Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Fuzzy Logic

The month of January is ramping down so quickly, meanwhile I’m still in disbelief that it is actually 2016! I was talking to a close friend about planning a get-a-away together, and as I looked for possible dates I realized that this year is quite full already, I would need to push it out to 2017!!!   O_O 
Where oh where does the time go?! Clearly it’s flying, but where to?! LOL!
Moving on… I am beyond thrilled about the plethora of faux fur options currently available! I have acquired a number of pieces, and find that they add just the right amount of warmth for chilly So-Cal days and or nights. Besides functionality, they are also stylish, and add in textural interest to any look.
If you follow me on Instagram (preview here) you may recognize this vest as the one I wore on vacay in Cabo last month. It was perfect for the chilly nights off the water and early mornings. I am totally crushing on this vest, I mean it really is so versatile! I feel like I wear it at least once a week – that is, if at all possible. As I mentioned in a previous post, hubby says a tell-tell sign that I really like a new purchase is that I wear it at least three times in a row-LOL!
We were in Arizona a couple of weeks ago, and I scored this scarf during a shopping haul. Side note: My hauls are pretty intense (I bought 14 new dresses, and much, much more), I am thinking about recapping a few of them on You-Tube. Would you watch? Comment below! Anywho, caught in the haze of my current faux fur infatuation, I did not even realize that this infinity scarf matches my vest perfectly! Generally speaking, I am pretty on point about matching up items in my head while I’m shopping for clothes…the match-up process plays a great part in whether or not an item makes it with me out of the store…

So we had plans to meet up for dinner and drinks with some friends from out of town. The restaurant that we picked tends to have an outdoor wait time of 30 minutes or longer, so I knew that staying warm would be a factor as I am almost always: C O L D. 
Running late is the story of my life, makes sense that this outing was no exception. I made a mad dash to my closet, flinging clothes left & right. Finally I settled on this look, including a twist on the classic LBD (little black dress) and a timeless red lippie.
I was pleased with the outcome and will be wearing this ensemble again...

Until next time,

Wool hat: Shiraleah| Sunnies:Nordstrom| Scarf: Nordstrom| Vest: Ross Dress for Less| Dress: Topshop| Handbag: Vintage| Riding boots: Ciao Bella