Friday, March 11, 2016

For the Love of Stripes

Today’s style story is a perfect encore to Wednesday’s post which featured colored lines. It’s no secret that I have been completely swept away by clean lines for a number of years. They are all over this blog! Black and white is my favorite combination of the effect and it remains a formidable challenge to resist adding more of the phenomena to my wardrobe.
A post or so ago I confessed that I went on a mini shopping haul at Forever 21; This two-piece stripe ensemble is another product of that stopover. Admittedly, in years past, I was never impressed with Forever 21. To be honest, it will probably never replace my retail BFF, Nordstrom. However, I must admit that I am impressed with what they have recently (?) done (at least at the store I visited) with their plus size collection and the vast variety of styles available. It really took me by storm; Just ask my husband how long we were in there, LOL!
I really like the varying sized lines strategically placed on this two piece, and also that they went with off white versus a crisp white. However, the fit of the skirt left me disappointed, I found myself tugging on it throughout the day :( I hate to have to pull  at or tug my clothes! I even sized up to ensure the roomy fit that I desired, but  ah to no avail. So, I’m adding the top to regular rotation, but the skirt will most likely be shelfed…at least for now.
Another factor that I like about it is that it is easily layered, really taking it from one style genre to another. I wore it with the green accessories to the office, and found it very comfortable, yet work appropriate. Another revision that I made was adding a top underneath the crop top. If you like the crop top effect but don’t necessarily want your belly to show, try adding a matching top or even contrasting color underneath.
Well Babes that wraps up today's episode, I’ll see you next time!

Crop top (OX) & skirt (2X): Forever 21 Plus| Hat: Vintage| Long shirt: Ross Dress for Less| Shoes: Aldo 


  1. I love this striped number and the only thing keeping me from getting a skirt like that is the length. I only wear midi or maxi skirts and looking for one currently. You could wear a paper bag and I would Love it. . thats a fact!

    1. It would be awesome if this skirt came in a midi length! Actually, you've given me an idea for my friend that knows how to make clothes :) Aye, a paper bag? Thanks so much Babe!!!


  2. Love everything about this look,monochrome is fab any day anytime. You looked fab hun

  3. you are so adorable and original! you stand out in the best possible way.