the first to admit that I am not an expert on fashion terminology, textiles, or any of the like. Actually, if I’m 100% honest⇒ I really don’t care. Whatever the industry decides to name and or nickname an item or trend is totally inconsequential in my head 😎 

My main focus when it comes to fashion and personal style is that what I wear makes me look and feel good. 

Today’s style story shifts from our venture down Boho Lane on over to the Little Black Dress Planning Team. With summer 2017 on the horizon, I’m totally ready to update my inventory with a few warm weather LBDs (little black dresses). This OTS number is made with scuba material and features a high-low hem. The OTS (off the shoulder) feature is actually optional, as the bodice can be pulled up and worn on the shoulders just as well. That simple change spells versatility for me, yes, this LBD can go for day or night and that is a win/win in my book πŸ’•

Until next time,

Monday, April 17, 2017

Festival Fashion with Torrid | Part 2

Flower crown: c/o HERE| Denim vest: c/o HERE| White maxi dress: c/o HERE

Today's style story marks the final installment of a two part series featuring festival fashion with TORRID.
See Part 1 HERE.
Over the weekend we were enamored with festival style inspiration via the grand kick-off of the ever anticipated annual phenomenon COACHELLA!!! Although Beyonce did not perform as previously planned, festivities took off w/o a visible glitch, including what we're all most interested in↠ a great variety of style inspiration ★☆★☆✰
My favorite thing about festival season is most definitely the FASHION. It has amazingly become an eagerly awaited part of our yearly fashion calendar, along with resort and or cruise fashion collections. 
Linda Chang, vice president (and the owner's daughter) for retail and store operations at Forever 21 said: “Festival has become one of our most important’s anticipated by our customer. Starting in March, they come in specifically asking for a festival look.”
Yes, word on the street is festival fashion has taken over the market and guess what: I'm not mad about it 😁
My style strategy for festival themed fashion is to utilize mix and match pieces that can easily be incorporated into other facets of my life- or should I say- 'style life' πŸ˜Ž After all, who wants to be stuck with clothing that they have no desire to wear anywhere else or until the following year?!
I'm after bohemian flow at it's finest, classic pieces with embroidered details, tiers, a hint of flowers, a tassel or two for good measure,a touch of lace where possible, and of course an edge of fringe to finish it off.
Do share Babes, which look was your favorite (see look 1 HERE)?
Until next time,

Friday, April 14, 2017

Festival Ready with Torrid | Part 1

Hat: Similar HERE| Bell sleeve blouse: c/o HERE| Black fringe purse: c/o HERE
Denim bermuda shorts: c/o HERE| Leather mules: c/o HERE

FESTIVAL SEASON HAS OFFICIALLY ARRIVED BABES!!! Indeed it has become synonymous with spring, and with it comes denim pieces, flowers of every variety, tie die, fringe, poms, tassels, and all things bohemianπŸ’—  
What has been dubbed the ‘most stylish festival of the year’ actually kicks off today… 
It’s πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯C O A C H E L L A timeπŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
Thanks to my friends at TORRID, I’m ready to kick off festival season in style!!!
Oftentimes festival street style seems somewhat impractical for the everyday woman.  I love that this look and the one to follow (stay tuned) contains pieces that are totally interchangeable and ideal for warm weather wear in general. Like seriously, I cannot wait to style these pieces again, and here's why:

  • Top- A fabulous peasant style blouse,crisp white with subtle print, trumpet sleeves, worn on or offf the shoulders
  • Denim bermuda shorts- Fits your curves life a glove
  • Black fringe purse- Seriously this bag can go with just about everything
  • Leather mules- Mules/sildes have made a major comeback, these are genuine leather with a wood sole and guarantee comfort + style
Do share Love, what’s your favorite thing about festival season fashion?!

Until next time,

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

All the Frills

Look No. 1⇒
Blouse: HERE| Tulle skirt: Sold out- similar HERE| Rosegold glitter sandals: HERE + alternate HERE 
Purse: Older Kate Spade, updated option HERE
Look No. 2⇒
Dress: c/o HERE| Earrings: Old,similar HERE & HERE | Belt: Nordstrom 
Handbag: Older Kate Spade, another option HERE | Shoes: c/o HERE

Today’s style story features new to me brand, JD Williams. 
I was excited when they reached out to me to sample a few of their spring favorites πŸ’• For my very first fashion expedition JD Williams style, I opted for floral prints. Full admission: When it comes to warm weather fashion this year, I've decided to go heavy on all things floral and botanical, because, well why not?! LOL! 😍 
I really liked the ease and flow of both pieces! Look no. 1 offers up a casual stroll down boho lane, while look no. 2 features an easy print toss (notice florals + stripes) perfect for an afternoon lunch date. I πŸ’– the feminine details served up by way of ruffles and frills.  
Please do share, which featured look is your favorite? 
JD Williams presents ten reasons why you should explore what they have to offer, here are three pointers that I appreciated:

  • There's something for everyone
  • Fit to flatter
  • It's in the detail

Until next time, 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Blushing Beauty

Sunnies: HERE| Top: HERE| Purse: c/o Charlotte Russe| Skirt: Similar HERE| Ballet flats: Nordstrom, similar HERE + another great OPTION

