Thursday, October 15, 2015

Style Evolution

Through the lens of this blog, I have the ability to watch from the sidelines as my personal style evolves over time.
Have you noticed that your personal style has evolved over the years? Some outlets have identified this process as a 'style evolution'.
At times our personal style may evolve because we literally physically outgrow clothing that we have had for years – and in turn we found ourselves in the exhilarating space of purchasing a new wardrobe, piece by piece. In other instances, personal style may begin to evolve as a result of mentally outgrowing one’s current wardrobe. As we learn and grow, previous style preferences may no longer seem to represent the woman that we are today.
Case in point: Some of my previous go to pieces have been relegated to my recurring “Give Away” pile…I can still fit them, they’re in great shape, and they are still in style- yet…I just don’t seem to want to wear them anymore!  This is evidenced by the fact that I have not worn them during the past 6 months or in some cases, longer ;(
Whatever the reason, a style evolution allows for a fresh perspective and a rejuvenated wardrobe.

Until next time Style Lovers!
Sunnies: TopShop| Vest: BCBG MAX AZRIA| Floral top (worn here): Nordstrom| Waxed denim (worn here & here): NYDJ| Belt: Banana Republic| Fringe booties: Marshalls| Clutch: F21


  1. You always look darn good in everything you wear and this outfit is so Joi. I Love your style and still want to come play in your closet.

    1. Thank you Neti! Really, my closet is a bore-LOL!!!

  2. You should have a *closet* sale since your followers love your pieces! Although, it is easier to just donate!

    1. LOL! For now, I'd rather donate to those who are not in a position to buy clothing:) There is so much need all around me, it makes me happy when I give things away and offset an actual need.