Thursday, September 10, 2015

Autumn Dreams

As temperatures soar into the 100's, it is so hard to grasp that the Fall season is upon us! SoCal basically has two seasons: Spring and Summer.
Nevertheless, being the Midwest gal that I am and always will be, at times I long for breezy Fall days, drifting leaves, and going to my favorite cider mill.
Not to be mistaken: I have come to appreciate living in mild temperatures all year around, and the natural beauty that is California. Just look up,  you’ll see beautiful blue skies 90% of the time, and palm trees swaying gently in the wind.
Nonetheless, having four seasons, when each are truly in balance versus extreme (hat or cold) is a real treat. One of my favorite things about Fall is FALL FASHION! Who can resist the fantastic textures, colors, layering effects, snuggly scarves, boots and so on?!
I longingly looked in my wardrobe last night, at a recent vintage score (a coat that is just so ME), and wished for cooler temperatures so that I could wear it properly.
Perhaps I need to take another trip, to ensure that I stay in sync with my Midwestern roots :) 
Oh, and better yet, so that I can fully bask in the glory of Fall fashion!

Until next time Loves,

Sunnies: Forever 21|Necklace: Sponsored from Rocksbox| Dress: Burlington Coat Factory| Suede bag: Vintage| Pumps: Victoria’s Secret

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Making Appearances

Some have said that appearances don’t really matter, yet experience indicates something entirely different. For instance, what is the very first thing one generally notices when meeting someone else? Their appearance! Yes, skin color, facial features, condition of teeth, eye color, hair, clothing and even personal mannerisms.

Time and time again people draw firm conclusions based on the outer appearance of someone else. Of course these conclusions and or assumptions have a considerable probability of being inaccurate; nonetheless those conclusions can be extremely difficult to dismiss.
How often have we heard the expression, “First impressions are lasting impressions?” The way that we dress, look, and manner in which we conduct ourselves does matter.
I personally notice a considerable difference in how I am treated when I enter high end retail stores based on my dress being dressy versus casual. When I am casually dressed, and perhaps my hair doesn’t look freshly styled, I notice that sales people are more likely not to approach me to ask if I need any assistance.
In sharp contrast, when my attire is dressy and or upscale, I find myself inundated with sales people from multiple departments asking how they may help me. Point taken? 
Despite awareness of the fact that appearances do carry a considerable amount of weight, I dress according to my own personal preferences. I love to dress up most days, because it makes me feel good, and seems to align with who I am as a woman. However, there are times when I’m tired and or not quite in the mood to do the norm. On those days I throw on whatever takes the least amount of effort (example here), and I set about my day.
Over to you: Do appearances matter to you? Have you observed any noticeable differences in how you are treated based on your attire?

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunnies:LEITH| Vest: Coldwater Creek| Tank: Nordstrom| Jeans: NYDJ (worn here, here, and here)| Sandals: Giani Bernini (worn here)|Clutch: Vintage

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Intentional Mix-up

It's taken me way too long to share this number with you, truly one of my go-to's this summer (I think I've worn it at least 5 times), a mixed up masterpiece by Eliza J.! It truly takes the guess work out of pattern-mixing, which is especially helpful if you're uneasy about joining the clashing prints game.
I discovered the private label about 5 years ago, at my favorite Retailer, in-store <Nordstrom>.  I have been a loyal fan ever since. I'm wearing Eliza J. here, here, and herebut there are many more treasures from her tucked away in my closet... 

This number is referred to as a "pop-over" (I also have one in a solid color). It's a one piece dress that closely resembles a top and a skirt. The print mix is nothing short of inspirational. I love the vibrant colors throughout the skirt and this time decided to pull out teal via my accessories. Each and every single time that I have worn this - the compliments rain in like spring showers. Well done Eliza J.!!!

I have news for you! I perused the web, and learned that this dress is still available at several retailers, some sizes at incredibly reduced prices!!
Check them out: Dillards: Here
Nordstrom: Here *Bonus: Plus sizes, here

Happy shopping Loves and I'd love to see your finds, tag me on Instagram ;)


Sunglasses: Steve Madden| Necklace: Custom| Dress: Eliza J.| Socks: Nordstrom| Heels: Audrey Brooke (worn here)| Handbag: Kate Spade (worn here)