Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Summer Wedding

Dress: c/o HERE| Necklace: HERE| Suede sandals: Jeffrey Campbell, old| Floral clutch: TJMAXX

Hey Loves! I'm not sure if you remember, but I had been searching high and low for a dress to wear to the wedding of a close friend. I had almost given up and retreated to wear something that I already in my wardrobe but in the very last hour I finally found the perfect stitch at Finery London  πŸ’–
Not only is the bold yellow color stunning, but the cut and fit was totally complimentary on my frame. As soon as it arrived and I tried it on I knew that this was the ONE! Notice the updated twist on the cold shoulder trend? Classic yet trendy -Simply perfection in every way 😍
I got a few pictures of my entire look at the wedding on my cell phone, my apologies for  the photo quality and limited viewsπŸ‘€
I received so many compliments on this beauty that I just had to share it with you. 
I hope you're having an amazing weekend!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Charmeuse in the City

Pink statement necklace: J Crew, similar HERE| Floral kimono/cami/pants: c/o HERE, HERE, HERE
Handbag: ZARA| Gold sandals: Old, similar HERE + another option HERE

Today’s look features the most comfortable coordinates that I have ever worn. This three-piece trio (charmeuse kimono, camisole, and wide leg lounge pants) packs a floral punch- laced with lush greens, gold, and a glimmer of pink. I wore it to the office (of course- as it is my style playground for just about everythingπŸ˜„) and out to dinner by the beach. In both instances, I felt like I had just stepped out of a high fashion couture shop, yet the pieces were as cool and comfortable as a silk pair of pajamas. I have a host of ideas of how I’d like to mix & match this trio, I can’t wait to live them out in real life.
This look is from one of my favorite plus size brands: ELVI. Every season their designs wow me- seriously, I am already considering their Fall line with great anticipation!  When my orders arrive (shipping is a breeze BTW), the fit is fantastic, quality superb, and the craftsmanship on point. I’ve shopped with them directly through their site, but they are also available online at Nordstrom (a great way to rack up points and get a Nordie's NoteπŸ˜‰) + ASOS Curve.
This lush watercolor print is Asian-inspired, exemplifying vintage elegance and chic ease. Notice the golden lace insets near the hem of the pants? A perfect accent to the gold rope belt!
Until next time Loves,

Monday, June 19, 2017

Bucket List

Headwrap: Kenya| Sunnies: HERE| Dress: c/o HERE| Yellow beaded bangles: Kenya| Wood watch: c/o HERE
Silver bucket bag: c/o HERE| Silver Sandals: Unlisted, Kenneth Cole- similar HERE

Hey Loves! I’ve been thinking, it’s time for me to add some more items to my bucket list. Within the past 5 years, I’m tremendously grateful to say that I have put a serious dent in my bucket list. 😊
Sidebar: I typically don't share these experiences on social media because I aim to focus on living in the moment versus capturing the moment. However going forward, I am going to make a more concerted effort to enjoy the moment fully AND share it when possible/appropriate…
Moving on...I am incredibly thankful for all of the experiences that I’ve had, countries I’ve visited and explored like a native, all of the priceless lessons learned, along with life changing perceptions gained along the way.
With that being said, I never want to reach a point where I’ve checked everything off of my bucket list! I want my bucket list to always be full, choked with realistically attainable & worthwhile pursuits.  
There is a poem that really stirs me, written by Padhia Avocado, in it she says: “At the end of my life I will have no curiosity…having spent my lifetime living the answers”.  Life is for LIVING! Keeping a bucket list helps me to avoid getting caught up in a monotonous, non-enjoyable daily routine. Instead, I live with purpose, continuously taking steps to reach my goals πŸ˜ƒ
Please do share: What’s up next on your bucket list?
Today’s look features a few items that I snagged while in Kenya back in December (I cannot believe it's been six months ago already). That trip is filed under EPIC- FOREVER CHANGED because it was a life lesson for me in a number of ways…Maybe one day’ll write about it here on the blog-but no promises, LOL! 
This dress is the most perfect shade of yellow- in fact in my head it says, ‘Hello Summer’! Notice that it has an interesting cutout at the midriff, which I was so looking forward to rocking. Unfortunately it fit me in an odd way (probably because I have a short torso and am generously proportioned in the bosom area) if I move one inch you can see my bra…Needless to say I opted for a matching cotton tank to wear underneath it πŸ˜‰ I really like the variation that silver accessories added to the mix! And most importantly- I was cool as a cucumber in 90+ degree temps 😎
Until next time,

