Monday, June 13, 2016

An Epiphany

Today’s look features a faux suede button-up dress by GITI online (see previous feature here) styled in two ways. Although it is a dress, I opted to style it as a cardigan. We often think of wearing suede solely during cooler months, but I find that it actually can be incorporated into the warmer weather months as well. 
For me, it takes a bit of forethought- which is no biggie, as I plan out my wardrobe 85% of the time! I couldn’t make up my mind on which look I liked best, so I decided to blog both of them for you. Which look is your favorite?
I had an opportunity to escape from city life for some R&R (rest and relaxation) for a few days, I now find myself feeling renewed and determined =) While away I had time to pamper myself each day, which felt wonderful because self-love is one of the most important kinds.
One of my favorite ways to pamper myself whether I’m away or at home, is by way of a long hot bath, with lots of bubbles, shortly followed by a full body exfoliation. I use a number of products, including a homemade mixture of granulated sugar, olive oil, and water. For several nights I indulged in a recently purchased chocolate scrub made with real cocoa (I discussed it on Snapchat/InMyJoi). It smells ah-mazing, and makes my skin feel fantastic!
One night during a bath I found myself deep in thought; A hot bath always helps me to sort out things in my mind and to eliminate toxic subject matter. I reflected on personal personality changes and my perception of the changes that I’ve undergone in the past few years. I realized in that moment, that within myself, I have resisted and even felt a measure of resentment in reference to some of the changes that I’ve observed in myself. It’s as if I’ve somehow told myself that the ‘old’ me was better and or superior to who I am today.
Internal change is often the result of personal growth and life experience(s). It occurred to me that there was nor is any valid reason for me feel resentment of any kind about the woman that I have become. This woman has weathered tall challenges and notable life changes. She has emerged no longer inexperienced, but brimming with wisdom, and a deeper understanding of who she is at her core. In fact, I realized that the woman that I am today is actually on the path to becoming the absolute best possible version of “me”! 
Change is an inevitable fact of life, and it is the only thing that is forever consistently constant. Instead of resisting changes within myself, I am on the path to understand them, and in turn: embrace them. Does that make sense? Well it most certainly did to me, at least during my ‘Aha’ moment with a glass of wine- LOL!!!
I look forward to reading your thoughts below!

P.S. You may take 5% off your order with GITI online by using code “joi” at checkout.

Until next time Loves,

Sunnies: Tildon & Forever 21|Dress: Express, worn previously here |Suede button-up dress: c/o GITI online, here (size 1X)
Top: Forever 21, worn here |Skirt: Vince Camuto, worn here |Shoes: Pour La Victoire, worn here & Market
Bangles: H&M, worn here |Watch: c/o JORD Wood Watches, see here & here |Clutch: Vintage, thrifted


  1. You look Fabulous in both but my fave is the stripe on stripe mix with the suede. Enjoy your Life my dear. . .

    1. Thank you Love!!! I have a total weakness for stripes....

  2. Such an amazing styling. That dress is beautiful.

    March and May