Monday, April 13, 2015

Pastel Wardrobe Capsule | Take 1

I’m struck by the wave of minimalism in fashion. I personally prefer to have an ample variety of clothing, of multiple genres, to select from at all hours of the day. It’s highly unlikely that I will become a fashion minimalist. Additionally, I currently feel like I cannot limit myself from the vast amount of colors, patterns, and prints that feel like oxygen filling my lungs. With that said, I do genuinely appreciate the fact that ‘less is more’, which is one element of minimalism. 
Therein sprung an idea, which motivated me to experiment with wardrobe capsules. According to a wardrobe capsule is: “a set of clothing, footwear and accessories that satisfy the style needs in one area of your life.” 
The idea behind creating a wardrobe capsule targets making getting dressed simple, saving time, and choosing more cost effective purchases. I'm here for all of that! This was an interesting project for me, challenging yet enjoyable all the while. The end result? I plan to experiment with creating additional wardrobe capsules in the future ;)
For my very first capsule, I kept it simple. I selected pastels as the theme, and my capsule consists of four main pieces. From those four pieces I created four separate looks. Take(s) 2-4 will be posted to the blog this week. Stay tuned Beauties!
I’m pretty happy with "Take 1", even nicknamed it “Peach to the Mint”, LOL!  It’s great for the office, running errands, and stepping out- essentially every area of my life! 

Please do share, have you created a wardrobe capsule? Does the concept of wardrobe capsules appeal to you?
Wool fedora: Vintage (worn here) | Linen peach jacket: Custom made | Rose blouse: Vintage (worn here) | Mint trousers: Vince Camuto
Peach socks: Nordstrom (worn here) | Pink slingbacks: Enzo Angiolini | Knit clutch: Vintage (worn here)


  1. I cannot even deal with the color mix in this post joi. Gorgeous !

  2. I love the color combos! Fabulous look and love the hat!

    1. Thanks Girlie, I look forward to seeing more of your creations!! ;)


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