Wednesday, April 6, 2016


So the calendar says that it is officially Spring, but the weather in my neck of the woods has been all over the place (as crazy as it can get for So-Cal)! I hardly know how to dress, one day it feels like Summer, and the next like Fall, and then finally almost like a So-Cal Winter day O_O From what I’ve read, weather is on the flux all over the world, and that’s a sad thing…Heard of global warming anyone?
Today’s #ootd really came together based on the inconsistency of the weather! I figure if the weather doesn’t have to make up its mind, why should I? LOL! Insert summer scarf worn as a head-wrap, scuba sweater, leather skirt, white sandals, and a white fringed bag of course =)
Let’s start off with this peplum sleeved sweater from UK retailer Boohoo. So I’ve admitted time and again that I am not really crazy about online shopping. Not only do I find better deals in-store, but I enjoy the experience of brick and mortar shopping and all that it entails, versus scrolling and clicking and waiting on the mail. Nonetheless, there are times when I do peruse online retailers, and one day while doing so this baby caught my eye. 
So they say that peplum is out, but I say that it stays - and that it always has a place in my wardrobe. This sweater lingered in my virtual basket for several days, because let’s be honest: Boohoo’s quality is not the same as let's say Ralph Lauren... I kept debating whether or not it would be worth ordering. As it happens a coupon code started, and I decided that deduction actually took off the price of shipping plus the sweater was already on sale, so I ordered it. Would you believe that it took almost 2 months to arrive?!?! And when it did, I discovered that I probably should have went with a smaller size, but after all that hassle who wanted to send it back and so on??? This is why online shopping, especially outside of the USA, gives me cause to pause…
Moving on, you already know how much I dote on black + white combinations! I actually wore this sweater more casually to a Make-up Forever event over the weekend, but when it came time to dress it up a bit I opted for black & white, my beloved stand-by. It’s been way too long since I last wore this leather skirt (see here), a throwback from Saks in the early 2000's. I love how it looks with this sweater. I actually folded up the bottom of the sweater up to make the fit more appealing to my eye. Popped on my faithful white strappys, grabbed my fringe clutch and hit the door.
Until next time Babes!

Scarf: Souvenir from Iraq| Sweater: Boohoo, size large| Leather skirt: Saks Fifth Avenue (Real Clothes, also worn here), size 16
Sandals: Tildon (also worn here)| Fringed clutch: Carlos Santana (also worn here)


  1. I love it! Your "kaleidoscope" outfit is perfect for this crazy weather. Side note, I had a red leather skirt from Saks that I somehow lost! �� Anyway, you rock!

    1. Thanks Q! I'll take a leather skirt in every color from Saks purty please!!!

  2. I Love it all and those sunnies are too cute.

  3. Love your photography! Such a fun, visual feast!

    1. Thank you! I'll be sure to pass on your compliments to my husband, resident photographer :))