Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Line Up + A Contest

OTS top: Sold out, similar HERE, HERE, HERE| Skirt: c/o HERE| Suede shoes: c/o HERE | Purse: Old, similar HERE

Today's post is sponsored by Simply Be.

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Today's post features a lπŸ‘€k perfect for the Cali version of fall πŸ˜‰or for shall we say, 'Indian Summer'? Bare shoulders, long sleeves, midi skirt ready, and open toe shoes. Clearly it is pedicure season all year-round here! Nonetheless, I am still amazed by how quickly the temperatures can shift when the sun goes down... One minute you're sweating, and the next minute you wonder why you don't have a coat on-LOL! I scored this top at the beginning of summer this year, but I instantly knew that it would be perfect for mild fall days. I always think of alternate ways to wear a piece at the time of purchase, often what I come up with is the deciding factor. Before all is said and done, this top will also be styled with a turtleneck, preferably one that is sleeveless...
Moving on: This pinstripe skirt is a closet newbie from Simply Be, I ❤ its classic print and wrap design. Despite its simplicity, it really is a showstopper. I decided to add olive green to the red, white, and blue color trio because olive is a natural fall neutral. It can stand in well for brown and nude hues. I grabbed an old Coach bag out of my stash and hit the door.
Until next time,

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Dress: c/o HERE (sign-up today for a FREE offer)| Red blouse: Similar HERE + HERE| Sunnies: Old| Statement necklace: J. Crew
Purse: Kate Spade, older- similar HERE + HERE| Red socks: Nordstrom| Red booties: ZARA| Red lippie: HERE

With half of October behind us, it's high time to start diving into fall fashion Babes! Am I totally late to the party?! Of course I live in a mild climate...but if there is one thing that I have learned since moving west: Seize the moment whenever it strikes πŸ˜€ LOL! I grew up in a climate with four full seasons, each season brought on a new wave of fashion inspired inspiration. My very first year in California I mourned fall! Like seriously. It was extremely hot for most of the year, I found myself wanting to pull out sweaters and coats even when there was no practical need to (especially my furs). Since then the weather has shifted a bit, or perhaps my perception has shifted? Actually, I'm quite sure it is more so the latter. Perception really is EVERYTHING. Flashback: I remember a mentor shared this thought with me early in my career. I rolled my eyes up into my head and silently disagreed. But now...YES- I can totally understand what she was saying! Fast forward: Now I feel like I must have some variation of fall/autumn in my life. 
When I think of fall colors, shades of burgundy (or merlot) near the top of my list. I decided to pair two bold cousins together, adding an extra layer underneath this beautiful deep plum dress (which I've also worn sleeveless BTW). In my head red goes with everything, I have no idea why I haven't paired these two beauties together before πŸ‘€
For finishing touches I piled on more red (I've been a fan of red since I was a toddler & I have the pictures to prove it 😊) by way of silk earrings, a bold lippie, socks to add height, and my new booties (which I recently unveiled on my IG Stories)! These booties were totally made for walking - comfort & style -YESSSSS! 
Until next time,

Friday, October 13, 2017

Shifting Seasons

Aviators: HERE| Jumpsuit: c/o HERE| Embellished clutch: TJMAXX| Shoes: Similar HERE

It took only one glance in the mirror for me to realize that this #lotd screams 70s glam- but I am so here for it 😎 I was not alive during the epic style fest of the 70s (80s baby), but who doesn't have a few personal favorites?! My curls gone wild coincided perfectly with my timing of styling this brick colored jumpsuit. I popped on my newest pair of aviators, grabbed a nude embellished bag (also worn here) and hit the door. The great thing about styling a well designed jumpsuit is that they take minimal effort. But beware: All jumpsuits are not created equal! LOL!
Low and behold it is most certainly fall, even if local temperatures don't align with the notion... the sun proceeded to descend at an alarming rate on this particular day. We literally had to pull over, jump out of the car and take a few  pictures in a mad dash before it was completely dark! LOL! Ahhh the endlessly fascinating life of a Style Blogger- or not so much...
Until next time Babes,

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Tailor Made

Dress: Custom made, designed by me| Beaded purse: Vintage, thrifted
Leather sandals: Kate Spade, old

