Saturday, July 7, 2018

Surviving SUMMER

Bikini top: c/o HERE (ON SALE)| Bikini bottom: c/o HERE (ON SALE)
Earrings: H&M | Lip stain: HERE (94/Cherry Moon)

Los Angeles is smack dab in the middle of our very 1st heatwave of SUMMER 2018! To put that into context, temperatures reached 109 degrees in my neighborhood yesterday 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
When I'm not soaking up ALL of the central air, I like to cool off at the pool or better yet --> the beach! However the beach was packed, everyone had exactly the same idea 😄  I went for the next best thing: Lounging poolside, reminiscing on cooler days... PSA: This watermelon print bikini is my favorite swimming suit thus far (top HERE\bottoms HERE)!!! I actually wore it several times while I was in Costa Rica last month. I took five suits with me, but this was my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!! Why didn't I take pictures of it in CR, with all of its breathtaking backdrops? I didn't have my professional camera with me 😨
I've gotten spoiled, low quality pictures just don't cut it for me anymore. Sooo, I opted not to take any pictures wearing it and instead seized the opportunity to live & breathe the moment. Pure BLISS. was such an amazing trip!
Nonetheless, I've digressed, back to this swimming suit- it is a two piece set. I want to emphasize that because in some pictures it may look like a one piece suit 😊
The brand description reads: A playful watermelon pattern paints a push-up bikini top that's sure to turn heads; A playful watermelon pattern on a high waist fit is the perfect way to welcome the warm weather. 
The top features:
Maximum padded underwire cups with extra removable inserts (I removed them, because I have built-in extras)
Removable/adjustable straps (Very helpful)
Inner hook-and-eye strap for added support
Side boning smoothes you out
I followed the size guide that is provided HERE, and ordered size 1X. Truth be told, I could have went with an 0X, the usual size that I order with this brand... NOTE: The top is a bit tricky, like it is loose on my torso and shoulders, BUT - I could have used more coverage/support in the bra area... Such is the curse of a full bosom, LOLLL!
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  1. I love your pics darling!


  2. You look amazing! I love the suit, and the print is so fun!

    1. Thank you very much Laura!!! This print just screams S U M M E R!

  3. That swimsuit is so cute on you! And I know what you mean. I'm a few hours north of LA and it's over 110 everyday!! Ugh!


    1. Thank you very much Lizzie!!! I didn't realize that you were in Cali :) For some reason I thought you were in the south! We're practically neighbors!

  4. Love your look - you look fabulous! …. and it's a cute swimming costume. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  5. You look so Comfy & Chic and I love this on You.

    1. Thank you much Neti!!! This is my favorite suit thus far, but I am not opposed to finding a few others, LOL!

  6. Babe, you're looking fabulous with that swimsuit! The colors are so pretty on you!

    Jessica |

  7. Lovely watermelon swimsuit! ❤

    By the way, my brand new post is up on the blog, I would appreciate you visit! :)

    What To Style

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