Friday, June 16, 2017

Forget Me Knot

Earrings: Genie Mack| Chambray top: Old, Men's Nordstrom-thrifted| Skirt: c/o HERE| Pink metallic sandals: HERE

I'm a fan of over-sized shirts, dusters, and layering pieces. Sometimes the best place to look for over-sized tops is an entirely different department than you normally shop in. For instance, let's take this chambray shirt as an example (previously styled HERE). To pair it with this ankara skirt, I styled it knotted at the waist. I scored it at a thrift shop, in the men's section. It's originally from Nordstrom's line for men. I really like the sizing on it, it's perfect for tying in a knot and when worn buttoned up it fits like a slim cut tunic. I also like the two pockets on the front of it. All in all it's totally not bad for less than $5.00! 
Yes, thinking outside the box also includes shopping in other departments πŸ˜‰
Wondering about this beautiful skirt?! It's from Grass-fields (check out another piece from them HERE), they aim to fill a need in the market for well-made clothing inspired by African heritage. I've been swooning over their bold, eye catching designs this year, and felt excited to have the opportunity to feature another one of their designs here on the blog!
Which reminds me, I still need to have a few pieces made from the ankara fabric that I brought back from our trip to Kenya last year! 
Until next time,

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Summer Essentials

Hat: Old, similar HERE| Dress: c/o Gwynnie Bee (sign up for YOUR FREE membership today)| Wood watch: c/o HERE
Purse: Kate Spade, similar HERE| Brown leather booties: Old, LEVITY

Here we are, in the middle of June and I’m just now thinking about my summer essentials… Could it be because the weather has not consistently reminded me that the official start of summer is less than two weeks away? Perhaps! However, I’ll take my share of the responsibility. After all, as a style blogger it is my job to be on top of these things! LOL!
Three basic items make up my summer essentials list:
A straw hat
An excellent way to shield your eyes and better yet the delicate skin on your face from damaging sun rays is by wearing an over-sized straw hat. Plus it's the perfect disguise for fly away hair! 
A white leather tote/handbag
Every year I treat myself to a new white leather bag. They are perfect for the summer months (and beyond in a mild climate) because they match everything and can instantly brighten up a look.
Note: Use caution when wearing dark colored denim as the dye can easily wear off onto your white leather bag.
A healthy stash of sundresses
In true girly girl fashion, I reach for dresses more often than not. This season, summer dresses come decked in frills, ruffles, faux wraps, and the list goes on and on. Pick styles that suit your fancy and stock a stash of sundresses suitable for every summer venue. Or better yet, stock up with a FREE Gwynnie Bee trial membershipπŸ˜‹ I love trying different styles via Gwynnie Bee- I can have a variety at my fingertips w/o commitment! The dress is today's post is yet another example of such. Although this dress was a fun wear (I love that the straps can be worn on or off the shoulders) it wasn't a keeper for me. However I will keep it in my virtual closet, in the event that I'd like to wear it again πŸ˜‰
If you’re not familiar with Gwynnie Bee, read all about them HERE.
Until next time Babes,

Monday, June 12, 2017


Sunnies: c/o HERE| Blouse: c/o HERE| Wood watch: c/o HERE| White denim: NYDJs, similar HERE| Purse: c/o HERE| Sandals:Old

