Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Orange, The New Black?

Orange is the new black
“There is no blue without yellow and without orange.” — Vincent Van Gogh
I describe vibrant shades of orange as “color on fire”. Picture this: Rich, saturating hues, rapidly engulfing a scene. Fashion trend analysts predicted orange’s return for 2014, several even described orange as the new black. 
Street style
Although Crayola orange hues are obviously the complete opposite of black, there are some variations of orange that pack less of a punch and might be more suitable for the color-inhibited. I have long subscribed to the philosophy of ‘Go Bold or Go Home’, it’s quite natural that I’m here to receive color in the form of an overdose,LOL!
Color blocking
Do you remember my post, "Some Like It Bright" (see here)? You see, I've been wearing orange (and all bright colors for that matter) prior to 2014 (examples here & here), I'm pretty certain that I will continue to wear it long after the trend has died off ;) Why? Because it feels magnificent! In my opinion, trends provide general suggestions, not guidelines, as to what I will or will not wear!
Curvy plus size blogger
One article states: "Orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, produces an invigorating effect, and stimulates mental activity". Interestingly, Fall/Winter 2015 fashion weeks indicated that we can expect to see ample supply of tangerine-like hues this year as well;)
Plus size style
Notice that I paired two differing shades of orange with cobalt blue. Let me tell you, this color mix recipe made me feel amazing!!! Why did I not think to bring the ice (blue) to the fire (orange) before?! MERCY, I love this color combination!! I WILL craft more ways to incorporate this color palette =)
Peplum Top + Tube Skirt
So I don’t know if orange truly is the new black, especially for those who prefer to wear the color black 24/7, but speaking for myself: I’ll take it any day all day!

Over to you Style Lovers: Is orange the 'new black' in your wardrobe? 
Until next time!
Sunnies: TJMAXX | Peplum top: Bar III (worn here) | Tube Skirt: Vince Camuto (worn here) | Handbag: Kate Spade | Socks: Nordstrom | Leather Pumps: Vince Camuto


  1. Love it! I've mentioned you in my last post ;)

    1. Thanks Katherine!! I'll be sure to check it out :))

  2. Joi, you look amazing with a curves that kill! Love this color palette as well. Keep inspiring me, I'm all here for it!

  3. YES, to all of this. Love the colors and those shoes were thee perfect touch!


    1. Thanks so much Whit, when I tried it on with the cobalt blue, I was SOLLDDDD!!! LOL!

  4. Bring it on. Bring me your oranges & tangerine and I will love them all. You look AMAZING!!!!

    1. I'm bringing it in Neti, with no signs of turning back! Thank you Love!!!

  5. Oh man, I love it! Who could ever be unhappy in an outfit like that?

    1. Doesn't Orange bring in the happiness factor ; Thank you!!