Remember that powder blue beauty that I blogged a few days back HERE? Well, as promised I am sharing how I also styled the same dress as a top 😘 This version of the dress just so happens to be a lovely blush hue  πŸ’— I told y'all blush is having a moment!
Background: This ensemble all started from a pin to my bottomless pinterest account, where I save all things great and aspire to try out just about everything, at least once... I pinned an image with this trending color combination and decided that I'd be sure to style something incorporating this color palette just as soon as the weather broke.
Welp, the weather broke! LOL!
I wore this look out & about + to the office. I received a number of compliments, and was delighted that everyone loved the colors together just as much as I did. One family friend repeatedly told me that I looked like a ballerina... hahahahaha!!!! I didn't agree- but I did take it as a compliment😜
This dress worn as a top or a dress is lightweight and breathable - it was perfect for temperatures that reached almost 80 degrees with brief intervals of cool breezes.
Part two: The skirt is a wardrobe veteran, despite it's bright hue it still shines  like a rock star with NO STAINS!!! See other looks HERE & HERE.
Until next time,

Friday, April 7, 2017

White Now

Eyelet dress: Nordstrom, old- Similar options HERE & HERE| Shirt: HERE| Earrings: HERE
Clutch: Vintage| Shoes: Sold out, check out more options HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE

I was thinking one day while strolling through my office in a tulle lined dress, I clearly do NOT believe in saving things for limited enjoyment on special occasions. What do I mean? Well, to put it simply: I USE my good stuff right NOW ⇒ NOT LATER πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰ LOL!
When I was growing up, older family members and friends always held certain items of clothing/furnishings/etc in high esteem. Don't get me wrong- that is totally awesome if that's your thing. However, doing so often means that "special" items can't be touched and or utilized regularly, if ever - throughout one's lifetime!
When I set up shop in our very first house, I felt the same way... for a time. That is: I had special items, marked/categorized as "Do Not Touch". However, it didn't take me long to realize that living by that philosophy just wasn't for me. I wanted to enjoy the good things that I had in the present, not at a future point in time. 
In line with my aforementioned preference(s), I wear my best clothes NOW- not solely on/for special occasions. 
Let me put it this way: I aim to eat off the good china every single week- not only at special dinner parties ✌
Over to you, do you designate certain clothing as "special", and reserve its wear only on/for special occasions?
Until next time,

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Checks & Balances

Linen blazer: Sold Out| Mustard blouse: c/o HERE| Windowpane pants: Old| Fishnet socks: Nordstrom
Sandals: Old, other options HERE & HERE| Tote: c/o HERE

Have you recently acquired a piece that you've been on a mission to find? So have I!!! I recently scored the most perfect white linen blazer, which has literally been on my "To buy" list for at least 3 years. I was overjoyed when I finally found it while away on travel.
It's not that there haven't been others (every season a batch of white blazers hits the scene)...but there was always something about them that didn't suit my fancy: price, fit, or design. Now that I think about, fit is really a big factor for me when it comes to blazers. This explains why I don't own many - nor do I care for most pantsuits. 
A boxy top/jacket feels awkward (and it looks the part IMO) on my curvy frame, for me the secret to mastering it lies in a tailored look. When I scored this number at Nordstrom a few months ago, I really was in shock and disbelief! The fit was perfect AND it was on SALE (insert happy dance). Since then, I have  had the joi of discovering just how many things my newest addition goes with (see another look HERE) in my current wardrobe 😀
Today's ensemble is an example of such. I pulled out these pants from storage, added a dash of mustard and wah-la ⇒ an easy #ootd was born! I look forward to additional discoveries with this newbie πŸ˜‰
Until next time,

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Blue Martini

Necklace: Old, I like THIS option too| Dress: c/o HERE| Handbag: Kate Spade, other options HERE & HERE| Silk tie-up sandals: c/o HERE (size up)

Now that A P R I L has officially arrived (I’m still kinda sorta in disbelief about this fact …) I am determined to dress in living COLOUR on every possible opportunity! Yes Babes, spring has sprung, that means bring on the COLOUR!!! Plus I noticed that I’ve been in a black & white rut (see my posts for last month) it's high time for me to get back to my color loving self!
First up? A fantastically simple off the shoulder dress in the sweetest powder blue. This OTS number is warm weather perfection as it is lightweight (unlined) and versatile.  How so? Well it can be worn as intended - as a dress (Beware: it has side slits), or alternatively as a tunic (I’m picturing it with skinny jeans), and as a blouse (another look with this idea coming soon😏).
For my first go in it, I decided to style it with orange. Not only is orange the star of 2017, but it was also time for me to break out my new silk tie-up sandals that I’ve been crushing on in secret for over a month….  Seriously, I struggle to find the time to blog/share items as they are acquired πŸ˜‹Am I alone in this?
If you’re a blogger with a full personal schedule but you’ve mastered the secret of instantaneously photographing and blogging items on the spot, please do share! Alas, I’m drowning in ‘new arrivals’ and time to share them in a timely fashion seems to be on the run-LOL!
Until next time,