Monday, March 30, 2015

For the Tulle of It

Hey Style Lovers! Today's post features yet another way that I have styled my tutu/tulle skirt. I wore this about 3 a few weeks back, and I'm already ready to wear it again! I feel tulle-licious each and every time that I wear my tulle skirt. If I had my way, I'd have more opportunities to wear tulle, as in at least once a month! 
I wear what I LOVE, over and over again. I currently have one tutu (although I have aspirations of making one via the many DIY tutorials available), purchased via etsy almost two years ago. I love it's 'pouf factor', in my mind there are at least 99 ways that it could be styled (see previous looks here, here, and here).
So far I've only worn/styled it four times, so that means that I have about 95+ additional rounds to go, right?! LOL! I just might be on a mission to document each and every single look that I can come up with; Stay tuned!
The thought of tulle skirts ooze femininity in my head, as a result, each time that I've worn this one, I have targeted the feminine angle. I decided to try for 'feminine edge' this go (worn and photographed a few weeks ago), I already had most of the items that I needed on hand. Rocksbox  provided the icing on my cake, as the earrings, statement necklace, and bracelet came courtesy of my membership from them. If you'd like to check out their jewelry styling service for free, visit their site, and use code InMyJoiXOXO at checkout.

So, how'd I do, is this look feminine with edge? I certainly felt edgy and feminine at the same time!

Until next time,


Sunnies: Betsey Johnson (worn here) | Denim jacket: Michael Kors (worn here) | White button-up shirt: Jones New York | Tutu: etsy/Princess Doodle Beans (worn here, here, here) | Cowboy boots: Steve Madden | Rhinestone evening bag: Vintage

Friday, March 27, 2015

Ruffles & Pleats

My current style esthetic includes color-blocking (more details here) and creating textural interest. Color-blocking is a great way to mix pieces and colors that seemingly would not match.
You know what I mean? Like, certain colors always look great together, sometimes it is feels safe to stick to the tried & true. Yet with a bit of experimentation, one sees that the possibilities are endless! For me, herein lies the "fun" of getting dressed ;)
Today's ensemble features teal + purple + pink. Thinking back to the very first time that I wore these items together, it was long before I considered blogging my personal style. This combo is a go-to for me, this time I decided to try adding a second matching necklace.
Not only do I like the color mix, but also the textural interest. Raised geometric shapes, satin ruffles, leather accessories, and poly pleats give this look a lane of it's own. 
What are some characteristics of your current style esthetic?
Until next time Style Lovers, have a great weekend!!

Sunnies: Betsey Johnson (worn here) | Ruffle top: Nicole Miller | Leather belt: Ralph Lauren | Pleated midi skirt: Vintage (worn here)
Leather peep-toe cowboy booties: Steve Madden | Handbag: Kate Spade (worn here)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Taking a Jog

Hey Style Lovers!
Today’s post features a quick jog down casual lane, featuring an “accidental look”, of sorts.
What do I mean? Well, I picked up this pair of joggers some months back, but took my sweet time about wearing them.
One day I had to run out really quick for an errand, so I grabbed them along with this linen top. I realized it was a bit nippy out, so a scanned for a blue blazer and snatched this chambray one off of my rack. Took a quick glance in the mirror and suddenly realized that I like the combination!
Has that ever happened to you? Please do share with us!

Until next time,

Wool fedora: Vintage | Aviators: Tahari | Chambray blazer:Nordstrom Rack (worn here) | Linen shirt: Lord & Taylor | Jogger: Burlington Coat Factory | Heels: Victoria’s Secret (worn here) | Clutch: Vintage