Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Blue Floral Print Midi Length Dress

Today's outfit post features a midi length floral dress with blues and purples. It's thrifted and vintage, but I am not sure how vintage? 70s or 80s, maybe? I'm leaning more toward 80s, it makes me think of Marianne's or Winkleman's...Does anybody remember shopping at those stores?! I'm aging myself...

This go round I paired it with a turquoise shrug.  Usually on warm days, I wear it as is, sleeveless. Today's fall temps hit 80 (Fahrenheit), and now that I am acclimated to warmer temps most of the time, 80 can feel a tad nippy in the shade! LOL!
I also rocked my new favorite shades from Heavenly Couture.

What I wore:
Shades: Heavenly Couture
Necklace & studs: H&M
Shrug: Calvin Klein
Dress: Thrifted & Vintage
Peep-toe pumps: Giani Bernini
Handbag: Coach


  1. I love it all and as usual YOU wear it well! I do remember Marianne, does that age me? You cannot catch up with me. . .he he he!

    1. I literally laughed out loud when I read your comment! :o) Thanks for the love! Was there another store that was along with those two? It seems like it's on the tip of my mind, but I can't think of the name of it! Not Gantos, but something on that order...

  2. Pretty, pretty! Love the floral pattern, as well as your necklace! Feel free to linkup with me on my blog, as I'm hosting my 1st Personal Style Linkup. Happy Friday!


    1. Thanks Whitney! I would love to linkup :) I checked your blog for details, and will link to you in my next post =)

  3. You are looking all kind of pretty ! love the look.