Friday, March 21, 2014

Fall Fashion Faceoff Winner; Stretch Your Fashion Budget

It was a somewhat dismal day several months ago. I had slammed my hand into a car door (need I specify unintentionally) and finally, yes finally, I was coping with bearable, steady pain (versus the unbearable pain that caused me to request that my hand be amputated). I'm quite sure I was thinking: 'Could this day get any worse"?! Well, imagine my delightful surprise when Kelly Augustine contacted me to let me know that I had won her #fffaceoff challenge! The grand prize was a $100 gift card!!! What would I do with $100?!

Initially I planned to treat myself to something to something special. I had a few sites bookmarked and all I needed to do was to press the "purchase" button. What happened? The bargainista within me screamed in outrage- LOL! I literally could not take the plunge. Don't get me wrong, I DO treat myself, but I decided to shift gears. I wanted to show my readers how far a $100 fashion budget can go. Below are the purchases that I made.  I actually just wrapped it up. Bargain shopping takes time :)

In a nutshell, here's what I got:

Prefer a detailed rundown? No worries, scroll on :)
1. Ralph Lauren boots = $39.00 TJMaxx (worn here)

2. Pink vintage blouse; Wool/angora olive skirt = $5.00 Thrifted (worn here)

3. Banana Republic white button-up; Black & white Sunny Leigh skirt = $12.00 Thrifted (worn here)

4.White vintage doctor's bag = $9.95 Thrifted

5. Gold vintage handbag = $8.00 Thrifted
6. Vintage evening gown = $7.00 Thrifted
7. Purple evening skirt;Bonus it has an attached black petticoat = $8.00 Thrifted
8. Tahari aviator sunnies = $14.99 Marshalls
Each item purchased resonates with my personal style, and was on my radar to "Look For". 

My tips for bargain shopping:
  • Be patient (It takes time to find the right item at the right price)
  • Look for well-made pieces (Sure $10 is a great price, but will the item withstand the washing machine or one wear?)
  • Conquer fear of thrift shops (Not all are bad and there are spectacular finds)
  • Know brands with a solid reputation for quality clothing (This way you'll know whether or not the price truly is a good deal)
  • Try to think outside the box (For example: I'm planning to wear this evening skirt casually)
  • Peruse clearance racks (Especially final markdowns)
  • Buy pieces that you absolutely can fit now, and know for sure that you will wear, i.e. have a plan in mind
  • You can't go wrong with classic styles (You can always add trendy accessories to bring the look current)

I'd like to sincerely thank Kelly for selecting me as the winner of the #FFFaceoff! I know that I will treasure these items in the years to come!


Have a great weekend everyone & thanks for stopping by!


  1. All good points, Joi especially where you said "buying items that you can fit NOW". I have been guilty of buying something to wear when I am 5 pounds lighter and completely forget about it. I really love that purple evening gown! Total Thrift store Score!!

    1. Thanks Delilah! I've had to 'recycle' too many items that I was planning to wear "when"! Lesson learned :)

  2. You have such a good eye for shopping and a good memory. I cannot for the life of me remember what I need when I am surrounded by steals/bargains, so I buy what I like = Too much separates. I have not mastered thrift shopping yet and I can't wait to see your other buys!

    1. Thanks Neti! I actually lost my memory (LOL), so I have to rely on my trusty planner :)
      When I determine a wardrobe need, I jot it down and refresh my memory by looking at my list before I enter the store.

  3. Love your bargain shopping pics, the doctor bag is too perfect!!!

    1. Thank you much! I am so looking forward to wearing the doctor bag ;)

  4. This was one of the most awesome posts I have read. You went way beyond. "Bang for your buck" - you proved the value of thrifty shopping! Loved it!!!

    1. Wow, thanks Bnova! I'm developing skills as a nifty thrify-LOL!