Friday, March 27, 2015

Ruffles & Pleats

My current style esthetic includes color-blocking (more details here) and creating textural interest. Color-blocking is a great way to mix pieces and colors that seemingly would not match.
You know what I mean? Like, certain colors always look great together, sometimes it is feels safe to stick to the tried & true. Yet with a bit of experimentation, one sees that the possibilities are endless! For me, herein lies the "fun" of getting dressed ;)
Today's ensemble features teal + purple + pink. Thinking back to the very first time that I wore these items together, it was long before I considered blogging my personal style. This combo is a go-to for me, this time I decided to try adding a second matching necklace.
Not only do I like the color mix, but also the textural interest. Raised geometric shapes, satin ruffles, leather accessories, and poly pleats give this look a lane of it's own. 
What are some characteristics of your current style esthetic?
Until next time Style Lovers, have a great weekend!!

Sunnies: Betsey Johnson (worn here) | Ruffle top: Nicole Miller | Leather belt: Ralph Lauren | Pleated midi skirt: Vintage (worn here)
Leather peep-toe cowboy booties: Steve Madden | Handbag: Kate Spade (worn here)


  1. The blonde is back & I love this outfit on you. The colors are just what the Dr. ordered.

    1. Even though I get tired of blonde, I can't stay away from it! I like the way it looks on my skin tone :) Thanks Neti!!