Can you believe it: Chapter 10 of 12 is already underway πŸ‘€ I cannot emphasize just how fast this year has flown by. Days seem to go as if they are minutes, and weeks feel like only hours...Time is flying. Time seems to literally disappear.
Speaking of time, I had this dress made 2+ years ago. This is its very first debut here on the blog because it took a while for me to truly like it. 😊 After I had it made (I designed it) it felt like it was missing something. But I didn't know what... Things took a positive turn about a month ago - I got an idea to add some embellishment to it. After two trips to the garment district I finally decided that a fun crochet fringe trim was the answer. I dropped it off at a tailor and voila, my dress finally felt complete! The last two times that I've worn it since adding the fringe trim, I styled it exactly as it is pictured here. I've gotten so many compliments on it. I started thinking- what else I can add a bit of fringe too?! LOL! A little embellishment can go a long way, and can really personalize a piece. 
Switching gears, let's talk HAIR:
After I took my braids down I decided to rock my natural curls for a bit. After a mega intense moisturizing treatment (which I left in for an entire week while I wore my hair in a bun), it was time to let my curls loose. Aphogee is a tried and true personal favorite, I am a bonafide satisfied customer. 20 years of using THIS & THIS keeps my hair healthy intact despite frequent straightening, hair color, and pretty much whatever else... I never have to worry excessively about damage or breakage. Caution: Both products that I just referenced are protein-rich, use them with care if your locks prefer moisture over protein πŸ˜‰The folks at Aphogee were kind enough to send me a bunch of products, I seized the opportunity to try out a couple of newbies from their Curlific line: 1) Curlific! Textured Hair Wash + 2) Curlific! Texture Treatment. I opted not to use a leave-in treatment this time around so that I could get a true sense of how much I liked the shampoo & conditioner. The shampoo smells great, I really liked the control that the Curlific! Texture Treatment gave my curls! My hair felt soft, manageable, and full w/o a lot of frizz! 
I look forward to trying the Curlific! Moisture Rich Leave-in + Curlific! Curl Definer πŸ˜‰
Until next time Loves,

Thursday, September 28, 2017

For the Love of Leaves

Hat: Vintage, thrifted| Earrings: Similar HERE| Kimono: HERE, snag a FREE trial membership
Bandeau top & wide leg pants: c/o HERE| Mules: Similar HERE & HERE| Suede bag: Zara, old

I have a thing for leafy prints. Like seriously.... I L❤VE THEM! When this kimono came by way of a recent GB shipment, I knew right away that it was a #BorrowNBuy. To learn more about GB see previous blog posts HERE & HERE.
If I totally lacked all self-control, my entire loft would look be reminiscent of the amazon rainforest -plus a few cacti for good measure of course, LOL! For instance, I have been eying this credenza (oh this one is nice too) for my bedroom for quite some time... My bedroom walls are green, very close to the shade of my purse. My inspiration for its recent refresh (currently ongoing) was a gorgeous palm print wallpaper pattern I saw on Pinterest. I have a ways to go to reach absolute completion, I'd love to find a nice heavy fabric in the exact print of this kimono with a white background to have curtains made...That reminds me, I need to carve out some time to make my way down to the fabric district...
Until next time Babes,

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Velvet Flush

Wool fedora: Nordstrom| Faux fur scarf: Zara, 2016| Trench coat: c/o HERE
Velvet pleat skirt: HERE, sign up for a free trial membership with Gwynnie Bee
Yellow blouse: Zara, earlier this year| Velvet purse: CR, similar HERE |Velvet mules: c/o HERE
Have  you ever had an off week – the kind of week that was so eventful at the beginning of it that it felt like it should be the end of it already? That is exactly the kind of week that I am having πŸ‘€πŸ˜–πŸ˜£ Like nothing super major has blown up in my face, rather a bunch of little things have mightily compiled to form one ginormous snowball… I feel completely wiped out! Nonetheless, "the show must go on"- or so I constantly tell myself…I think it is high time for me to reintroduce my weekly candlelit bath series. After all it is fall! I always feel wonderfully relaxed after a steaming hot, minimum hour long, candlelit milk bath. Just thinking about it as I type this post already has me feeling more relaxed.
About today’s look: I paired hues of blush with shades of yellow for a somewhat chilly afternoon in the city. It’s funny that prior to moving to LA I would have never pictured wearing faux fur, a coat, and summer sandals all together! LOL! A perfect example of why one should never say never. It is an unorthodox combo, but somehow it feels right and works for me 😊
Until next time,

