Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thrift Store Score: Beating the Heat in a Vintage Frock

Hey there fellow Style Lovers!
Can you believe that the weekend has arrived already?! I’m so thankful for it, and to show my gratitude I plan to take full advantage of every single moment of it =)
Today’s post is a short and sweet one, featuring a vintage frock that I wore earlier this week when temperatures were ridiculously H O T! How hot? I’m talking “SMOKING HOT”. You know, that kind of heat that makes you sweat profusely as soon as you step outside of central air - that kind of heat that makes your heart beat faster just from standing still in it for a few minutes - yes - that kind of heat that has the propensity to make you feel infinitely miserable! Such was the sad reality here in SoCal! Admittedly I’m not from these parts, but natives of this land tell me that this particular heat wave was most unusual. LOL! While the rest of the country was basking in Fall-like weather, I was sweltering in an outdoor furnace. Generally I am a fan of heat/warmth, especially when given the choice to be either hot or cold. However, as I creep toward age 40, I notice that my enjoyment of extremely hot weather is slowly beginning to depreciate. Oops, I just went on a rant despite initially saying that today’s post would be a short one! Ok, here we go:
This is a #ThriftStoreScore because of it's cost: less than $1.00 USD!!! Plus I like the style of it: color blocked and a-line, simply FAB! Snagged it while I was in the Midwest a few weeks back =) Come to think of it, I actually had a full-on thrift store haul! Some of the pieces probably won’t be worn until next Summer, nonetheless, they’re at my disposal when I need them ;)
The next picture aptly sums up how I felt about the heat wave.
Fortunately as of yesterday temps are on a downward trend, we're actually experiencing the mid 60s late in the evening/night! 
I wish you a wonderful weekend Beauties!

Sunnies: Bestsey Johnson (worn here)
Earrings: Vintage
Bracelet: Forever21
Dress: Vintage
Belt: Kate Spade (also worn here)
Clutch: Vintage
Metallic oxfords: Tildon (also worn here and here)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sweet Plum Meets Pastel Blue

Can you believe that there are only 4 more days left in the official Summer season?! 
I say “official” because although some are likely experiencing Fall-like temperatures, here in SoCal we’ve been contending with the 100's (Fahrenheit) and humidity to boot O_O!
What’s a gal to do when she is Fall-ready but the temperatures in her neck of the woods simply will not cooperate? 
There are several ways to handle this type of crisis (LOL), however this time around I worked to style a merger between the two seasons. Who says that you can’t have your cake and eat it too?!
I paired a deep wine colored silk blouse with a summery blue pastel midi skirt. To seal the merger I added a crisp white handbag. This idea was inspired by an ensemble set I saw on YouLookFab! Check it out on my Pinterest board, “I’m Inspired” here. Overall I like this color combination, and plan to try it at least once more. 
Thank you for checking out today's post and commenting below ;) 
Until next time Style Lovers!

Sunnies: Francesca
Earrings: Natasha
Silk blouse: Ralph Lauren (also worn here)
Statement ring: Loehmann's
Bangles: Nordstrom
Pastel blue midi skirt: boohoo
Handbag: Coach (also worn here)
Shoes: Enzo Angiolini

Monday, September 15, 2014

30PlusStyle: Sangria on the Rocks

As a perfect follow-up to Friday’s post Red Hot for Fall, #30PlusStyle returns today (click here to see our last post) and we’re rocking SANGRIA, Pantone’s top forecast for Fall 2014! Follow us on FB: Oh, and check out my FB page too:
Let's be honest, is there anyone who does not enjoy a glass of Sangria?! 
I mean seriously, Sangria when made properly is delicious!!! I especially like mine COLD and sweet ;)
In my opinion, the same description fits when it comes to describing dark red colors. Fall 2014 is officially Code Red. Actually the top 10 fall colors for women and men are just about the same, according to Pantone, the authority on the hues used in paint, fabrics and manufacturing.
Sangria is celebratory, yes, even intoxicating. I’m wearing a darker rendering of Sangria; the manufacturer actually calls it “Wine”.  
I am so pleased with this shift in color palettes for Fall, although attempting to dress Fall-like in 100+ degrees Farenheit is a C H A L L E N G E…
I added accessories that speak to my #vintagelove, and that aid in creating an illusion of Fall-like weather. See more of my vintage ensembles by clicking here.
When it comes to wearing red, whether you choose a little or a lot, plug it into your wardrobe and watch thing heat up!
There are so many color combinations to try using dark reds, I will share a few of my favorites here on the blog. Follow me to be sure you don't miss a post! Please do share, are you excited about the shift in reds for Fall?

Check out all the #30PlusStyle Babes in SANGRIA today:

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Hat: Vintage
Dress: boohoo PLUS
Gloves: Vintage (also worn here)
Clutch: Vintage
Shoes: Nine West

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