Friday, October 26, 2018

Fall Refresh | Style a Dress Over Pants

earrings: old| dress: HERE| jeans: similar HERE| shoes: similar HERE| faux fur bag: another option HERE

I'm always looking for ways to test the versatility of my wardrobe and to play with fashion. I like to think outside the box whenever possible, even when/if it makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable. 

I first tried the concept of wearing a dress over pants back in 2014. I was super curious as to how it would play out on my body, as it is full-figured and curvy. Generally you see the trend of dresses styled over pants only on thin and or tall models. Nonetheless, I decided to go for it. Wouldn't you know- I JUST LOVED IT! 
Previously I've styled shorter dresses with slim cut pants, but the look shown in today's post is my very first time styling a long dress over pants --- and wide leg pants at that! 
Let's break all the fashion faux pas at once, right?!?! LOL!
The idea sprung from one weekly session in my closet, which actually led to a disastrous tornado-like effect... Clothes were they often are...Yet, back to the topic at hand...
I purchased this white dress at an end of summer sale for a GREAT price. It was originally $500... Naturally, I wanted to create an opportunity to wear it this year versus waiting until next summer. However, an added caveat was that I also wanted it to align with fall fashion versus just styling it as a summer dress - which I totally will, at a later date. After a few try-on sessions, plus the acquisition of a cute white faux fur tote, this look fell into place ❤
Over to you Babes: Are you into dresses over pants?!
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  1. YESSSS. . . to this look. The dress, the handbag, the earrings!! You have done it again Sis, I love it all.

    1. Thank you Babe!!! This look is one of my favorites of the year!

  2. Very nice post !Thank you

    I follow you would you like to follow me too?

    1. Thanks!! Actually, I don't do follow for follow :)

  3. Oh wow you look gorgeous Joi. I love this style ❤️
    XO Tina

  4. Joi, you look sensational!!! This dress is gorgeous, and you styled it in such an unexpected way!
    I don't know about dresses over pants (maybe!), but dresses all over the house, yep, that's my style too. :)))))
    Happy Halloween!

  5. Babe, you're such a goddess! This looks so fab on you!
    Jessica |


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