Monday, November 23, 2015

This & That

Today’s style edition features a typical merger of Summer and Fall. An easy way to maximize your wardrobe: Layer seemingly seasonal pieces to make them suitable for your local climate at present , along with your personal style preferences.
Admittedly I have an inordinate amount of purple colored pieces in my collection, which makes it easy for me to mix & match this & that. Sidebar: Purple is not my favorite color but rather functions as a neutral color. Basically, purple is like the color black, in my style world.
I typically wear this dress during the summer months, but as it stands it is Fall, so I opted to layer up with my staple silk blouse which is only about a decade young.
On cooler days and or nights this combo can easily be paired with matching tights/boots/or booties. Better yet, if you’ve already had your first snow this cool weather season, I can envision this look with a fun faux fur coat and equally fab knit hat ;)

Sunnies: Tildon| Dress: Ivy & Blu by Maggy Boutique (Nordstrom), worn here| Silk blouse: Ralph Lauren| Suede clutch: Vintage| Sandals: Victoria’s Secret, also worn here

Sunday, October 18, 2015


I once worked with a Manager who had a very ambiguous style of speaking. Each and every single time that we had a meeting, she would wow the room with colorful speech, inspirational ideals, all the while imparting a sense of personal worth to each person. Yet once the meeting was over, I walked away with a fuzzy understanding of exactly what objectives were on and or off the table! When recapping meeting outcomes with colleagues,no one was able to offer any clarity (For a minute I just thought it was me). I came to the realization: No conclusive answers were ever offered, despite direct questioning. Instead, new ideas were often introduced in a fanciful, non-practical way (IMO).
Whenever we were scheduled to meet one on one, I’d prepare a list of detailed questions, specific in nature. As in, choose one of the following: Yes or No. I rehearsed in my mind a game plan to keep the conversation on track, and how to ensure that clarification would be provided.
Yet, once I entered her office, the nostalgia began. Time and time again, each question was met with optimism and addressed ambiguously. I felt powerless to enforce a straight answer... 
When I look back, I can clearly see: We never had an insightful conversation!
To be sure, there are varying styles of speech. However, I would have to say that ambiguity is my least favorite. 
I have a direct style of speech by genetics; I like to ask straight forward questions and to receive straight forward answers. The coveted acquisition of T A C T is consistently a work in progress! Truly it makes no difference to me whether I like the answer or not (usually)- I solely desire a straight answer-preferably one that is also truthful.
In this current era of tolerance and permissiveness, I've observed that ambiguous speech seems to be a safer space than the room where one can state direct thoughts and or opinions. Why? Well, the moment a person states a direct opinion, especially one in conflict with the majority- well social media/the media is in a frenzy about how wrong such said comment was… Which leads me to: Does that mean that it is no longer acceptable to have any real/sincere thoughts/beliefs anymore? Must every word be uttered with the idea of pleasing the masses and not leaning in one direction or another?
Over to you, are you appreciative of ambiguous speech or do you prefer a straight arrow?

Until next time Style Lovers!

Hat: DSW| Leopard vest: Vintage| Orange skirt: Vintage| Leopard sandals: Ivanka Trump (worn here)| Floral clutch: Vintage

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Style Evolution

Through the lens of this blog, I have the ability to watch from the sidelines as my personal style evolves over time.
Have you noticed that your personal style has evolved over the years? Some outlets have identified this process as a 'style evolution'.
At times our personal style may evolve because we literally physically outgrow clothing that we have had for years – and in turn we found ourselves in the exhilarating space of purchasing a new wardrobe, piece by piece. In other instances, personal style may begin to evolve as a result of mentally outgrowing one’s current wardrobe. As we learn and grow, previous style preferences may no longer seem to represent the woman that we are today.
Case in point: Some of my previous go to pieces have been relegated to my recurring “Give Away” pile…I can still fit them, they’re in great shape, and they are still in style- yet…I just don’t seem to want to wear them anymore!  This is evidenced by the fact that I have not worn them during the past 6 months or in some cases, longer ;(
Whatever the reason, a style evolution allows for a fresh perspective and a rejuvenated wardrobe.

Until next time Style Lovers!
Sunnies: TopShop| Vest: BCBG MAX AZRIA| Floral top (worn here): Nordstrom| Waxed denim (worn here & here): NYDJ| Belt: Banana Republic| Fringe booties: Marshalls| Clutch: F21