Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sequins Dress & Vintage Pinstripe Christian Dior Coat

Can you believe it is Wednesday already? I can, and I am happily rooting for the next two days to past by very quickly! 
Today's post features pictures I took over the weekend while on vacation. 

My outfit has an 'all black everything' theme, with the EXCEPTION of this fabulous vintage Christian Dior coat! This coat was one of those finds in the thrift store (for all my thrifty fashionistas) where you feel like music starts playing in a loud melodious tone, a bright spotlight shines on the item, and it seems to have been waiting just for you. You try to contain your excitement as you speedily walk toward it before anyone else takes a grab at it.

This coat, I mean, OH MY! Beautiful cream dyed wool with silver pinstripes, beaded buttons, and quarter length sleeves! I could not ask for anything more. It was originally marked for $20 (gasp), but being the nifty thrifty gal that I am, I insisted to the salesman that the coat was over priced. Did I fail to mention it is by Christian Dior from Saks Fifth Avenue?! The salesman fell for my routine, and marked the coat down to $9.00!!!! I pretended to reluctantly go along, repeatedly saying how much I didn't need it, just in case he was willing to go down even further on the price. 
But alas he didn't budge, so I nabbed it for the FABULOUS price of: $9.00 USD!! Whoo hoo!! 
Can you tell how much I love the coat? I forgot to take it off so that you could see the full detail of the dress! Tsk, tsk...

Here's the roundup:
Earrings: Vintage, thrifted
Beaded Necklace: TJMaxx (also seen here)
Sequins Dress: August Silk, thrifted
Coat: Vintage Christian Dior, thrifted
Riding Boots: Ciao Bella
Leather Purse: Vintage, thrifted
Gloves: Victoria's Secret, online (at least 5 years ago)


  1. Looks like a FUN vacay. Head to toe Gorgeous and Yes, that coat is everything. . .

    1. I truly did, and I returned feeling very refreshed! Thank you!!!

  2. What a bargain. I need to have someone like you nearby when I'm shopping! That coat is amazing!

    Olive Needs Popeye

    1. It truly was! I was so excited to have found it- and the excitement is rehashed each time I wear it =)