Thursday, February 1, 2018

Meet the Boss | The BodyBoss Fitness Guide

This blog post is sponsored by BodyBoss. All opinions are my own.
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Today's post features my review of the BodyBoss' Ultimate Body Fitness Guide, which provides a high intensity 12-week workout program PLUS a 4-week pre-training program. When a team member reached out to me to see if I would be interested in trying this unique program and providing a personal review here on my blog, I readily agreed. Why? Well, timing is everything! Coincidently, I had recently been mulling over how to incorporate a moderate exercise program into my already busy life schedule. This objective aligns with my Operation 40 initiative launched a year or two ago…😁 When I learned that this program boasts solid results in as little as 24 active minutes, 3 days a week, it sounded like just what I wanted!
BodyBoss offers three core benefits to its members:
  1. Rapidly burn fat – “The BodyBoss method switches your body into hyper drive to supercharge fat loss and kick-start your metabolism.”
  2. Re-invent your shape – “BodyBoss high intensity workouts have the unique ability to burn fat fast while preserving your precious lean muscle mass”
  3. Save time and money – “The BodyBoss method is perfect for busy women who want convenience as well as results…All you need is 24 active minutes and your A-game.”
YES! With my new handy guide I can work out anytime, anywhere, and with minimal equipment!
Sounds good right?! I think so too! In fact, I was siked when my 196-page paper guide arrived in the mail. Excitedly, I eagerly flipped from page to page, learning about the #BossEffect, high intensity interval training (HIIT), the afterburn effect, and how the unique exercise combinations work.
However, when I got to the portion of the book that breaks down and illustrates the exercise cycles I began to feel intimidated! Why? Because I’m old! LOL! BodyBoss combines bodyweight resistance exercises, plyometrics (jump training), cardio, and unilateral exercises. I could feel the burn and my body hadn’t even started moving yet 😳
Nonetheless, I took motivation directly from my guide
“What comes easy, won’t last. What lasts, won’t come easy.” 
The great thing about BodyBoss, you can obtain serious results within the privacy of your own home.
To optimize my results, I opted to start with the 4-week pre-training program. Actually, BodyBoss provides a helpful checklist to help determine whether or not you need to do the pre-training program - prior to engaging in the high intensity workout cycles. Since I answered yes to four of the questions listed, it was recommended that I proceed with the pre-training program. 😉
In my opinion, the pre-training program prepares you for success! I did it, it felt amazing! Stretching really helped me not to experience excessive soreness. Even on days when I am short on time, I make time to stretch before and after each workout. 
Tip: If you’d like to speed up your progress, try working out twice a day and incorporate weekends.

Here are a few highlights of my experience using BodyBoss thus far along with some helpful pointers:
  • Review exercises ahead of time to make sure that you properly understand each movement. Several times I realized after the fact that I was doing an exercise incorrectly.
  • Pay close attention: Some circuits are designed to be done once, others twice, and others three times!
  • Always allot enough time to complete each session (this is something I still struggle with, especially in the mornings on a three-circuit cycle)
  • Setting an alarm to indicate stop and start time(s) is very helpful
  • Keep COLD water on hand
  • Utilize an upbeat music playlist that makes you want to move your body
  • Some exercises can be challenging to execute. For the movements that my body wasn’t/isn’t ready to do yet, I simply modify them to what is doable for me personally. 
  • Workout times vary from about 30 minutes to 60 minutes total. Keep in mind that when you’re first starting out, it may take a bit longer to acclimate yourself with each exercise, especially the ones that require complex motion/rhythm.
  • Don’t stress if your timing is off, or if it takes you longer to do exercises that what is listed in the fitness guide! Simply do your best and keep going!
  • For exercises that are tough to follow, reference the glossary located towards the end of the book - which details how each exercise should be done. Additionally, you can find helpful gifs and videos online.
  • To optimize workout results, equipment is recommended. I used 3.3 LB dumbbells, a stepping box, a jump rope, and an exercise mat
  • Hold on to something when you need to!
  • In the beginning, I used a timer on my phone to track seconds for my warm ups and cools downs 
  • Shuffling the pages of the fitness guide can be cumbersome, try using adhesive bookmarks to locate your place readily
  • My cat (Cotton Candy) is one fun workout buddy, she has made me laugh during several workouts with her crazy facial expressions, blank stares, humorous antics, random jumps over my limp body, sneak attacks, and occasionally jogging in place with me

Fast forward: I am currently more than 6 weeks into the program and I feel incredible!!! 
Note: I didn’t weigh or measure myself because I’m not newbie to the fitness train. I didn’t want to be deterred by any gap in measurable results. 
However, I felt mighty good when I slipped into a pair of pants that haven’t fit properly in two years…..

Over to you, are you interested in becoming a Boss Babe
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Until next time Babes,


  1. Look's like you got it going on right now, so do not give up. Kudos!!

  2. I love programs that can be done anywhere at any time! I am so glad that you feel amazing after 6 weeks, fitting into old jeans is the best feeling.

  3. Look's like you got it going on right now, so do not give up. Kudos! i like it...