Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Spring Forward

We have officially entered the countdown for Spring! ! ! Can you believe that it is less than six weeks away?! Most of the US is in a freeze zone, but in my neck of the woods we’re experiencing a glimpse of Summer 2016, complete with near record breaking temperatures. Highs peaked at 89 degrees the other day, simply unbelievable in the middle of February- but nonetheless wonderful!  
I opened the windows in my office, cracked the sunroof while driving, and happily peeled off a suddenly unnecessary sweater :)
The vest that I’m wearing in today’s post boasts a gorgeous floral print, completely reminiscent of all the glory that is springtime. I mean, isn’t floral print synonymous with warmer temperatures?! I’m not saying that floral print can’t be worn effortlessly all year around, however there is something distinctive about florals that always make me think of Spring days back in the Midwest…  This vest is fabulously simple, I feel like it does all of the work. I’m so happy that I didn’t leave it in the store, as I most certainly debated about it over and over again… You see, I have a notorious habit of talking myself out of buying things, and then later on languishing over my poor decision, wishing that I would have bought the item. The advantage of making the purchase when in doubt is that the item can always be returned (at most retailers)! However, if you leave it in the store, you never know if it will be there when you go back, especially in your size O_O 
Now that we’ve gone through confessions of #ShoppersAnonymous , I'll keep it moving...
This vest is easily dressed up or down, layered, and can simply be worn over the shoulders in cape-like fashion. The winning factors for me were the print, length, and functional pockets. Oftentimes pockets are not deep enough to be fully functional, so I always appreciate a pocket that can actually hold my keys, cell, and so on….
Now let's chat about this fitted beauty by swak designs- I fell hard for the side ruching detail right away. The body con design is fabulous on curves and with strategic ruching can camouflage a multitude of indiscretions, if you know what I mean ;) I've been experimenting with wearing more neutral colors and gray has become a fast favorite. It goes with everything, and easily subs for its close cousin, black.
Until next time lovies,

Sunnies: Betsey Johnson| Vest: Daniel Rainn |Dress: swak designs, gifted| Sandals: Call It Spring

Friday, February 5, 2016

Power Lines

My absolute favorite pattern to wear by far is STRIPES!!!
See several examples here, here, and here
For years on end women have been told to steer clear of stripes because they will make you look big, or goodness forbid, you might appear BIGGER than you actually are... Alas, those days are finally long gone – stripes reign supreme in absolutely every category and for every body type and size. You can find options practically everywhere, from Walmart to Neiman Marcus - in accord with you style and budget. Yes, stripes are totally accessible for the everyday woman and the variety currently available seems endless. I love it!
Black & white combinations always pack a powerful style punch and is actually my favorite color palette, for the moment. See examples here, here, and here. Yes, pairing the two basic colors together serves doses of bold and fierce in equal proportion. Now add to that a stripe pattern and wa-la ---> you have instantaneous electricity!
The beauty that I’m wearing in today’s post (SWAK Designs, see another post here) differs considerably from the other stripe sweater dresses in my collection. I think that the solid black panel that runs down the center of it and the corresponding stripes on the arms and silhouette is pure genius! Yes, yes, a prime example of the absolute ideal plus size dress for the curvy woman!
This is such an easy wear, and a perfect for sweater weather or perhaps more fittingly, what I like to think of as, “Pre-Spring” season-LOL! 
Note: If you order this number, or one similar to it, you may want to size up for added comfort and a more relaxed fit. I ordered a size 2X.
The weekend that I wore this, it was particularly chilly, even for my neck of the woods. I could have easily paired a white button up blouse underneath, along with furry outerwear, leather gloves, and knee-high boots. However, this was clearly the more fun to style it -LOL!
As I mentioned earlier the temperature was a bit nippy (especially when not in direct sunlight), so I added my staple legwarmers for functionality, and a wool hat for an additional measure of warmth. 
Oh, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I also wore this sweater dress as a sweater, with pale blue skinnies and a camel coat. If I do say so myself: Not only was combo fab, but I also had warmth in an overdose- which is just the way I like it!

Until next time Beauties!


Hat:Shiraleah (worn here)| Sunnies: Tildon| Dress: SWAK Designs, gifted| Clutch: Kate Spade| Legwarmers: Loehmann's| Shoes: Pour La Victoire

Friday, January 29, 2016

Throwing Shade

"Throwing shade" is a popular phrase currently used to refer to instances when someone says and or does something with insincere intent. For instance, someone may say something that clearly indicates that they are insulting you, but then try to guise it as a polite observation when called out on it. It is challenging to set specific parameters around this phenomenon, as generally the individual to whom the shade is thrown toward notices it more readily than say, a casual observer. I’m not certain who exactly coined this phrase, but I most definitely have been a recipient of its goodness, LOL! Have you had instances where you felt like shade was been thrown in your direction? How did you respond to it?
One thing that has been helpful for me:  I am an introvert by nature. Sometimes people do not fully understand exactly what that means, read more here. In general, as an introvert, I do not seek out causal relationships. I am either hot or cold… and have spent years trying to develop a lukewarm side/gray area. The people in my life whom I consider to be my friends, they are my family. They have been in my life for decades, through the bad times and the good ones. I can trust that whatever they say comes from a place of love. They want to see me happy and living my best life, and for that I am deeply grateful.
According to my experience, shade generally comes from people who fall under the casual acquaintance category, or even  perhaps from someone whom you may have mistaken to be a friend.  I have found it helpful to avoid placing value on what is said by people who: 
1) don’t know you (social media relationships are not a true indication of truly knowing someone)
2) don’t love you
3) don’t deserve you
Today’s look is a toss-up of varying shades, think 'Pastel Meets Matte.' I added in leopard print pumps because they're just as good as a neutral. Not only do they match everything, but they also add in just a bit of extra. Pastels need not be saved for the warmer months. Mix it up with dark denim, colored denim, and or prints, either way you won’t regret throwing shade- XO

Bolero hat: Tildon| Sunnies: Francesca's (worn here)| Scarf: Tildon| Blazer: Ellen Tracy (worn here) |Top: ASTR | Colored denim: NYDJs (worn here)| Leopard print pumps: Michael Kors| Handbag: Coach