Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Line Up + A Contest

OTS top: Sold out, similar HERE, HERE, HERE| Skirt: c/o HERE| Suede shoes: c/o HERE | Purse: Old, similar HERE

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Today's post features a lπŸ‘€k perfect for the Cali version of fall πŸ˜‰or for shall we say, 'Indian Summer'? Bare shoulders, long sleeves, midi skirt ready, and open toe shoes. Clearly it is pedicure season all year-round here! Nonetheless, I am still amazed by how quickly the temperatures can shift when the sun goes down... One minute you're sweating, and the next minute you wonder why you don't have a coat on-LOL! I scored this top at the beginning of summer this year, but I instantly knew that it would be perfect for mild fall days. I always think of alternate ways to wear a piece at the time of purchase, often what I come up with is the deciding factor. Before all is said and done, this top will also be styled with a turtleneck, preferably one that is sleeveless...
Moving on: This pinstripe skirt is a closet newbie from Simply Be, I ❤ its classic print and wrap design. Despite its simplicity, it really is a showstopper. I decided to add olive green to the red, white, and blue color trio because olive is a natural fall neutral. It can stand in well for brown and nude hues. I grabbed an old Coach bag out of my stash and hit the door.
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Sunday, October 15, 2017


Dress: c/o HERE (sign-up today for a FREE offer)| Red blouse: Similar HERE + HERE| Sunnies: Old| Statement necklace: J. Crew
Purse: Kate Spade, older- similar HERE + HERE| Red socks: Nordstrom| Red booties: ZARA| Red lippie: HERE

With half of October behind us, it's high time to start diving into fall fashion Babes! Am I totally late to the party?! Of course I live in a mild climate...but if there is one thing that I have learned since moving west: Seize the moment whenever it strikes πŸ˜€ LOL! I grew up in a climate with four full seasons, each season brought on a new wave of fashion inspired inspiration. My very first year in California I mourned fall! Like seriously. It was extremely hot for most of the year, I found myself wanting to pull out sweaters and coats even when there was no practical need to (especially my furs). Since then the weather has shifted a bit, or perhaps my perception has shifted? Actually, I'm quite sure it is more so the latter. Perception really is EVERYTHING. Flashback: I remember a mentor shared this thought with me early in my career. I rolled my eyes up into my head and silently disagreed. But now...YES- I can totally understand what she was saying! Fast forward: Now I feel like I must have some variation of fall/autumn in my life. 
When I think of fall colors, shades of burgundy (or merlot) near the top of my list. I decided to pair two bold cousins together, adding an extra layer underneath this beautiful deep plum dress (which I've also worn sleeveless BTW). In my head red goes with everything, I have no idea why I haven't paired these two beauties together before πŸ‘€
For finishing touches I piled on more red (I've been a fan of red since I was a toddler & I have the pictures to prove it 😊) by way of silk earrings, a bold lippie, socks to add height, and my new booties (which I recently unveiled on my IG Stories)! These booties were totally made for walking - comfort & style -YESSSSS! 
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Friday, October 13, 2017

Shifting Seasons

Aviators: HERE| Jumpsuit: c/o HERE| Embellished clutch: TJMAXX| Shoes: Similar HERE

It took only one glance in the mirror for me to realize that this #lotd screams 70s glam- but I am so here for it 😎 I was not alive during the epic style fest of the 70s (80s baby), but who doesn't have a few personal favorites?! My curls gone wild coincided perfectly with my timing of styling this brick colored jumpsuit. I popped on my newest pair of aviators, grabbed a nude embellished bag (also worn here) and hit the door. The great thing about styling a well designed jumpsuit is that they take minimal effort. But beware: All jumpsuits are not created equal! LOL!
Low and behold it is most certainly fall, even if local temperatures don't align with the notion... the sun proceeded to descend at an alarming rate on this particular day. We literally had to pull over, jump out of the car and take a few  pictures in a mad dash before it was completely dark! LOL! Ahhh the endlessly fascinating life of a Style Blogger- or not so much...
Until next time Babes,