Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Boiler Suit

boiler suit: c/o HERE (-->Save $$ w/ code INMYJOIxSONCY)
Photography by A. Robinson

A boiler suit is defined as 'a one-piece protective garment worn for heavy manual work; coveralls'. 
The fashion industry has become obsessed with this workwear piece, designers have done a fab job in making it fashionable as well as practical. 
Similar to a jumpsuit, it's a piece that does all the werk, effortlessly. Think of days when you want a "look", but don't necessarily feel like putting any real effort into getting dressed. Roll out with a boiler suit!
This was my first time trying one out, I love its color & satin finish. I opted to style it up/dressy, however, I can equally see this dressed down and styled down/casually with a denim jacket & platform boots.
Over to you: Are you into boiler suits or other utilitarian takes on it?
Until next time,


  1. I like the way you matched your background to the outfit. Such good photos!! x x x