Friday, January 29, 2016

Throwing Shade

"Throwing shade" is a popular phrase currently used to refer to instances when someone says and or does something with insincere intent. For instance, someone may say something that clearly indicates that they are insulting you, but then try to guise it as a polite observation when called out on it. It is challenging to set specific parameters around this phenomenon, as generally the individual to whom the shade is thrown toward notices it more readily than say, a casual observer. I’m not certain who exactly coined this phrase, but I most definitely have been a recipient of its goodness, LOL! Have you had instances where you felt like shade was been thrown in your direction? How did you respond to it?
One thing that has been helpful for me:  I am an introvert by nature. Sometimes people do not fully understand exactly what that means, read more here. In general, as an introvert, I do not seek out causal relationships. I am either hot or cold… and have spent years trying to develop a lukewarm side/gray area. The people in my life whom I consider to be my friends, they are my family. They have been in my life for decades, through the bad times and the good ones. I can trust that whatever they say comes from a place of love. They want to see me happy and living my best life, and for that I am deeply grateful.
According to my experience, shade generally comes from people who fall under the casual acquaintance category, or even  perhaps from someone whom you may have mistaken to be a friend.  I have found it helpful to avoid placing value on what is said by people who: 
1) don’t know you (social media relationships are not a true indication of truly knowing someone)
2) don’t love you
3) don’t deserve you
Today’s look is a toss-up of varying shades, think 'Pastel Meets Matte.' I added in leopard print pumps because they're just as good as a neutral. Not only do they match everything, but they also add in just a bit of extra. Pastels need not be saved for the warmer months. Mix it up with dark denim, colored denim, and or prints, either way you won’t regret throwing shade- XO

Bolero hat: Tildon| Sunnies: Francesca's (worn here)| Scarf: Tildon| Blazer: Ellen Tracy (worn here) |Top: ASTR | Colored denim: NYDJs (worn here)| Leopard print pumps: Michael Kors| Handbag: Coach


  1. look amazing.great post

  2. Shades of mint and coral are perfect on you. Enjoy your life.😎💕

    1. Thanks Love, I'll definitely be adding this color combo to my rotations ;)