Monday, September 25, 2017

It's Transitional

Sunnies: c/o HERE| Red jumpsuit: c/o HERE| Faux fur scarf: Old, similar HERE & HERE 
Gold booties: Topshop, similar HERE, HERE, and HERE| Gold clutch: Vintage, thrifted

Oddly enough, Autumn-like temperatures made a brief stopover here in Los Angeles. I was completely shocked and unprepared! Like how do you shift into full on Autumn flow w/o a transitional period?! Welp, I seized the opportunity to play in a wardrobe newbie, a fire engine red jumpsuit! I could have paired it with a longsleeve blouse or a turtleneck (it really was chilly enough) but I wasn't mentally fall-ready 😭I opted for one of my favorite cool weather fashions: F U R!!! Faux fur 😎 But let's chat more about this jumpsuit: This baby has it all! I love the hue, fit, and flow of it. I opted for a monochrome color palette - as I often do, I truly wish that I had an exact matching red tank or cami...that would have truly set it off πŸ’–I'll add that to my 'To-get' list... Anywho this baby was perfect for a night out, and will probably make its way to my office with a blazer or longsleeve blouse.
Until next time Loves,

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Let's Talk: Robe Coats

Velvet turban: Vintage, thrifted| Robe coat: c/o HERE| Dress: c/o HERE (Don't forget to sign-up for your freebie)
Suede sandals: Sold out, similar HERE| Purse: Kate Spade, similar HERE

Have you ever ordered an item simply because you liked it, without even knowing what it was called? This is the story of my life! I've shared with you before about my lack of expertise when it comes to fashion related terminology...I generally don't care what it is called as long as I can wear it  πŸ˜ However, it is helpful to know specific terms when searching for something specific... The coat that I'm wearing in today's post is a prime example of the aforementioned- when I saw it online I simply thought 'I like it - I want it'. It wasn't until a few months later that I came across similarly styled coats (it comes with a belt that i am not wearing here), they were called "Robe Coats" 😌 Okay! So it's a robe what? Have you heard of robe coats? 
Well this triggered my curiosity, so I did a bit of research. Here are a few things that I came away with:

  • "This winter, the cuddly transitional piece to have is the robe coat, essentially a duster with no buttons, hooks or closures. It’s made in a range of materials (from heavier wool to lightweight linen), meaning you can pop it on over your everyday outfits instead of a blazer or hoodie and you’ll trade uptight and overheated for relaxed and cozy."
  • "The easy add-on will instantly elevate your outfit and can even double as a dress!" 
  • "Whatever you go for, don’t forget to be slightly dramatic when cinching them closed -- there’s something pleasingly definitive to the action that says, 'We’re done here.'"
So there you have it 😏 Now here are a few additional robe coats that caught my eye- that just might make it into my closet this year:

Until next time,

Friday, September 22, 2017

Helpful Tips for Buying Clothes Online

Eyelet jumpsuit: HERE, other options HERE & HERE| Necklace: Similar HERE| Watermelon clutch: c/o  HERE| White leather mules: HERE
White after Labor Day?! All day, every day 😁Here in SoCal we are just barely outside the grips of a record breaking heatwave (and we're heading back into the 90s)! I snagged this jumper during a once-in-a-lifetime markdown + I was able to use a coupon!!!! Queue the applause!!! I am so happy that I stalked it & scored it before it sold out. If you haven't heard, the quality of Eloquii items never comes up short, and the fit is consistently on point πŸ‘πŸ‘ 
I purposely waited to wear and style this jumpsuit after Labor Day πŸ˜Ž.  I don't subscribe to the notion of so-called fashion faux pas and to be 100% transparent with you as I know I can: I pretty much don't care for rules in general 😌
When it comes to shopping for clothes online, I'll be the first to admit that in the beginning I was more than reluctant... My favorite way to shop for clothes is in-store, hands down. However, due to supply & demand logistics, I find myself shopping more and more online. Afterall, it is the way of the future...

I thought it might be helpful to share a few tips that I have found useful along the way:

I know, nobody likes spam mail. But oftentimes retailers send out special discount codes via email plus you get a heads-up or early access to sales or discount offers. 

