Friday, August 14, 2015

Flushed With Blush

I have a confession…
I have a new color crush….totally different from those of the past….
Vibrant, rich, tantalizing hues have been my M.O. for 20+ years, but lately…well…I find myself intrigued with neutral color palettes. What’s happening here?!
In a word:  C H A N G E.
There’s something about the color blush , it’s not quite pink, yet it is not quite beige or tan either---> it’s blush! While perusing Pinterest I’ve come across several combinations of black & blush that are classically fantastic.
I picked up  this hi-low blush top a month or three ago (debuted it on date night) - it’s high time that I sift more blush colored items into my collection.

TGIF Beauties & have a wonderful weekend!
Sunnies: Jessica Simpson| High-Low top:ASTR | Jeans: NYDJ| Shoes: Enzo Angiolini (worn here)| Floral Clutch: Vintage


  1. Blush is an intriguing color, and it looks great on you! I like the way this outfit looks so put together because of the tucked in shirts, it's giving me courage to do the same…gotta push our clothing comfort zone, right?

    1. Thank you very much! Blush is amazing, I felt so late to the party in that I have only recently discovered how fantastic it can be *O* Pushing outside of our comfort zone is scary, but it is also very liberating- I hope you enjoy the journey!!

  2. Love the blush tones here and that HAIR. . . .