Hey Babes!!! Here we are at the start of yet another week- let's make it a GREAT one!
Today's post is short & sweet πŸ˜€ After all, it's a Monday, we're all trying to catch up from the weekend... Plus, don't the pictures speak for themselves?! LOL! 
ORANGE is having a moment again (remember this LOOK), just about everywhere that I've shopped over the past few months seems to have a number of citrus inspired pieces available. 
I love the vibrant starburst hue of this blouse, and how the designer effortlessly added in embroidery w/o it looking odd in the least. Some embroidered clothing looks weird to me... like the embroidery doesn't really go with or compliment the item/design, but was rather just thrown on it for the sake of a trendπŸ˜” 
This top is different, I like how it is made and styled  + the fiery color. It will be added to my repeat offender list for rotation this summer! 
For its first run out into the real world, I styled it with slim cut white denim jeans, strappy thong sandals, and a matching novelty bag for good measure. 
Until next time,

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The New Normal

Sunnies: HERE| Dress: c/o HERE| Handbag: HERE or try THIS| Shoes: Aldo, old

When the weather cannot make up it's mind on whether it is spring, fall, or better yet winter, I love to dive into my sweater dress stash (I store mine in a large decorative wicker basket from Pier 1 and roll them up to save space and alleviate wrinkling). Like seriously from day to day, it feels like we go from spring to winter! In fact, for a number of days it was actually warmer (as in HOT) on the east coast than it was here in SoCal!! 
{{Insert confused face emoji}}
Sweater dresses work really well for me when it comes to fluctuating temperatures - I always want to feel warm! I DO NOT LIKE TO FEEL COLD- EVER! By rotating my collection of sweater dress, I can skip the need to add on layers (unless temperatures drop under 50), I feel perfectly warm w/o a coat, and if temperatures happen to head up unexpectedly (a likely possibility nowadays) I can easily roll up my sleeves- and boom- I'm all set!! This particular body con dress by Calvin Klein has a couple of added style bonuses: cold shoulders + straps dipped in white 😊 You know how I feel about black & white color duos! πŸ’–
I instantly decided that this dress would make an excellent addition to my sweater dress collection. Have you noticed that sweater dress options have evolved over the years? Now you can get them in practically every cut, print/color, and apparently they even sport cold shoulders! I love the variety currently on the market- really- you can get whatever you want AND in an array of sizes πŸ’ƒOver to you: Are you Team Sweater Dresses or naw?!
Until next time, 

Friday, June 9, 2017

Jump On It

Kimono: c/o HERE| Jumpsuit: Old| Wood watch: c/o HERE| Clutch: Vintage| Pink sandals: Franco Sarto, similar HERE

Happy Fri-Yay Dolls!!!
Today’s style story features a duster length kimono paired with a simple cotton jumpsuit- a perfect combo for date night or a girls night out. I’ve had this jumpsuit for a couple of years (I think I last wore it 2 years ago while on travel), but this is its first debut here on the blog. It is made from a wonderfully soft and breathable cotton blend.
I was slow to join the kimono game, not because I don’t care for them, but because I hadn’t seen one that suited my preferences. I specifically wanted one that was duster length, preferably with longer sleeves verses elbow length, and I wanted it to have an over-sized fit. I had just about given up that such a kimono existed (after one false alarm at Nordstrom's) – that is until I changed where I looked for it πŸ‘€
Another avenue of thinking outside the box when it comes to personal style includes purposing items in ways different than they may have originally been intended. Take for instance this kimono…it is actually listed/used as a robe! When I discovered it online, I felt fairly positive that it would serve my interests well.
I was right! When it arrived I immediately remembered my comfy yet seldom worn jumpsuit as an option to pair it with, after all a monochrome approach is practically effortless!
Do tell, are you a fan of kimonos? If so, what are your style preferences?
Until next time,

