Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Remembering Marigolds

Marigolds used to be one of my favorite flowers to plant during Spring. When I lived in Michigan, for years I had a ‘green thumb’, and I excitedly anticipated the yearly day in May when it was time for me to plant all of my annuals. 
Marigolds became a fast favorite because they bloom for months, don’t require a lot of TLC, can survive full sun, and the unpredictable summers that make Michigan, well Michigan!
The background of the bodice of this dress boasts a beautiful golden hue, quite similar to the marigolds that I used to plant.
I’m particularly fond of the generously sized bow around the neckline and classic pleat skirt.
It’s really perfect attire for work, and is easily paired with sandals and a clutch for after work ease.

Gold sunnies: Nordstrom
Dress: Vintage
Bag: Vintage
Sandals: Market

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  1. I love it!!!! I have a vintage black pleated skirt just like this. I love the color on you!

    1. Thanks Pep!!! Yellow is such a happy color!

  2. Vintage is so Joi and you look very good here. I'm still loving the hair. . . .

    1. Neti you know that I am vintage obsessed; Thanks Love!!!