Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thrift Store Score: Chambray by Day

Today's Thrift Store Score features this classic chambray shirtdress that I scored at a shop just outside of Hollywood.

I love that it fits a little large on me, because that ups the coolness and comfort factor. 
It's 100% cotton, and has one of my favorite features on dresses: 3 quarter inch sleeves!

I added a classic blue paper fedora, because at times, I like to follow the rule: Wear Hat When Possible
This enables me to utilize the 365 hats in my personal collection (sarcasm reigns-LOL)! I'm totally kidding- but no, I do have  a lot of hats...
Actually, hats provide an excellent accessory for my protective hair styles. I have worn my hair naturally (without a relaxer) for over a decade. 
Oftentimes I lather it up with my favorite oils/butters, put it in a low bun, and pop on a hat.

The white vintage doctor's bag that I'm carrying is another fantastic #ThriftStoreScore ! It was in pristine condition, and is just the perfect size to hold all of my stuff. For close up shots, go here.

For a hint of fun and color, I went with a pair of printed wedge sandals.

 And that my friends, concludes today's edition of Thrift Store Score!

Hat/fedora: Nordstrom
Jewelry: Vintage, thrifted (also worn here)
Chambray dress: Merona, thrifted 
Handbag: Vintage, thrifted (detailed here)
Wedge sandals: Steve Maddan


  1. What great finds you found at the thrift shops, you look gorgeous in the dress and I love the hat as well !, Best wishes x.

    1. Thanks Lesley! I really love thrifting and I frequent various shops. This dress was perfect because of the comfort and cool factors ;)

  2. You scored!! The dress, the bag and the shoes are a big deal and you look good, cool & confident. Not to mention that great smile. . .

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I'm a confessed thrift addict :)

  4. Yes, you scored! These are great pieces. The shoes are too cute :)

    1. Thanks Glenda! Wedges are not a fav of mine, but the bright print sold me :)

  5. Yes, this is a good score and I love it !

  6. Yes! This outfit gets a 10/10 from me. How much I love that hat! :)

    1. Thanks you! And I must mention that the hat is made of 100% paper!


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