Tuesday, December 16, 2014

30PlusStyle: LBD Lookbook

The #30PlusStyle Collaboration returns today for it’s final run! In true celebratory fashion, we’re rocking the classic little black dress (a.k.a. LBD)! Please join us in welcoming two Special Guest Bloggers for our last collaborative blog post: Cynthia of www.FlightoftheFatGirl.com and Jennae of www.GreenandGorgeous.net!
I went with a casual spin on the LBD theme. My style recipe includes a flash of sparkle, a hint of shine, trim of fur, and a top of vintage ;)
Coat: Vintage (worn here)
Leather gloves: Victoria’s Secret
Sequin dress: August Silk (worn here)
Statement necklace: Natasha
Leggings: Nicole Miller
Patent leather boots: Penny Loves Kenny (worn here)
Handbag: Vintage
In closing, I must say that today’s post is close to my heart. As I mentioned, this is the final blog post for the #30PlusStyle Collaboration. I’ve been graced with the privilege to work with and learn from an amazing group of women: Georgette, Nefferth, Delilah, Jeniese, and Pepper.  I continue to stand unitedly with them, advertising for the world to note:  Neither age nor size present limitations when it comes to expressing one’s personal style! Each of the #30PlusStyleBloggers have inspired me by their sense of style, and encouraged me to continue to try new things. 
Thank you to everyone that has supported #30PlusStyle over the past few months. I hope that you too will continue to be inspired by these wonderful women, as am I!


Until next time Style Lovers,


  1. Joi, you look amazing! The sequins, the necklace, the gloves? All of it! I would wear this to Walmart just to feel like a million bucks.
    Also, I'm SO glad that I was able to work with you ladies at least once before 30PlusStyle ended. I've been watching you all for months, and I'm so inspired by all that you do. You made me want to be a better blogger, and for that I thank you!

    1. Hi Jennae!!! I'd definitely wear this to add a little pizazz to an otherwise drab day :) I'm so happy that we were able to collaborate prior to with one another prior to the end of 30PlusStyle! I love reading that in some small way I was actually an inspiration to you - thank you so very much, I am honored! Age nor size need limit our style in any way, IMO it is just really beginning after age 30!

  2. Great post! Fur, Sequins, and Bling does not equal casual, its fab!! Its been a pleasure, Lady Joi!

    1. Thanks D!! I can't explain why, but this look felt minimal glam yet casual to me, LOL!

  3. Ms. Join, yes, yes, and yeeess!! This is such an awe inspiring look. And you always serve us with that beautiful confidence. I have enjoyed this series. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you Kishina!! Self-confidence is a journey for me, I am grateful for major growth spurts in the last few years. Nonetheless, I still have those days when everything about "me" feels unsatisfactory. I push myself through those days, with the support of a loyal and encouraging husband. 30PlusStyle was beneficial in many ways; I look forward to sharing more of myself in the years to come!

    2. You're welcome, Joi! I apologize that says "Join" in the previous comment... Curse you autocorrect! Thanks for sharing again :)

  4. Loving this LBD look! On point Ms. Joi!

  5. I Love it all. . .the fur, the sequins, the bling, the hair and the smile. Happy Holidays!!

    1. Thanks Neti, I'm making more of an effort to smile on camera! Have a fantastic weekend- Xx


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