Sunday, October 5, 2014

Thrift Store Score: Teatime Teal

I wore today’s look a few weeks back, but I hesitated about actually blogging it. I really like the hat, the ribbon on it matches seamlessly with my dress. Yet for some reason or another, I wasn’t too happy about how the pictures turned out (Note: This is a frequent occurrence-LOL!).  I took time to truly think things out, including how I personally feel about the importance of embracing one's physical flaws. As a result, I decided to release my apprehensions and to blog this look.
I’ve had this vintage dress for a number of years, it was first introduced to the blog here
It’s a beautiful hue of teal, and versatile for year round wear in my climate. I’m amazed by how many vintage dresses still have incredibly deep, rich color after all these years!
The hat is a newer addition to my wardrobe, scored at a thrift shoppe during one of my recent trips back to Detroit. 
Tip-> I find that vintage straw hats tend to fit snug on my head (I'm thinking it's because I have a big head & thick hair). To loosen them up a bit, for the first wear, I pull my hair back snugly in a bun, and make sure it's almost soaking wet. The water seeps through to the straw, and that seems to stretch it out a bit.
Normally I wear this dress with heels, but as I mentioned in another blog post I broke one of my toes earlier this Summer, and on days when I know I’ll be doing quite a bit of walking it is imperative for me to wear comfortable, flat shoes.
Now I don’t need an excuse to carry any of my bright colored bags, but since my Kate Spade handbag is such a similar color, I decided to shoot for monochrome and to carry it with this ensemble.

All in all, the hat and dress are totally categorized as #thriftstorescore (s) in my book, with the grand total for both being less than $15.00!

Hat: Vintage
Necklace: H&M
Dress: Vintage, also worn here
Sandals: Kate Spade, Saturday
Handbag: Kate Spade, also worn here


  1. I am glad you posted. Everything looks amazing from the color to the location!

    1. Thanks Delilah! You know exactly how it is :)

  2. This vintage dress is so beautiful.... and you look amazing. Specially the forth number pic your smileys face is so pretty. I love that picture.

    1. Thank you Pooja!!! I'm going to make a specific goal to smile more when taking pictures, you just gave me added confidence :)

  3. Lovely dress in good ol Pasadena :)