Thursday, February 12, 2015

All Purple

Hey YOU! It’s been a minute since my last blog post, quite a few things have been going on, and then just as the dust seemed to settle, BAM, something else popped off… Isn’t that often the case in life?
I mentioned in my last post that I recently celebrated my 15 year wedding anniversary!!! In the midst of those festivities, we experienced devastating news.  Our longtime kitty companion was seriously ill and within three days, passed away. Her name was Patch Adams, we’ve had her for 13 years. She moved with us from Michigan to California, and honestly, I feel that her presence made the transition easier. She would often stand with me in my closet, or sit nearby as I picked out my clothes. The loss of her is heartbreaking. We will always remember her gentle disposition, affectionate manner, and beautiful fluffy mane.
Today’s look: I view purple as a neutral color (see more looks in purple here, here, and here). Monochrome is the name of the game this time around. I heart this pair of tights sent to me by Sonsee, Wild Berry Flawless Size 18-20. The fit is great, and the color luxe, oh so fab =)

Fedora: Loehmann’s
Dress: Gifted
Footless tights: c/o Sonsee 
Stilettos: Nine West


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about you losing your beloved kitty. She is with you in spirit *tears*. On a brighter note that purple looks beautiful on you! I'm sure Patch Adams would approve of this ensemble. Such a color of royalty and you my lady are fit to be a queen :)

    1. Thank you very much Kishina! I still can't believe that she is gone...Purple is definitely a neutral hue in my head, and it permeates my wardrobe!

  2. You look fabulous and I see Marsala in your future! Lol. . . .

  3. Sorry to read about your kitty, it is really hard to loose someone who is with you from such long past. And you look really beautiful in the purple.