Monday, November 24, 2014

Glammed Up: Tulle Can Do No Wrong

It’s back by popular demand: Today’s post features my custom made tutu, a.k.a tulle skirt :) I posted a #FBF picture to my Instagram account (follow me @InMyJoi) a few weeks ago and everyone loved it, so I thought why not pull out my tulle-licious beauty once again! I love wearing my favorites over and over again, my tulle skirt is no exception.
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This time of year often involves events that give one extra opportunities to glam up, I say what better way to do so than in a tulle skirt?!
Now I originally purchased this skirt for a white party, but I wondered just how much use I'd get out of it afterward. I must say, not only was it worth purchasing, but I also found a number of uses for this pristine white beauty all year around. (Please ignore my hair gone wild in the next picture)
If you’re thinking about ordering or perhaps making a tulle skirt but feel somewhat hesitant, allay your fears.
Look for density or extra pouf factor which will provide more coverage.
Wear a similar colored slip underneath of your skirt is unlined like mine. 
When it comes to tulle, bigger is better IMO.
Tulle is very easy to clean. 
I used Spray & Wash to clean my skirt: thoroughly spray stains and place skirt in a plastic garment bag overnight. The next day fully rinse the skirt, removing all excess water with a towel.  Hang to dry. *For a skirt that is made exactly like mine, you may also braid the strips while wet to increase the pouf factor. When it dries unravel the braids, you will notice a crinkle effect.
Of course I vote “YAY” for tulle skirts, how about you?!
Jeweled Collar: Nicole Miller (taken off of a sweater)|Blazer: American Rag (worn here)|Tank: Nordstrom|Tulle skirt: Custom made (see here and here)|Shoes: Jessica Simpson (worn here)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Biker Chic

Happy Fri-Yay Everybody!!! 
Today’s post is short and sweet, featuring a casual look perfectly suitable for kicking it around town.

Have a great weekend Style Lovers!

Hat: Zara|Leather moto jacket (worn here): TJMaxx|Sequin tee: Macy’s|Waxed denim: NYDJs (also worn here)|Oxfords: Nordstrom (worn here)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Neutrally Color Blocked

Hey Style Lovers!
I’ve missed ya, how’s  life going for you? It’s been almost a week since my last post, but you can always catch up with me via my Instagram @InMyJoi  and or FB page: Things are going pretty good in my lane, although I must admit that I am astonished by how quickly time is flying by! Have you noticed?! I mean, in less than 45 days: 2015 will be here, SIMPLY UNBELIEVABLE! It feels like 2014 flew right past me, yet I am so grateful for the multitude of experiences that I have had during this year (life-wise). Yes, the good, the bad and the ugly. Daily I am learning how to appreciate the value of each experience that crosses my path, even the ones that may initially appear to be, not-so-positive. Why? Because through these experiences I have learned more about myself, down to my deepest thoughts, some that were so far beneath the surface that they lay almost completely undetectable. Yes, through every experience, I am presently more resolved than ever to: learn, develop, and grow.
Today’s look is one of several examples of just how much I’ve been enjoying the wave of Fall-like temperatures! I bought this dress a little over a year ago, yet this is my very first time wearing it. For this first time around, I paired it with a Men’s blazer for added warmth. 
This blazer has become a go-to piece, I just love styling it with everything from jeans to dresses. My husband even had to admit that he likes it too, which is odd because we have totally different tastes. 
I wore this look with shoes & boots to show the versatility that can be had; Sweater dresses are an easy choice for cool days and even cooler nights. P.S. Check out the hot pink trim, it's right up my color-loving alley ;)
Dress: Eliza J.| Blazer: Vintage| Crossbody studded bag: B. Makowsky| Shoes: Nine West| Boots: Guess