Sunday, December 31, 2017

Red & Pink

Fur Scarf: HERE| Dress: c/o HERE|  Pink socks: Nordstroms| Pink sandals: TopShop, sold out

Can you believe that today is the final day of 2017?! This year certainly had its share of lows, but with them also came a few personal highs for which I am genuinely grateful. 
I love the feeling that a fresh start brings - it feels like the slate is wiped completely clean and there are countless new opportunities do things differently. 
Of course each day technically is a fresh start, but for a while I wasn't fully utilizing that perspective. 
Happily now things have shifted, I utilize that perspective regularly and it feels wonderful! 
Today's look is perfect for going out with the guys or gals. I paired two of my favorite bolds hues together. Of course, I'm more partial to RED, but then you already knew that...
I ❤ how both colors complement the other!
Until 2018 Loves,

Friday, December 29, 2017

Pretty Little Dots

Wool fedora: Similar HERE| Sunnies: HERE| Cape: c/o HERE (Save w/ code "inmyjoi20) 
White ruffle blouse: ZARA| Embellished skinnies: c/o HERE| Feather mules: ZARA

Wondering what to wear this weekend? I have the perfect fit for you πŸ˜‰ I'm a recent convert to the embellished denim trend, (first pair blogged HERE) now it feels like I just can't get enough of them! The sparkling pair that I am wearing in today's post totally reminds me of the children's lullaby 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star'. Never heard of it? No worries, here's a brief quote:
"Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky."
LOL! This pair is so cute, but note that the sizing is generous as they have quite a bit of stretch. I recommend sizing down by one, as they will stretch out a bit after one wear πŸ˜‰ 
Honestly, I don't feel like these pictures do the pretty little dots justice...It was so bright/sunny outside when I shot this, you can't truly see how much they really sparkle- by way of white pearls and silver rhinestones. Anywho, for a super chill day (including a run to the office) I paired them with a updated ruffled white shirt, an amazingly long cape (available HERE + save w/ code "inmyjoi20" at checkout), and the feathered mules that have taken my wardrobe by storm...
Until next time Loves,

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Cozy Scarf Season

Sunnies: Similar HERE| Black OTS top: Similar HERE| Oversized scarf: ZARA, similar HERE 
Embellished skinnies: c/o HERE| Black velvet booties: c/o HERE

It's officially winter time here in The States, which means bring on all the cozy weather wear! I am a HUGE fan of vibrantly colored, extra large, super sized, chunky scarves. I been rotating a number from my growing stash since about November ... when the chill hit the air here in SoCal. I snagged the one that I am wearing in today's post at Zara a few weeks ago. Isn't it beautiful?! The color, knit pattern, and size make me love it 😍
For your viewing pleasure, below is a snapshot of a few scarves that are on my radar for purchase, including shoppable links (links are ordered from left to right) πŸ˜‰
Option 1 (Red)
Option 2 (Multicolored)
Option 3 (Blue)
Option 4 (Multicolored)

Until next time Babes,

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Seeing Red

Red suede moto jacket: c/o HERE + another color HERE| Pastel pink turtleneck: Similar HERE
Distressed metallic stripe skinnies: c/o HERE| Silver  oxfords: Similar HERE

Hey Babes!
It's been a minute! If you follow me on IG you already know that I've been on vacation - soaking up ALL of the sun and inhaling wonderful food πŸ˜†Once I  got back to the States I immediately came down with a terrible cold, and actually - I'm still battling it πŸ˜” and completely open to any home remedies that you'd like to share...  Anyhow as the saying goes, 'The show must go on'... I got back to the business of a routine right away. Needless to say I was/am wayyyy behind on opening mail/packages/creating blog posts/etc.,. 
I opened a slew of mail last weekend, my heart just about jumped out of my chest when I laid eyes on this gloriously soft, supple, suede moto jacket c/o Rebel Wilson X Angels. GUYS!!!! 
THIS MOTO JACKET IS E V E R Y T H I N G !!!!!!!! It's fits like a dream, feels amazing, the color/saturation ratio is LIFE, and - it has four REAL pockets! I πŸ’— POCKETS! Especially functional pockets 😏 I mean, what is the purpose of decorative/faux pockets anyway?! Okay, I've digressed...back to the matter at hand: 
This moto EXCEEDED my expectations! I wore it out immediately. It will be on repeat IRL...I couldn't wait to share it with you! And guess what: It's on sale NOW! 
For its grand debut, I paired it with skinny jeans also c/o Rebel Wilson X Angels - see previous post HERE for my first impression on the fit of ther denim. 
Did you notice how the metallic side stripe is ingeniously placed? You can see it from the side and the front view - super cute & fun! 
Until next time,

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Perfect Overcoat

Hat: Borrowed from Hubby| Overcoat: c/o HERE (πŸ’₯snag YOUR FREE trial offerπŸ’₯)| Silk blouse: Ralph Lauren, another cute option HERE
Dress: Sold out| Handbag: Kate Spade, similar one HERE| Booties, old - similar option HERE
I love textural interest, this look pairs a multi-dimensional window pane print with frilly lace. My overcoat was a recent win via my weekly GB shipment. I so look forward to receiving new goodies from them each week in the mail! I added the coat to my virtual closet (another handy feature for ensuring you get exactly what you want) a few weeks back and totally forgot about it until I saw that it had shipped and was on its way to my house. When I received it I noticed that it was pretty lightweight, which meant that I could be liberal with adding layers underneath-YAY! 
I started off with a silk blouse, topped that with a lace dress, then added on the overcoat. I really like this trio! I was warm (Autumn in SoCal is mild), comfortable, and stylish πŸ˜‰
If you're not familiar with Gwynnie Bee, learn more about them HERE + snag your FREE TRIAL OFFER!
Until next time Babes,

