Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I'll start with a story: When we lived in Michigan (which is starting to feel like something I once dreamed), practically every winter we'd make a drive to Chicago. Generally temperatures would be fiercely cold, and inevitably there'd be snow. One year in particular stands out, as we experienced a full whiteout on the way back home. For those who may be unfamiliar, a whiteout occurs when blowing snow obstructs your view. Literally we could not see past the front bumper on our car! That was the scariest driver ever, and there were many accidents. We slowly drove out of it (at about 10 mph) and eventually made it home safely.
Why the story? For some reason, today's look reminded me of that scary drive home. Fittingly I titled this post: Whiteout :)
For soaring summer temperatures, linen is totally ideal. This linen shirtdress is a favorite, I especially like this style in white.
The only thing that drives me batty about linen, is that it wrinkles like crazy; Next time I'll be sure to take pictures at the start of my day, versus mid-way through it!
What I'm wearing:

Linen shirtdress: Liz Claiborne
Tote: Coach
Studded sandals: Calvin Klein (worn here)

Have a great day lovlies!


  1. That's the beauty of linen. . .crushed & wavy. Let me tell you, YOU look fabulous in all white and just as comfortable. Cute hairstyle too. . .

    1. Thanks Neti! Don't you just love linen, it is fabulously comfy and cool!

  2. You look beautiful in white.