Sunday, April 3, 2016

Vested Interests

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had a mini shopping haul over at Forever 21 Plus. Admittedly, I am not a woman that frequents Forever 21, in part due to my age, style aesthetic, and preference for high quality/designer clothing.
With that being said, for some items that I purchase, I understand that my desire is not one for a long lasting 'classic piece'. It may be more so a trendy number, or something that I only desire to wear a few times for various reasons. For items that fall under those categories, fast fashion stops are perfectly suitable, along with thrifting of course! Not to mention, F21 has stepped up its plus size fashion game, like seriously. In addition to the romper that I purchased (blogged here), and the two piece stripe stunner (blogged here), I snagged  two items off of the BOGO rack =) I’ll reference this one as Exhibit A, LOL!
What I love about this vest/Exhibit A in addition to its print is the cut and length. I opted for a larger size so that I can wear a number of things underneath, including a coat if I so desire ;) I’ve worn it a number of ways thusfar, but happily I had a chance to blog this one. Denim on denim never gets old for me, and pairing denim with tan makes for a classic combo.
This look went off well at the office for a casual Friday, plus errands and dinner afterward. Accessories can gear this look in either direction, more casual or not so much. I opted for a dressier approach with a fur trimmed hat & booties.
Note: After wearing this vest several times it has begun to develop a layer of fine lint balls all over. Since the cost for the two items off the BOGO rack (Exhibit B is coming up) was only $14.99 + tax - I am not as disappointed - but still somewhat disappointed. I mean if the fabric is already having issues, what will happen when I wash it? I’m not sure that this vest will make it to next year’s cool weather season, but I will certainly be happy if it does.
Until next time Babes!

Hat: Lord & Taylor| Vest: Forever 21 Plus, size 2XL| Chambray top: Forever 21, size large| Jeans: NYDJs, size 12|Red booties: Aldo


  1. Loving this snazzy outfit with the aztec print and neon heels! Very unique and different! <3

    Isobel x

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