I get so overwhelmed in staring at page after page of merchandise. Using filters saves my sanity. I select my size, the type of item that I am interested in seeing, along with brands I like. If I am on a website that I frequent, I often search for 'what's new' from newest to oldest. 

For retailers that often release new merchandise that sells out quickly, using a recurring reminder to check them out is helpful. I hate it when I miss out on a great find simply because I didn't know it was available! A calendar reminder can also prove helpful when watching/waiting for an item to go on sale.

I often save items that I am eyeing at Nordstrom in my Wish List. I love that you can select the size that you want and keep a track of it until you are ready to make a purchase. The only caveat is that it may sell out...

Several retailers that I shop offer this feature and it is the best! They send you an email as soon as an item is restocked in the size that you selected.

This was such a touchy area for me...Final sale generally means that a refund or exchange is out the window. Boo! However, the best deals are often found this way. I only risk it with tried & true brands that I know and ❤. I can trust their sizing/quality to be consistent. Even if an item comes and you don't love it for one reason or another, remember that you can sell it online, or gift it away!

Literally the best information about an item is usually found in the reviews given by actual buyers. Is the fit true to size? How is the quality? Is sizing up or down recommended? Will it need to be tailored? Best part ever: See pictures of the item on everyday women versus the model that the brand has selected and tailor fit clothing to.

To be sure of how an item will fit your body, don't skip the measurement guide! Here you can usually find out if the brand lists an item as a size 14, what that really means IRL, i.e. inches in the waist/hips/length/etc. Sizing can vary greatly from brand to brand- especially when merchandise caters to a different demographic than your own.

If there is a store near you that you frequent anyway, have the item shipped to the store. You can dodge shipping browse new displays in-store while you're there for pick-up.

I have griped about this before, like what good is it really? Well, it just might cover your shipping costs! We all know how much we hate shipping fees! LOL!

I try to remember to do this every single time prior to checking out. Who wants to pay more for something than is necessary? I ❤ a last minute deal!

Read the fine print! What is the return policy? Is this item from outside your country? Are return labels provided? If all is kosher, ship the item back ASAP, using the provided return label. Double check that they will not bill you for shipping costs... If possible, return it in-store! All shipping hassles can be entirely avoided when you take that route.

Well that's it for now Babes- I hope you've found a tip or two helpful! Now it's your turn 😁 What tips have you learned along the way? Please do share!

Until next time,

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Farewell Summer 2017

Earrings: HERE| Dress: c/o HERE, sign up for a free trial offer| Belt: Old| Purse: HERE| Mules: Zara, sold out

This post is sponsored by Gwynnie Bee. All opinions are my own.

We are just a few days away from the official start of Autumn! I can hardly believe that Summer 2017 has reached its grand finale. Fortunately for me (b/c I strongly dislike feeling/being cold😩) I live in a mild climate, without a doubt we will soon be basking again in 90+ degree temperatures - the 1st week of October to be exact 😻😸😺 
My Summer 2017 fashion choices featured more cold shoulders than ever before, bold hues, floral prints, colorful stripes, classic stripes, slip dresses, ruffles, frills, embellished denim, destroyed denim, capes, cutouts,  knotted tops,  kimonos, floor length vests, maxi skirts, maxi dresses, jumpsuits, citrus themes, shorts, black & white duos, denim days and so much more! 
A memorable supplier of a number of my favorite styles this summer is GWYNNIE BEE. In case you're not familiar with them, Gwynnie Bee is an online women’s clothing subscription service for sizes 10-32. Shipping is 100% free + dry cleaning  + unlimited exchanges. 
In short: You add items to your online closet (from a seemingly endless inventory) that you'd ❤ to wear, they ship them to you in the order of your preference (the "My priorities" feature is LIFE), if you ❤ an item you can purchase it for a discounted price, OR you can mail it back for something that you ❤ even better! Truly it is a win/win, always having brand new clothing at my fingertips without the pressure of a long-term commitment feels wonderful!
⭐You can sample Gwynnie Bee's services w/o commitment or cost ABSOLUTELY FREE for four weeks, sign up HERE to get started on your new wardrobe today⭐As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask away below!
Until next times Loves,