Wednesday, April 13, 2016

That's the Bomb

Today’s post marks a second collaboration of #UnitedlyPlus and the theme for this game is ‘Rock the Bomber Jacket’. What exactly is a bomber jacket?  Well according to, it is “a short sturdy jacket traditionally made of leather and having a fitted or elastic waist, a zippered front, and often a fleece or pile collar.” Oh, and sometimes it’s called a flight jacket too!
Bomber jackets are by no means new, but they have most definitely experienced a fashion revival as of late. Currently you can find them in just about any fabric, color, size, and price range. I wasn’t too keen on bomber jackets back in the day (although I had a few with matching silk jogging pants), and to be honest, I wasn’t entirely convinced that I truly wanted to go down that road again. 
Herein lies yet another perfect example of how I personally benefit from blogger collaborations! Sahily suggested that we rock the bomber trend this go round for #UnitedlyPlus, which prompted me to go outside of my comfort zone, and to actually consider and try out/on bomber jackets. And boy am I glad that I did! I heart the little number that I snagged for today’s post, and was surprised at all of the possibilities that sprung up while trying it out with various pieces in my closet.
There are a number of ways to rock out the bomber trend; I went the feminine route, opting for a smaller cut jacket in a satin finish with dainty details.
If you’re not sure about flossing a bomber, try snagging one from the thrift shop like I did, you just might be surprised ;)

Note: This post is part of a blogger collaboration between Sahily of Pretty in Pigments (Instagram), Sheena of I am She Global (Instagram) and myself. Check out the #UnitedlyPlus hashtag to learn more about all of us and our collaboration!

Until next time Babes!

Sunnies: Forever 21| Bomber Jacket, thrifted (Size medium) $5| Faux leather skirt: Soprano, size L
Sandals: Sam Edelman, also worn here| Handbag: Vintage, thrifted


  1. Love this bomber jacket on you! I have a black one myself and never thought to pair it with a pretty feminine skirt. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thank you Kishina! I was skeptical to try out a bomber jacket, but I'm so happy that I did :)

  2. You look great, Joi. I love where you took the photos. Awesome!

  3. You look Fabulous my dear and that hair is growing so fast. . . Kudos!