Thursday, June 8, 2017

All Things Printed

Dress:c/o HERE (Get 1 month for FREE)| Baubles: Betsey Johnson, TJMAXX| Bow mules: HERE

When it comes to summer attire floral prints feel like a no-brainer, but what about other prints? Take for instance, abstract prints. Are you a fan? Although I personally admire a number of prints from afar (I love to mix prints😊), I notice that only certain prints consistently find a home in my wardrobe. They are florals, stripes, and dots. Why is that?  
Actually, I have no idea! LOL! I've mused over this again and again but I can't make heads or tails of it. 
Herein lies another reason why I really appreciate the services that Gwynnie Bee offers: I CAN TRY ANYTHING- ANY STYLE, BRAND, CUT, SIZE, AND PRINT - WITHOUT COMMITMENT! 
It's like a personal dressing room- with perks!
Take for instance the dress in today's post. I really like the color palette (pastels are all the rage), the print is cute, and the cut is one that I normally go for.
However, after spending a few days with it (I wore it twice), I realized that it isn't a item that I would like to purchase. Yes, I've enjoyed  our time together, but now it's time to say 'Farewell'. I'm sending it back in my next shipment and gearing up for something that I will like even better!
I mentioned previously that I am working with Gwynnie Bee this month to showcase a few stellar summer style options. I'm also sharing tidbits on how I decide which items to keep/purchase versus what I send back:

  • Today's dress is going back because something about it doesn't feel like "me"
  • Although it fits to a tee, I am not impressed with it, especially in comparison to my previous dress HERE

Have you tried Gwynnie Bee yet? Don't forget, you can try it out for FREE HERE!!!
As a recap: Gwynnie Bee is an online women’s clothing subscription service for sizes 10-32. You can rent a new wardrobe today with free shipping and + unlimited exchanges.
Explore top brands and curated collections then add styles to your online closet.
Get the latest trends delivered to your door and rock them as many times as you like.
Fall in love with new styles launched weekly and embrace your fashion personality.
Wear & return — shipping is always free.
Wear and or buy it for less than retail price.

That's it for now Dolls, until next time!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Picnic in Style with ASOS

Sunnies: HERE| Dress: c/o HERE,plus size + misses,HERE | Wood bead necklace: TJMAXX
Wood watch: c/o HERE| Straw Bag: Vintage picnic basket| Shoes: Similar HERE

I was so excited when the team at ASOS reached out to me to select a few of my summer favorites from their CURVE line!!! I’ll be the first to admit- initially- I almost lost my mind- THERE ARE SO MANY GREAT OPTIONS! 😍 Finally, I simmered down, contained my excitement, and selected my top picks… 
Next I resumed a session with the waiting game. I boiled over in anticipation for my new ASOS Curve pieces, I felt like I was a child who knew that a special outing was planned for me but I didn’t know on what day it would be-LOL!!!! To put the icing on the cake, the team had me feeling like a total MVP when my selections arrived in-person by human courier versus a traditional courier like USPS, UPS, FedEX, etc.,.
Now let’s dive into my 1st selection: A vibrant print tent dress - simply perfect for an afternoon picnic!
Let's face it, scorching summer days are on the way, ready or not. Staying cool outdoors in what feels like a perpetual sauna can be a challenge to say the least. We want to be comfortable, cool, and cute 😁😁😁 An easy breezy tent dress is just what the doctor ordered! This dress is 100% cotton, flows like a dream, plus packs a killer print! Note: The curve sizing is generous, if you'd like a closer fit by all means size down.
I styled it with an equally standout wooden necklace, natural colored sandals, and a straw bag. My straw bag is actually a vintage picnic basket that I scored as a home dΓ©cor piece years ago. Having fun with fashion means thinking outside of the box! Rather than spend $100+ on acquiring a new straw purse this size/shape, I opted to make the best of what I already had 😏 I’m ready for a picnic Babes, who's with me?!
Until next time,