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

In Knit to Win It

Wool fedora: August Hat Company| Statement earrings: HERE + weight supports HERE
Knit sweater: c/o HERE| Maxi skirt: HERE| Faux fur scarf: ZARA
A few weeks back I fell in love with thee most beautiful jeweled statement earrings 😍 Have I mentioned that I L❤VE statement earrings?! We all know accessory selections really do matter, for instance statement earrings can elevate a simple outfit effortlessly. Lately I've been partial to colorful fringe and or tassel statement earrings (the bigger the better) - but this gorgeous duo swept me off my feet by surprise. I initially spotted them online, but I wanted to see them in-person prior to making a firm commitment. I headed over to the brick & mortar locale, happily they were in stock, and unbelievably they were just as stunning in-person. I snapped them up in a hurry (along with a few other things that I most certainly did not need), and raced home to play dress up in them.
Surprise, surprise, surprise πŸ˜’ They were heavy πŸ˜“Very heavy πŸ˜– Too heavy 😷 Ridiculously H E A V Y 😳 
My ears hurt just just from trying them on! 
A decision had to be made. Should I attempt to return the earrings, or try to find a way to wear them painlessly? I opted to search for a way to alleviate the pain (and any possible damage to my ears)...during a google search, I discovered a wonderful invention for earring lovers HERE. Someone figured out that removable lapels can support the weight of an earring and how to apply them to and from the ear with ease. At first I doubted the validity of the advert claims, but I read through hundreds of positive reviews. I decided to give it a shot and I'm so happy that I did! Now I can wear all of my statement earrings carefree! 
Until next time Babes,

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Miniature Gingham

Hat: Vintage, thrifted| Dress c/o HERE (Use "inmyjoi" to save 20% off + shop more HERE), plus other gingham goodies HERE, HERE, and HERE
Red purse: Zara| Tweed booties: Marshalls, also worn HERE

Dressing for fall is a bit of a conundrum in SoCal. In fact, in case you haven't noticed, the weather is often a topic of discussion here on the blog. The reason? It has a major bearing on what I wear 😏 My husband and I originate from the Midwest (with an East Coast vibe). We were accustomed to experiencing four full seasons each year. Once we moved to the West Coast, that all changed. Several years in, I still at times find it a challenge to adapt...  For instance, thus far this fall, temperatures have ranged from 50-105° degrees Fahrenheit...
SHEIN recently reached out to me and invited me to snag a few pieces from their new plus size offerings. Believe or not, I actually had to check the weather before I made my selection(s). LOL! 
I ❤ classic gingham prints, in fact I was enthralled by the Gingham Storm this past summer... When I saw that mild temperatures were in the forecast, I immediately opted for this off the shoulder gingham ruffle dress. I sized up (a habit that I have whenever trying a brand that I am not familiar with), but as it turns out- I didn't need to with this dress 😳 Nonetheless, I made it work by adding in a belt. 
I styled the dress with a top and without a top underneath to give you an idea of how you might layer it. Actually a black turtleneck also comes to mind, as does a black leather moto jacket... My husband said that with a top it reminds him of something off of Little House on the Prairie - 😁😁😁
Until next time Babes,

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Leopard Stripe

Leopard moto: Zara, old-Similar HERE| Top: Old| Striped pants: c/o HERE & HERE| Booties: MARSHALLS

Have you noticed any differences since daylight savings time ended? That extra hour made a H U G E difference for me - in a good way! I'm waking up an hour earlier than I need to,  which is actually quite wonderful - I always need extra time as I tend to run late for everrrything... Now when I leave in the mornings bright skies greet me versus dark ones, this helps to jumpstart my day. And even in the evenings, although it is now dark super early, I get to watch the sunset 😊 It makes me wonder though, have I technically been off schedule since daylight savings time began?! LOL!
This November must be all about trying 'something new'. I recently tried pearl embellished jeans for the very first time, next it was sequin jogging pants, and now I am going for a spin in the ever trendy one stripe trouserπŸ‘€ 
Sidebar: Gucci has the cutest pair HERE ...
First off, I LOVE the fit and flow of these trousers by Rachel Roy! They are so comfortable, I almost feel like I'm wearing PJs! Aside from comfort, they are also stylish and totally on trend. For their grand debut, I paired them with a leopard print moto (that I sometimes forget I have), a hot pink pussy bow blouse, and nude peep toe booties. Yesterday I styled them for my 9-5 with a white blazer, red ruffled blouse, and black  velvet slides. In my head they offer a number of possibilities. In fact, I already have in mind how I want to style them on their next go round! I'm planning to pair them with a chambray top or denim jacket 😎 Although, a black turtleneck would also be super cute, or perhaps a pale pink coat with matching shoes...I just love it when new acquisitions offer a number of styling options!
Over to you Babes, what new things are you trying this month?!
Until next time,