Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wardrobe Shuffle: Vintage Lace

Hey there! (Slowly creeps into the room as if it hasn’t been eons since my last post) Today’s post highlights what I like to think of as a wardrobe shuffle. I’ve mentioned before that I intentionally purchase pieces that I know will have longevity. In this instance, I am not solely referring to the quality of an item (although quality does rank #1 in my book) but also in that I know that I will have the desire to wear the item again and again.
This takes a bit of forethought for me at the actual time of purchase, and yet even still, sometimes a piece serves its purpose after a year or so. For the pieces that remain with me year after year, I enjoy exploring new ways to wear them. Flashback: My personality used to be quite rigid. As an example, I could not bear the thought of mixing and matching my clothes. I thoroughly enjoyed wearing items in the same exact way, each and every single time. WELP, all I can say at this point is: I’ve changed! Thanks to Pinterest (check out myboards here), I constantly have ample ideas of how to shuffle pieces around in my wardrobe. We'll take today’s post as one example:

Flashback: I originally wore this dress under a skirt in a post blogged last year (here). At the time, I couldn’t fathom wearing this dress solo, as I don’t particularly care for the cut of it on my body (but I do heart every other aspect of it). I even thought about having it altered…. Yet I digress.. What makes this dress unique to me aside from its age (circa 1970s), is that the lace is cotton! It actually came with a cotton lining, but that was unfortunately too snug for my ample curves, LOL!
One day while perusing Pinterest (as I often do during down time, like in-between emails, and while sitting in relentless LA traffic) I saw a picture of a look worn by Jessica Alba. I immediately thought of my lacey treasure filed away at the back of my wardrobe. I already had all of the pieces needed to recreate this look, my way- so I decided to have at it! 
I wore it on vacation several weeks back, my husband loved it so much that he uses one of these pictures as backdrop on his mobile ;) Join me on Pinterest and let’s be inspired together!

Denim jacket: Michael Kors (worn here)| Statement Necklace: Nordstrom| Lace dress: Vintage (worn here)| Belt:Thrifted| Cork sandals:Market (worn here)


  1. Fabulous, and I Love it on you. You give me such Great Inspiration and I thank you my dear.

    1. Thank you Hun, I love how we inspire one another! ;)

  2. Love the lace with the denim -- girly girl without being prissy --

    1. Thanks Robin! You know how I like to wander over to prissy too, LOL! Variety is the spice & joy of life ;)


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