Thursday, April 23, 2015

TRUTHFUL Thursdays: Blue Skies

Have you ever had such a busy work week that it leaves you feeling overwhelmed? I’m sure you have! That has been my feeling this week as each day I am thrown into multiple projects, all with a deadline of the day before yesterday. During times like this, I try to remember that there are 'blue skies'.
What do I mean? Well, for a fact life is happening outside of this storm (the one I'm in feels like a tornado). I think of sunshine, warm breezes, birds chirping, and blue skies. I look back on days like the one pictured in today’s post.
To handle periods that carry a high workflow, I organize my thoughts, and outstanding tasks.  I track each completed task because often questions arise. I set multiple reminders and follow-up indicators. I document E V E R Y T H I N G. And that’s not all….  I just might be an organizational neurotic, but it has served me well in my field. Throughout the day I constantly refer to various to-do lists and track how far I am to completion. Yes, completion. There is no better feeling than a job well done.
Please share, what are your tips for handling stormy seasons at the office? 
Until next time!

Aviators: Tahari | Top: Lord & Taylor | Dress: Cynthia Rowley | Silver oxfords: Tildon (a constant on the blog, see here, here, and here) | Fringed bag: Carlos Santana (worn here


  1. The colors in the outfit are beautiful I am especially loving the blue on you. Like you said organization is key to handling stressful situations in the office; however taking breaks are necessary! Some people tend to work through lunches and breaks during this time, but this is when they are needed!

    1. Thanks D!! I have yet to wear this dress solo, but it's high time I did :) I'm getting better at taking schedule breaks, so that my brain can reset ;)

  2. Being organized is essential! We have bus drivers that will run you over. So i over document everything that touches my hand. i work near a beautiful park so i try to go for walks daily to gather myself pray & release negative energy. I keep it 100 and keep it professional. My job is just that the job! Stay strong sis!

    1. What a fantastic thought, taking walks outside in beautiful surroundings sounds so refreshing! I have planned to incorporate walks at least once a week, but have been quite laxed on actually seeing it through. Before this month ends I am going to do, and solo too! Thanks for the inspiration sis!


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