Wednesday, November 20, 2013

All Tied Up; Silk, Stripes & Tartan

Every now and again, I get in the mood to sport a tie. Today was one of those days. Fortunately, my husband is on hand to assist, not only with photography, but also with tying ties for me. J I like a big knot, so this one suits me just fine. I wanted to add more blue to the dominant rust colored combination, so I paired it with a statement necklace. The tartan contrast with the striped blouse is in sync with my goal of more pattern mixing (see here and here)

Why does silk wrinkle up so? I ironed this skirt not once, but twice, and yet it still seems like I just rolled out of bed...

I hate when I pose like this (last picture). I keep telling myself to never pose like this again, but somehow I keep doing it! It makes me look preggers, which would be fine- if I were preggers! I must remember to stand up straight and avoid slouching. I think one of my teachers used to tell me that on a daily basis..I digress. Happy HUMP Day!

Blouse: Rena Rowan, thrifted
Necklace: JCPenny
Tie: Neiman Marcus
Skirt: Ralph Lauren
Booties: Levity (also seen here and here)
Shoulder bag: Dooney & Bourke

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  1. You look Great here and I love the outfit. The touch of blue down to your nail polish & tie is a Style statement. You are my new friend in my head and I have your blog listed in my faves. Let me the first, to wish you the HAPPIEST of HOLIDAYS.

    1. Thank you very much for your kindness Neti =)Your support from the beginning is very much appreciated. It is my goal to practice the art of gratitude on a daily basis. I sincerely thank you and wish you more happiness than what can be contained! ;) - XO

  2. you look lovely :)

  3. You look good Joi. OAN: I thought your skirt was leather until you mentioned silk, Lol!...pretty!

    1. Thank you Missy! I would love to find a skirt like this, in leather! Esp in black....