Sunday, September 10, 2017

Frill Seeker

Frill lace top: Similar HERE & HERE (plus size)| Floral pants: c/o HERE
Velvet platforms & clip on faux fur poms: Old| Patent leather clutch: Vintage, thrifted

Hey Babes! I'm sorry that I've been missing in action. Since this month started there has been one unexpected event after another - I can barely catch my breath - yet here we are almost halfway through September! One example of a recent setback is the fact that instead of writing this post from the sunny, pristine shores of the Caribbean, I am planted here in the city. You see Hurricane Irma destroyed all of my vacay plans, I vented about this on Twitter... I went from a canceled flight, to lodging reservations put under scrutiny, to modified accommodations (on an entirely different island), and finally to canceled reservations with a credit issued for future use... There were several highs and lows in trying to manage this emotional roller coaster of expectations versus disappointments. However, now that it is all said and done: I am not mad at all! Although I do not believe that everything happens for a reason (as the common phrase goes), especially when it brings suffering to others, I do believe in attempting to make the best of an unexpected situation. Not only did I learn several valuable lessons through this ordeal, I was also reminded of who I am and what is important to me as an individual. 
Without a doubt, I will have other opportunities to go on vacation. In this moment, my heart goes out to everyone around the world whose life has been or is being adversely impacted by natural disasters šŸ’•
Until next time,

Monday, August 28, 2017

Go High or Go Low

Sunnies: c/o HERE| Dress, Lord & Taylor (other cuties from the same brand HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE
Shoes: Nordstrom| Orange purse: c/o HERE

It's so hard to believe that we have reached the end of August 2017! I know that I say this often here on the blog, but truly: Where does the time go?! Before we know it, we'll be closing out the year and heading nose first into 2018šŸ˜”I'll just let that sink in for a moment...
With four months left in 2017, I'm admittedly overdue for my regular 'check-in with self'. I've decided to postpone it just a few weeks more, until an upcoming getaway. I can always think more clearly outside of the city & my day to day routine. There are a number of topics that I really want to think deeply on, including where do I want to go from here with my blog šŸ˜Š Since my list of things to review is somewhat lengthy, I think I'll make a note of all the pointers that I want to be sure to reflect on, and take along a journal with me.  How do you carry out your self check-ups?
Today's look features a dress scored at my very 1st favorite retailer, Lord & Taylor.  When I was home (Michigan) over the summer I made it a point to spend some time there, as L&T is not available in brick & mortar form here on the west coast. I ALWAYS prefer to shop items in-person...
Presently I'm in a pretty committed relationship with Nordstrom, they've been doing a pretty good job at servicing my needs. From time to time I still pop over to L&T via the online option, generally when they ping me with a tempting email advertisement. Come to think of it, I recently scored a few great pieces on summer clearance...
Until next time,

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

For the Love of Pink

Earrings: c/o HERE (use code InMyJoi15 for a 15% discount at checkout)| Jacket: c/o ASOS, sold out, another option HERE & HERE 
Dress: Eliza J., Nordstrom| Velvet sandals: TJMAXX, but try HERE & HERE| Lemon wedge clutch: c/o HERE

Today's post is sponsored by 7 Charming Sisters

A monochrome color palette always makes me feel gšŸ‘€d, I was so siked when I received these gorgeous statement earrings that I decided to create a monochrome outfit around them šŸ˜
As you can see the color palette of the earrings is pink (close to fuschia but not quite), yellow, blue, and white - there was an option in corporate every single color into the look. Instead, I wanted to make my earrings the focal point of the look. Going with monochrome light pink felt just right to me so I took it and ran with it šŸ˜Š
Who knew that my new suede jacket would be a perfect match to my lace dress and velvet shoes?! I love it when things fall into formation effortlessly!
To tie in a bit of the yellow in the earrings, I added a lemon wedge clutch and hit the door.
Before I checkout, have you heard of 7 Charming Sisters before?
Let me tell you about them! 7 Charming Sisters is the brainchild of seven "work sisters" who've been colleagues for 10-15 years. The sisters are: Paula, the elegant Executive, Kim, the vivacious Life of the Party, Jennifer, the dedicated Fashionista, Donalda, the flirtatious Social Butterfly, Jessica, the smart and Sexy Nerd,  Kimberly, the cute All-American Girl and Melissa, the sporty Super Mom.
7 Charming Sisters has a deep commitment to helping those with disabilities find jobs and employs disabled people in their studio. Many of their handmade pieces are handcrafted by those with intellectual disabilities who earn commission (how great is this?!). 
Stop by their online shop today and score 15% off of your purchase when you use code "InMyJoi15" at checkout!
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